IMPACT Wrestling/House Of Hardcore “A Night You Can’t Mist”

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From The 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 8th 2019

1) Six Man Tag match: Ohio Versus Everyone (Dave Crist, Jake Crist & “Mad Man” Fulton) vs The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

Winners: Rascalz after putting too much sauce on Dave, ending with the Push Moonsault for the victory. (Hyped as fuck for this match. The Rascalz put on a show tonight and all six of these guys have worked together, a lot, so this was a great showcase.)

Michael Elgin is interviewed about the Main Event tag match against The Great Muta & Tommy Dreamer and his upcoming Impact World Title match against Brian Cage.

2) Moose vs Luchasaurus

Winner: Moose after pushing Luchasaurus into the Referee, Moose kicked Lucha in the nuts and followed with a Spear and the pin. (Good big man, back and forth, athletic as hell slugfest. Luchasaurus continues to look very good in his moments in the spotlight.)

Promo from oVe (Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, Jake Crist & “Mad Man” Fulton) with Sami taking a big chuck of the promo to talk about his match with Eddie Edwards tonight and how it’s restarting their feud.

3) “Too Swoll to Control” Clayton Gainz w/Double Dupress vs Little Guido

Winner: Guido after putting Gainz down with The Kiss of Death, Guido was able to get the pin. (Good win for Guido. Gainz is good, coming from the Ohio area and getting a lot of experience around oVe and Rascalz, which can only make you better. Guido is so smooth in the ring, it’s like riding a bike and no matter what role he takes, he’s going to catch your eye. Guido got a good face-full of the Dupress’ Double Ds.)

House of Hardcore TV Champion Willie Mack cuts a promo on facing Rich Swann and Teddy Hart tonight.

4) IMPACT Knockouts Championship match: “La Wera Loca” Taya Valkryie© w/Johnny Bravo vs “Thick Momma Pump” Jordynne Grace

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion: Taya after Grace used a Vader Bomb on Taya, she followed with The Grace Driver and held on, for a 2, as Bravo pulled the Referee out of the ring. Grace stomped around in anger, as Bravo grabbed a Chair and got on the apron, Grace and Bravo struggled over the chair, until Bravo smashed the Chair over Grace’s head, dropping her to the mat and allowing Taya to get the pin. (This was really damn good. Jordynne and Taya work off of each other so well and their strengths play to the power and cunning mastery from these two. Bravo’s interference got ALL of the hate from the crowd and added to the heat continuing to build between these two. RECOMMENDED.)

Teddy Hart cuts a promo on facing Rich Swann and Willie Mack!

5) House of Hardcore Television Championship Triple Threat match: Willie Mack© vs Impact X-Division Champion Rich Swann vs Teddy Hart

Winner and STILL HOH TV Champion: Mack after Hart and Swann battled on the top, Mack pulled Swann into Doomsday position, as Hart dove off the top with a crazy Doomsday Canadian Destroyer! Mack caught Hart with a Stunner and then went to the top, flying off with a HUGE 6 Star Frog Splash and covering for the win. (Awesome match! Big moves, huge timing and all 3 were bringing it from the beginning. Hart pulled off some dope shit as always, Mack brought the heat and Swann was the glue that held everything together. Mack is on such a roll right now.)

Hype vignette for the Eddie Edwrads vs Sami Callihan feud and their upcoming match.

6) Philly Street Fight: “The Draw” Sami Callihan vs Eddie Edwards

Winner: Sami after The Sandman chased off Fulton, Edwards blasted Sami with shots to the knees from Kenny 2.0 and aimed to smash Sami’s head, only for Sami to duck and quickly use a School Boy to get the 3. (Fun hardcore brawl. Plywood boards, chairs and kendo sticks. These guys have been through many wars, so they know what they are doing and by the end, the ECW arena crowd was into it.)

Joey Ryan comes to the ring, but instead of Billy Gunn, Ryan’ scheduled opponent, Impact staff member D-Lo Brown comes to the ring. D-Lo says Gunn could not make it due to travel issues, Ryan tries to get Brown to touch it, but D-Lo fights him off. Brown makes the mistake of using a Manhattan Drop, hurting his knee and fell victim to The Penis Plex, sending D-Lo out of the ring.

Tommy Dreamer promo about teaming with The Great Muta to take on Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin.

7) The Great Muta & “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer vs Michael Elgin & Johnny Impact w/Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkryie & Johnny Bravo

Winners: Muta & Dreamer after Dreamer used the Beer Mist on Taya, she no-sold, leading to Dreamer planting her with an Ace Crusher! Impact, with his face covered in the Red Mist, stumbled to his knees, allowing Muta to hit The Shining Wizard and cover for the win.