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Hello and welcome once again to Graps and Claps, this time taking me on a short trip to Leeds for Tidal Championship Wrestling’s 2nd show of the year and the first in Leeds in 2019 at The Temple of Boom. Setting off on the 415pm train drinking two cans of cheap Doombar which our Geoff bought from a reduced aisle section in Bury, we arrived into the Yorkshire Capital at 530pm making our way first to The Head of Steam for a pre-show pint.

With this being a Friday night, Leeds and in general this pub was very busy with people wanting to drown their sorrows after a hard working week. Here I only had the one pint which was a Wilde Child brewery ‘Days of Wilde’ Banoffee Stout (4.5%, £4.30), that was quite mourish in taste and possibly the pint of the night, despite it being at least a pound more than you would pay in similar establishments in Manchester.

Meeting up with Twitter and Grimsby Graps celeb Chris Wilson, we made our way to Whitelocks based on the main high street for one last drink, that being a pint of Ilkley Brewery ‘Stout Mary’ (3.8% £3.20) which wasn’t the best pint lacking in taste mainly due to the weak volume. However, this is still a good pub to visit with a decent beer garden area if there isn’t enough room to swing a cat inside.

Anyways drinks done, we entered the Temple just as the Pre-Show Grapple Wrestling matches had just finished, which had good reviews from the 30/40 who were there for that part of the show. With a crowd of around 100 in attendance packed into the small surroundings we were set fair for a great night’s worth of action, so without further ado lets get into what went down!

First up was Leeds favourite Russian Boris Koslov taking on Grodd of the Crown of Thorns faction – who was greeted with the chant of ‘he’s got bird shit on his face’ remarking about his face paint – it must have been one BIG bird with a bad case of the shits tbh.

After being distracted by Grodd’s team mates beforehand, Boris was attacked from behind but once he got into it we had some stiff strike action to start with till Grodd hits a clothesline. Koslov came back though wading away with punches until another clothesline from Grodd floors him. As the match went on we had a Russian Legdrop by Boris for a 2 count, a Uranage slam by grodd for 2 as the match reached its conclusion. Up top Boris tried and tried to hit a Superplex, but manages to hit it at the 3rd attempt of trying, with Grodd floored Boris locked in a Crossface but Grodd manages to escape Koslov’s clutches leaving Boris frustrated at a standing base, which led to Grodd walloping Boris with a hard lariat to get the three count to end a good hard-hitting match up – Grodd has really improved as a wrestler over the last year.

Sean Only came out to demand that Tidal management give him a chance at the big Tidal title, which it sermed noticeable that Ian (Tidal promoter) didn’t want to hear this as he stood by the door entrance.

Up next it was a battle of the youngsters as perennial rivals JJ Barker took on Joe Nelson in what was to be a fantastic high flying battle on paper. Early stages we had Nelson hitting a high crossbody followed up by a moonsault to get a two count! Barker came back himself as he hit a big running boot, an Enziguri to floor Joe as JJ locked in a sleeper hold, but thankfully for Nelson he managed to recover.

Lots of action as we moved in the latter stages of the match up as both wrestlers hit a Double enziguri to knock each other out cold! Back at a standing base, Joe hit a DVD and kick to barker to get a two count, JJ followed up with michinoku driver for a 2, then a DDT for 2. JJ however tried to follow up with a moonsault press but missed, leading to Joe Nelson to hit a Tornado DDT to get the three in an excellent match, this show was certainly hitting all of the right notes at this point.

TCW Openweight Title next with the Champion Roxxy taking on Kanji who was making her debut in a Tidal ring, but she has been making a name for herself namely in Defiant wrestling. Early on we had a submission locked in by Kanji, which Roxxy escaped from. This was followed up by an array of roll uo spots that led to many counts of 1, which tired out poor referee Cowboy One, oh!! I mean Cowboy John.

Roxxy was on top after thus hitting both a roundhouse kick and a crossbody to get two counts, with both women giving there all they come to a crash as they hit a double clothesline to floor each other. With both eventually getting back up, Kanji hit a 6-1-KANJI to Roxxy followed up with a dropkick. Roxxy came roaring back though as she hit a double stomp to Kanji before locking in a neck and arm submission to leave Kanji scrambling for the ropes.

Kanji though fired back with a diving clothesline and Sex-Pinning Roxxy for a two, she then tried to hit a moonsault to Roxxy but missed as Roxxy hit a roll-through bomb and then locked in a neck submission to Kanji to make her tapout to retain the TCW Open Title in a fine match – hopefully we get to see more of Kanji in Tidal in the future.

Tag action next with two teams ready to stake a claim for future tag title shots with The Crown of Thorns (B.A Rose and Will Kroos) vs Crashboat (Pop Punk Kid and Jack Bandicoot). As per with the tag division in Tidal this was another fine match with Kroos especially proving to be a great base for the high flying Crashboat! Crashboat early on utilised this as they hit big dives to The Thorns on the outside however, The Thorns got back in control as they beat down there much smaller opponents.

