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Hello and welcome once again to Graps and Claps for another look into the British Wrestling scene and more importantly a trip to Prestwich for Futureshock Wrestling who have got a huge run of shows with 4 in the next 5 weeks taking place in and around the Manchester area. This show was to show the fallout from the big Stockport Town Hall extravaganza of a few weeks ago:

Would Ashton Smith carry on his momentum?

Would The Sexy Gents get back on track and regain their tag titles that they lost against T-Bone & Chris Ridgeway?

Would Graps and Claps invest in a notepad to get the finishes right?

On what was a overcast Saturday afternoon, I took to the pre-show drinks once again in Bury and first of all The Trackside which has been a regular footnote in this blog. As ever there was a vast range of cask & keg ale on offer ranging from £2.50 to £4.40 for a pint and if you wanted to you could pay £5 to go outside and listen to the live music on show for some charity called ‘Patio Pete’, but if you are a tight arse like me you sit inside the pub and listen to the music from inside for free. Drinks had here was a 4.3% Brass Castle Misfit Amarillo & Kazbek ale (£3.20) and also a 4% Golden Pale Ale costing £3, the latter was maybe the better of the two drinks.


Next stop was former shithole, now top class restaurant/bar – The Clarence for a sample of what they had on offer. With a total of 8 real ales on tap with a number from Silver Street Brewery this place suits any tastes you may have. First up was a 4.8% Manning Bros. Polar Eclipse stout costing £3.25 (with a CAMRA discount) that was maybe the best pint I had all day and whilst there were Monsoon like conditions outside I sampled another pint of a 3.8% Pale Ale that was quaffable but not as good as the stout. The toilets in here are very clean and has an underground feel to it with small arches adorning the doorways – a 7/10 standard.


Before going to Prestwich, we sampled one more pint this time shunning the previously written about The Knowsley, Wetherspoons and Rayners Bar and instead going to The Automatic adjoined to the Met Theatre which is ran by the same people who own The Clarence and at one time was the original posh eateries in Bury. This was also well known in my head as the setting for my only Valentines Day effort setting me back around £80 but I did the silly bloke thing of not getting my girlfriend at the time a card, so I was left with a right sour puss of a girlfriend that evening – needless to say the relationship only went another 3 months before I was sent back gathering dust on the ‘Singles Shelf’.


Only 1 pint was had in here – a Black Edge Brewery 4% Pale Ale costing £3.50, but if real ale is not to your liking they do offer an extensive range of Whisky’s and Gins.

Arriving into Prestwich for 5 pm we went to the Orange Tree for the pre-show meet up which on this occasion was relatively sparse due to a multitude of things going on this weekend – Billy Joel, World Cup, Attack in Cardiff so the Graps Gang was down to half a dozen tonight. Only the 1 pint in here which was a £4.55 pint of Bierra Moretti with the backdrop of someone’s wedding after party taking place in one half of the pub.

With my 2 for £12 Groupon in hand, I entered the venue and I would estimate around the 250 marker in on this evening with the ‘Real Deal’ Neil Steele taking ring announcing duties now instead of Matthew Richards who was on the commentary desk with Rob Halden instead, as seen with his PROGRESS commentary work Richards is one of the best around and doesn’t outstay his welcome unlike the foghorn on PROGRESS commentary.



The wrestling started with a battle of wolves with the ‘Turkish Wolf’ Soner Durson vs ‘The Nordic Accountant’ Thomas Wolfe. Early part of the match was Soner looking impressive against his much larger opponent but when he went for a dive to the outside he was caught in mid-air by Wolfe who drove Durson into the ring post. Back in the ring, Wolfe applied a bearhug to wear Soner down but Durson managed to escape eventually. With Wolfe down Durson went for a big splash but Wolfe caught him by the throat, Soner though escaped the clutches of Wolfe to fell the Accountant and soon finished him off with a frog splash for the 1-2-3 and the victory.

Second match of the evening was ‘Little Daddy Walter’ Bobby Gage vs Graps & Claps favourite Sam Bailey who was accompanied to the ringside area by Alex Boylin. A quite dominant performance by Bailey here over young Bobby with an earlier Crab attempt by Bailey leaving Gage crawling and scratching to get to the ropes to break the hold. With Bailey arguing with referee he was nearly caught unawares by Gage who tried the CHEEKY ROLL UP! for a two count, Boylin who up to this point was barking orders on the outside to rile his charge to victory eventually got involved causing interference leaving Gage at a disadvantage for Bailey to hit the face first buster for the 3 count.

Third match of the evening – IT’S WOLFIE!!


Wolfgang taking on what we thought might have been Danny Hope in singles action but it wasn’t to be as Hope’s tag team partner Chris Egan took it upon himself to take the opportunity up of facing Golfwang on this evening. Little side note, cheers to Chris Egan for his recommendation later on in the show of trying out the Soup Kitchen in Manchester for a pint of Marshmallow Porter and also pointing out that the Manchester Pale Ale on this evening was like water – what a chap!

