IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2019 (July 7th) Review

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1) Four Way X-Division match: TJP vs Jake Crist vs Trey vs Willie Mack

Winner: Willie after TJP locked Jake in a Reverse Figure Four, Trey dove off with a Meteora, driving TJP to the mat and breaking up the hold. Trey went to the opposite top ropes, but Jake stopped him with an Enziguri and followed up for a Super Cutter, only for Mack to fly in with The Six Star Splash on Jake and get the pin. (Great start! Trey is on fire early. This match rocked with four-way spots, these guys all fit perfectly with each other. Willie was a beast and really rampaged, but everyone got their time to shine and looked solid. TJP wrapped multiple people up, multiple times. Awesome finish, wild pace and fun as hell, can’t ask for more.)

Melissa Santos interviews IMPACT World Tag Champions The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) about their newly won gold and defending it tonight.

2) IMPACT World Championship Three Way Dance: The North (‘All Ego’ Ethan Page & ‘The Walking Weapon’ Josh Alexander) © vs The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs LAX (Ortiz & Santana) w/Konnan

Winners and STILL Champions: North after The Rascalz used Hot Fire Flame (Push Moonsault) on Ortiz, Dez ran to hold Page in the corner, as Wentz covered, only for Page to use The Big Boy Bomb, sending Dez crashing onto his partner, breaking up the pin and allowing The North to dog-pile pin Ortiz. (Santana got injured late in the match and it killed the vibe, bummer man, I hope he’s ok. This match ruled. I love all 3 of these teams and have been a fan of Monster Mafia aka The North for a long time. Bang bang bang, 3 of the best teams in the world when it comes to tandem offense.)

Sami Callihan cuts a promo about his Intergender match against Tessa Blanchard tonight, announcing that it will be the Main Event! The first Intergender Main Event on PPV ever.

3) First Blood match: Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards

Winner: Eddie after Kross hooked for a Super Back Suplex to the floor, Eddie fought back and rocked Kross with an Enziguri from the apron, causing Kross to crotch across the top and Eddie followed with a Boston Knee Party, knocking both men to the mat. Edwards rolled to the floor, recovering and looking for Kenny, he finds the Kendo Stick and slides into the ring, as Kross pulls himself up, Edwards swings Kross ducks and locks in a Rear Naked Choke, but Edwards swings Kenny into Kross’s head, causing him to fall out of the ring. Edwards follows and Kross goes for the Rear Naked, but Eddie fights him off and uses a big Sit Out Tiger Bomb on the floor! After some recovery, Kross slides in the ring, followed by Eddie, who nails Kross with Boston Knee Party to the back of the head and as the crowd chants “Eddie,” Edwards blats Kross with The Boston Knee Party. Eddie grabs Kenny, but takes too long, Kross recovers to his knees, only Eddie tells Kenny 2.0 that he’s sorry and he loves him, before snapping the stick over his knee and JAMMING THE SPLINTERED WOOD INTO KROSS’ HEAD, causing Kross to start bleeding and the match to end. (This was good! Crazy brawl. Edwards took so much abuse, really brual Two Handed Chokeslam onto the side of the ring. Kross is a great big man bad ass, he’s such an imposing force and he brings the fight. Good change of pace after the opening sprints, this was a violent fight. Kross painted his face silver and black, looked menacing. I liked the finish, another Kenny is down, but downed with honor. Blood Packet.)

Tessa Blanchard is interviewed about facing Sami Callahan in the Main Event, she grabs the interviewer by the collar and slams him against the wall, before walking off.

Melissa Santos interviews Rob Van Dam, talking about RVD facing Moose tonight,

4) ‘The Whole F’n Show’ Rob Van Dam vs Moose

Winner: Moose after RVD perched on the top, Moose used a RIDICULOUS Pump Kick to the face to set up a big Spinning Go To Hell for a 2. After a little recovery, both men got to their feet and traded strikes, until Moose countered and used a sick DDT, before kipping up and admiring his work. Moose slowly made his way to the top, mocking RVD, before diving off with a Frog Splash, but RVD moved! RVD fired back with a Spin Kick to the gut and a DDT, before crawling into the cover for a 2. RVD positioned in the corner, as Moose pulled the Referee in front of him and after some distraction, Moose nailed RVD with a big Low Blow. Moose grabs a Chair from under the ring and slides it in, following and stalking RVD, the Referee tried to take the chair from Moose, but he struggled it away, only for RVD to kick the chair into Moose’s face with The Van Daminator and after a little recovery, RVD crawled to the pin, getting a 2, as Moose got a foot on the ropes. RVD waited for Moose to get up, holding the chair and as Moose charged, RVD used a Drop Toe Hold to send Moose’s face into the chair, which gave RVD time to go to the top and fly off with The Five Star Frog Splash, but Moose moved and RVD bounced off the chair! Moose quickly followed with the big Spear and covered for the 3. (This was long as hell, but entertaining all the way through. Great showing from RVD. RVD taking big bumps early. RVD is looking great, moving really well and Moose is flying all over. Moose dominated for a long chunk, until RVD used a Backdrop onto the ramp! Moose looked really damn good in this, like a fucking force and got the most out of RVD.)

Melissa Santos interviews IMPACT Knockout’s Champion Taya about defending her Title in a Monster’s Ball match tonight.

