ICW Milwaukee ‘Insane 8’ (28/8/19) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From La Pica Lounge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 LIVE on Fite.Tv. ICW Milwaukee’s first live Pay Per View.

1)    Non-Tournament: Joey “Jet” Avalon vs Juan Hernandez

Winner: Avalon after Hernandez stopped Avalon from using a Shovel, he went to hit Joey, only for the Referee to stop him, allowing Avalon to kick Juan in the dick and follow with a Twisting Package Piledriver and the pin. (Good showcase for both men. Great bad guy/good guy dynamic, these guys are staples of the IWC Milwaukee roster and really shined in their spot tonight. The crowd was hot, they were on point and the action was good. Can’t ask for anything more.)

Jarrod Jaxx laid out Avalon after the match, dancing with a Title over his prone body.

Necro Butcher, in a suit and wearing a MAGA hat was spotted in the crowd and then brought on to commentary.

2)   Insane 8 Deathmatch Tournament First Round – ICW Milwaukee Alternative Championship Doors of Death match: “The Wizard King” Orin Veidt© vs Alex Colon

Winner and STILL ICW Alternative Champion: Veidt after using a Cradle Shock, off the second turnbuckle and through a Door, covered in 8 foot long Light Tubes, Veidt covered, only for Colon to kick out at 1! Colon fire up, as Veidt grabbed the Light Tube Fan and SMASHED it over Colon’s head, following with a Cradle Canadian Destroyer and the pin. (Wild as fuck. Good wrestling mixed in with absolute insanity. Veidt is the king of Milwaukee and picked up a big win over Colon. Colon was covered in cuts and now has to get on an airplane to Japan, tonight.)

3)   Insane 8 Deathmatch Tournament First Round – Dry Ice, Four Corners of Fuckery Deathmatch: “The Devil’s Big Red Dick” Markus Crane vs “Ready to Die” Eric Ryan

Winner: Crane after Ryan threw a Street Sign into Crane’s face, he set up a chair and put Crane on it, turning to grab the Big Red Dick Light Tubes, only for Crane to escaped and use the Chair to smash the Tubes into Ryan’s chest and face. Crane dumped Tacks and the Dry Ice onto the broke glass, before pulling Ryan up and using The Snow Plow to pick up the win. (Crane came out to “Hungry Like a Wolf,” Danny Havoc’s entrance music. Love the tribute. Another banger of a Deathmatch, great flow, these guys know each other well and countered with incredible force. Bloody as hell!)

4)  Insane 8 Deathmatch Tournament First Round – Fans Bring The Weapons Deathmatch: “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont vs SHLAK

Fan made weapons include: Board with hundred of big wooden skewers sticking straight up! Various light tube and barbed wire covered wiffle ball bats. light tube bundles. Toilet seat covered in thumbtacks.

Winner: Tremont after dumping SHLAK with a Death Valley Driver, Tremont broke a huge Bundle of Light Tubes on a stick over SHLAK’s head and used a School Boy to put the match away. (Big time Deathmatch war! These guys swung and hit so fucking hard, it brought a new level of violence to the tournament. Brutal and gnarly and violent as fuck. RECOMMENDED!)

5)   Insane 8 Deathmatch Tournament First Round – ICW World Championship Barbed Wire Massacre Deathmatch: ICW World Champion Nick FUCKING Gage© vs Office Dan O’Hare

Winner and STILL ICW World Champion: Gage after O’Hare waited TOO DAMN LONG, giving Gage the opportunity to recover, counter a Punch and use The Chokebreaker to set up a Spike Piledriver on a Barbed Wire covered Chair to pick up the victory. (Good match. Gage beat the hell out of O’Hare, but Dan fired back with some very painful stuff. The finish was a little funky, with O’Hare acting like he was going to land a Punch, after giving Gage ALL OF THE TIME IN THE WORLD to recover. Gage is a GOD wherever he goes, for real.)

6)   Insane 8 Deathmatch Tournament Semifinal Round- Light Tubes, Barbed Wire, Chairs Oh My Deathmatch: “The Devil’s Big Red Dick” Markus Crane vs “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

Winner: Tremont after battling with Crane in the corner, Tremont’s arm was too injured to get him to the top, Crane pushed Tremont off the second turnbuckle and onto Light Tubes, getting a little window of recovery. Crane slithered into the ring and charged, only for Tremont to counter with a Sunset Flip and pick up the victory. (Wicked! Crane attacked Tremont at the bell, brutalizing his left arm with so many Light Tube shots, Tremont’s arm was LEAKING. Crane was in a feverish pace to take out Tremont, but the legend had other plans.)

7)   Insane 8 Deathmatch Tournament Semifinal Round – ICW Milwaukee World Championship vs ICW Alternative Championship, Winner Takes All, Electrified Light Tubes, Legos & Light Tubes Deathmatch: ICW Milwaukee World Champion Nick FUCKING Gage© vs ICW Milwaukee Alternative Champion “The Wizard King” Orin Veidt

Winner and NEW ICW World Champion: Veidt after Gage threw Orin into a Light Tube Bundle, in the corner, ripping Orin’s arm open, Gage dragged him out and put a Light Tube hood over Orin’s body, before hitting a Vaulting Senton. Gage dragged Orin into the corner and placed Electrified Light Tubes in front of his face, before hitting the ropes for a Face Wash, but Orin got out of the way and quickly used a Death Valley Bomb on top of the Electrified Light Tubes, holding on for the 3. (Insane. Just a test of nuts as they smashed each other with Light Tubes and brought the fight to each other’s faces. The ending was surprising.)

Gage goes after the Referee and then cuts a promo, hating on the fans, talking shit about Milwaukee and saying Orin and the Referee screwed him over in Milwaukee. Gage says it’s not over and challenges Orin to a 1 on 1 match in New Jersey, until someone can’t continue. “This place fucking sucks!”

8)   Insane 8 Deathmatch Tournament Final – ICW Milwaukee World Championship & Alternative Championship, No Rope Barbed Wire, Ultimate Insanity Deathmatch: ICW Milwaukee World & Alternative Champion “The Wizard King” Orin Veidt© vs “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

Winner and Insane 8 Tournament Winner (Back to Back) and STILL ICW Milwaukee World & Alternative Champion: Veidt after positioning a INSANE Light Tube and cut Beer Can Board in the ring, Orin grabbed and positioned a Ladder in the ring, before dragging Tremont over, positioning him on top of the Board of Fuckery. Orin started his way up the Ladder, Tremont got up and climbed up the other side, fighting for control, until Orin punched away at Tremont, knocking him off and onto the Board of Fuckery! Veidt positioned on the Ladder and dove off, crushing Tremont with a Double Stomp and quickly covering for the HUGE WIN. (Fucking madness, just madness. The Barbed Wire Ropes gimmick is my favorite in all of the Deathmatch stipulations, not only because of the stabbing, ripping aspect, but the unpredictability of the wire. The ring was an absolute warzone and must be seen to be believed. The amount of diverse fuckery used in this match and the unbelievable amount of glass that was broken over these two was incredible. Fitting end to a brutal Deathmatch tournament.)

Man. What an incredibly brutal show. Matt Tremont is a god damn living legend and the weekend he had is surreal. Orin Veidt’s quest through this tournament is stuff of legend, defeating 3 of the best Deathmatch wrestlers in the entire world, while helping put the Milwaukee scene on a pedestal. Give this show a watch, find it on SmartMarkVideo.com or Fite.Tv. Thank you to everyone who took their time to read this, please support the men and women who put their lives on the line, every time they step through those ropes.