Anyways back on to the wrestling, Wolfgang took the majority of the offence here looking quite dominant in the process as he was looking to scratch and crawl his way back to possible Adrenaline Title contention after losing it last month. Egan did manage to at least get something in htting a splash for a 2 count, but that was as good as it got for Egan as he attempted it again but with the referee looking elsewhere Wolfgang smacked Egan in mid-air with the brass knuckles to follow up with a 3 count and a victory for Golfwang!


Half Time Main Event time next with Damon Leigh & Molly Spartan facing off against Lana Austin & James Drake fully clad in overalls and carrying Grade A plastic bins they gladly made this into a first time ever ‘All Bins are Legal Mixed Tag Match’.


This was an excellent and fun match only added to with the comedic stylings of Damon Leigh who I have constantly crowed about in this blog about how his act has been consistently one of the best things on the Undergraps scene. Going around 15 minutes, James Drake finished off DDL with a big elbow for the victory to the cheers of the Prestwich faithful and so brings the half time photos with Lana & James as seen below they have mastered the AAAARRGGHHHHHH finger point of doom! 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉


Half Time fun over with we returned with Tag Team Title action with the Champions ‘The Tattooed Terrors’ Chris Ridgeway & T-Bone vs ‘The Sexy Gents’ – Sexy Kev AND JOHN!. Now this writer has written over the last month or so that he has expected a possible heel turn from Sexy Kev on John Mcgregor with Kev wanting to become more serious as a competitor as per his match with Ridgeway not so long ago which was a vision into the future of what could be for ‘Kickarse’ Kevin Lloyd. This prediction of mine took one step closer with dissension between the Sexy Gents after having hit 2 Money Shots to Ridgeway that resulted in two counts, the bickering between the two ended up being there downfall as Chris Ridgeway rolled up Sexy Kev for the victory.


We did have a hug out session between Kev and John but I do feel that the inevitable break up could be on its way!

Semi Main Event with the Cyanide Section of just Taff in attendance to cheer on Cyanide and his buddies from Kevin Webster’s garage Noah & Henry T.Grodd vs Ashton Smith & two of the Futureshock training school’s hottest prospects Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs. This was another good tag team match for this evening with the bulk of the offence being a beatdown of Ethan from Cyanide and his boys, Allen as said in last time’s blog looks to have a great future as an underdog type character and with the teaming of him & Jacobs they could break out in the next year or so but we shall see.

Once Allen did get the tag to Ashton he cleaned house to get the advantage for his team neutralising ‘The Toxic Terror’, leaving Noah open in the ring for a underhook DDT from Jacobs for the loss and an impressive with for Ashton & the boys. After the match Ashton offered Cyanide an opportunity once again at the Futureshock Championship at the Anniversary show on August 18th in a Title vs Mask match. Cyanide in a mask has been a thing for just over 8 months, so I can see Ashton sadly losing his title here.

Main Event time with the Joey Hayes open challenge for the Adrenaline Title, who would be the opponent/opponents we would find out. We ended up with 3 challengers to Joey’s newly won Adrenaline Title with Soner Durson, Sam Bailey and Wolfgang accepting the challenge. Going about 15 minutes this was a lively 4 way match that ended with Joey Hayes hitting the JKO on Soner Durson only for Sam Bailey to sneak up from behind and chuck Joey out of the ring to pick up the scraps to pin his adversary Durson to win the Adrenaline Title to the apathy of the crowd – BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!.

In hindsight a Joey title run would have raised the Adrenaline title to the levels of the Durson days of show stealing matches but sadly a 1 show reign puts paid to that. On the other hand I suppose the Bailey/Durson conflict can continue with the higher stakes of a title being on the line at a later date, but in 6 months we have had 3 new champions (i’m just not a big fan of short title reigns) – Hey Ho!

In closing, a good enough show with the 3 Tag Team matches I would recommend searching out when it arrives on VOD and if you are interested in going to see Futureshock Wrestling check them out at :

24th June – 53 Two Manchester

8th July – GRUB Manchester (Street Food, Craft Ale and Graps – must see even if Food and Ale is your thing)

15th July – Stockport Guildhall

18th August – Longfield Suite, Prestwich

Back home in Rochdale for 10:15pm with Salt and Pepper Chips, Steak Pudding and Mushy Peas for £4.50 and with that I bid you farewell till next weekend and the promise of the following show reviews:

TIDAL Wrestling (Leeds) – 22nd June

Southside Wrestling (2 shows x Sheffield) – 23rd June (My understudy Chris Wilson will be covering this for Graps & Claps Ish)

Futureshock Wrestling (Manchester) – 24th June

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