5) IMPACT Knockout’s Championship Four Way Monster’s Ball match: Taya Valkyrie © vs Jessica Havok vs Rosemary vs ‘The Undead Bride’ Su Yung w/”Father” James Mitchell

Winner and STILL Champion: Taya after Rosemary and Taya fought on the edge of the ring, Rosemary countered Taya and attempted a German off ethe ring, but Taya blocked and used a Sit Out Slam through a Table on the floor! Su locked Jessika in The Mandible Claw, dragging her to the top rope,  only for Havok to reverse and use a GOD DAMN Tombstone Piledriver off the top and onto the Thumbtacks! Havok went to cover, only for Taya to throw a Chair at Havok’s head and cover Su for the 3. (Awesome! Weapons early, Chairs, Staple Gun, Cookie Sheet. Taya stapled Su’s back and then an 8×10 of Taya to her face! Fun hardcore match for sure, Taya was an absolute killer and played up the Wera Loca. Awesome Tower of Doom spot onto a Ladder. This is awesome chants. Rosemary brings Thumbtacks into the match, getting “You Sick Fuck” chants. Taya gave Rosemary a Curb Stomp into thumbtacks! RECOMMENDED!)

6) IMPACT X-Division Championship match: Rich Swann © vs Johnny Impact w/Johnny Bravo

Winner and STILL Champion: Swann after Swann took out Bravo with a HUGE Somersault Tope, IMPACT attempted a Twisting Tope to the floor, only Swann moved and IMPACT landed on his feet. They countered each other and slid into the ring, where IMPACT connected with a Springboard Kick and followed with Starship Pain and the cover, but Swann kicked out. IMPACT looked shocked, as he took his time following up, leading to Swann unleashing a barrage of big strikes and kicks, before hitting consecutive Handspring Cutters, finally putting IMPACT down and in position for Swann to hit a HUGE Phoenix Splash off the top and cover for the BIG WIN. (That match fucking ruled! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Another really good match tonight, this show has been so worth it. Swann busted out a Handspring 450 Splash that was jaw-dropping. The crowd was super behind Swann and the way these guys can work, this was lit. Incredible flow and this built to an absolute classic X-Division match.)

Promo from Michael Elgin

7)  IMPACT World Championship match: ‘The Machine’ Brian Cage © vs ‘Big’ Michael Elgin

Winner and STILL Champion: Cage after Cage rolled Elgin to his knees and unleashed a sick Knee Strike, Cage ripped Elgin up into a Powerbomb and followed with a big F5 and the cover, but Elgin kicked out! “Fight forever” chants as Cage got to his feet and pulled Elgin up for The Drill Claw, only Elgin escaped and blasted Cage with a Superkick to the back of the head, followed by a Diving Elbow to the back of the head. Elgin cracked Cage with a Spinning Elbow to the face, followed by a Spinning Back Fist and pulled him in for a Buckle Bomb, but Cage Back Dropped him out and sat down in a Folding Pin for the 3.

Awesome work from both. Cage is incredible against big men that can move like he can, and this was an incredible blend of big men that bring the pain full speed. Great back and forth sequences and HUGE MOVES. BANGER!!)

Elgin attacked Cage from behind and posed with the IMPACT World Title! Elgin infiltrated the commentary booth and got in the face of Don Calis, before throwing him in the ring. Elgin joined in and held Don by the throat, before hooking for The Elgin Bomb, only for a Masked Man to run threw the crowd and position, before taking Elgin down with The Gore! The Masked Man ran off, as order restored in the arena.

8)  First Ever Intergender Main Event on a Wrestling PPV: ‘The Callahan Death Machine’ Sami Callahan vs Tessa Blanchard

Winner: Sami after Tessa planted Sami with a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT and covered for a 2, both recovered a little, before Tessa hooked for The Buzzsaw DDT, which Sami blocked and they countered each other, until Sami used a nasty Butterfly Shoulder Breaker to get the advantage. Sami and Tessa countered a little more, until Sami stopped it with a big Powerbomb and floated into a vicious STF, torturing Tessa. After a long struggle, Tessa finally got the ropes, breaking the hold and frustrating Sami. Sami pulled Tessa to the corner and dragged her up for a Piledriver off the second, but Tessa escaped and tied Sami up in the corner, before hitting a Step Up Code Breaker to get a close 2. The crowd chanted for Tessa, as she pulled her beaten body up, blasting Sami with vicious shots in the corner and pushing away the Referee, on accident. Tessa turned  to the Ref, as Sami grabbed his Baseball Bat and blindsided Tessa with a shit to the face. Sami covered, but the Referee was down, leading to a second Ref sliding in to coun,t but Tessa kicked out. Sami took out the second Ref, before grabbing his Bat and telling Tessa to “just quit Princess,” Tessa caught Sami with a Low Blow and then used her Bat to smash Sami across the gut, Tessa quickly went to the top and hit The Diamond and covered, but Sami kicked out, only Tessa rolled right into a Crossface and BATTLED with Sami. Sami fought loose, powering Tessa up for a Capture Tombstone Piledriver, holding on, but Tessa KICKED OUT! “This is awesome” chants, as Sami got to his feet first, stalking Tessa against the ropes, Tessa gave Sami the thumbs up, thumbs down, before Sami pulled her in for a SICK Sit Out Piledriver and covered for the 3.

(WOW! Fucking killer match. Tessa is a star and a legitimate threat to anyone. She started off like a stick of dynamite, but Sami cut her off with a nasty barrage of violence on the floor. The heat for this match is crazy, not only does the crowd feel molten, the energy between these two is special. Tessa brought the fight, Sami wanted more, she unloaded some BIG forearms to Sami’s face. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Sami grabs both Bats and stalks Tessa, who is reeling in the corner, Sami hands Tessa her bat and they acknowledge each other, before Sami walks to the back.


Top 3:

1)       Tessa vs Sami

2)       Elgin vs Cage

3)       Monster’s Ball