Crashboat fought back as Bandicoot hit a schoolboy dropkick to Kroos and then followed up with a moonsault to Kroos to get a 2 count. Kroos and Rose recovered from this as they they laid a beating to Jake Silver hitting a BIG suplex to him, Silver managed to wriggle free hitting a dropkick to Rose as he made the hot tag to Bandicoot who came in to clean house including a elevated ddt to get a 2 count.

Unfortunately though for Crashboat, the joy ended there as B.A Rose not long after this finished off Jake Silver with a Jay Driller to get the three count to chalk up another one in the win column on this evening for The Crown of Thorns.

Break time over with, with people sampling the vegan burgers and chicken wraps on offer that were going down a treat so much that they had sold out, leaving people left just eating chips, whilst washing it down with £2.50 cans of beer. It is to be noted that the venue now has two bars with an extra one inside the building where the wrestling is, meaning no one has to leave the action unless they want a piss!

Returning with TCW Women’s title action with the Champion, Rhio in her new Cadbury’s Eclair inspired gear taking on Chakara for whom Rhio has beaten on three occassions previously. Chakara early on had the upper hand as she hit a bug headbutt followed up with double knees to get a two count. As the match went on though, it looked like Chakara would pick up the victory as she hit a powerbomb to Rhio to get a two count, this led though to The Crown of Thorns making an appearance to lay out Chakara and removing Rhio to the back to save her and her title as Cowboy John counted out Rhio to give Chakara the countout victory – BOOOO!!! Chakara it has to be said is really improving as a character and as a wrestler – good presence and poise about her.

Up next it was a clash between Plant Pot and professional Turnip Sniffer Josef Kafka taking on H.T Drake, now with Kafka having seen him twice before I didn’t hold out much hope, but my god I was proven wrong! Drake got the early advantage as he waffled Kafka with a clothesline and a BIG knee that killed Kafka but not enough for a 2 count. Kafka came vack though hitting a neckbreaker, followed by a senton splash for 2, only to then lock in a submission which Drake managed to escape from.

Once out Drake finally put away Kafka with a Lungblower to get the three count in just over 11 minutes to end a surprisingly good match – More Josef Kafka please barman!!

Tag team title action next with Man Like Dereiss once again deputising for an injured Sebb Strife in The Lion Kings to team with Nsereko to defend the Tag Titles vs Never Say Die (Alex Cupid and Dylan D’Angelo). Before we get into the match, I did laugh at a tweet Progress honcho Jon Briley put out the other week commenting about one of NSD to if they actually still wrestle??? Ah Jon Briley stick to booking Progress and not tweeting – you absolute cockwomble!!

Anyways I digress, Dereiss was certainly on fire during this match as he dit a dropkick to D’Angelo and then followed up with a Sentom splash to get a two count. Dereiss hit a short dropkick, only to then be stopped in his tracks as NSD went into a prolonged beatdown of the up and comer. Dereiss however, eventually got the big tag to Nsereko to clean house but the Ugandan was hit with a BIG elevated lung blower by NSD to get a 2 count.

With the match reaching its climax though and with Cowboy John on the deck, out came The Crown of Thorns to cause havoc as they battered both teams but eventually caused more damage to Nsereko and Dereiss and D’Angelo got the winning pin to capture the TCW Tag Titles in a really good match one that was packed full of drama and storyline progression – The Crown of Thorns looked very strong on this evening!!

With the time coming up to 945pm, we had your main event of Ben Corrigan’s favourite Chuck Mambo taking on our boy snd TCW Champion Sugar Dunkerton. Now sadly I didn’t get to see the conclusion of this match due to having to run for the train, what I did see was 10 minutes packed full of comedy with the happy go lucky Mambo and Sugar not going too hard on each other.

One special spot was Mambo of all things hanging off of the lights ala what Jack Bandicoot does and in turn hanging up there for 30 seconds. From reports though, this match continued in the same fun vein of things as Sugar pinned Mambo after a number of reversals to retain the TCW Title to continue what has been a highly successful run. However, a collision course in the future looks to be on between Sugar and one Rampage Brown – OH MY!!!

Arriving back in Rochdale for 1130pm, me and Geoff walked back to my house putting the world to rights about Brexit and continuing the conversation back home whilst eating a Morrison’s Mighty Meat pizza that set off the smoke alarm, during us watching PCW Festive Fury 2012 before we went to bed.

In closing, Tidal once again put on a fantastic show that maybe didn’t look that great on paper but live it turned into a belter. Tidal and myself next week go on tour to London on March 3rd for their return to the nation’s capital after some time away – Go and check them out as it is set to be an authentic Tidal show with many of the northern mob making the trip down – you won’t be disappointed!!!

As ever give this a share on all social media platforms using the below hashtag, so until the next time – BYE!!!