Glory Pro “Special Championship Edition” Review

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Collinsville, Illinois, June 2nd 2019

1) Title vs Title Tag Team Championship match: Alpha-1 Tag Team Champions The Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey) vs United Glory Tag Team Champions The Besties (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett)

Winners and NEW Alpha-1 Tag Champions: The Besties after The Besties used a Fireman’s Carry popped into a Flatliner on Monkey, Fitchett covered and picked up a close 2! The Besties stalked their opponents, before ducking Sabre and taking him out with stereo Superkicks, Vega pulled Monkey in for a Wheelbarrow spin, as Fitchett played Double Dutch and then nailed a Shooting Star Press, covering Monkey for a 2. Vega pulled Monkey up for a Brainbuster, but Sabre threw a Banana in the ring, causing Fitchett to slip on it and Monkey to roll Vega up with an Inside Cradle for a 2. Sabre pulled Vega up for a Crunchy, calling for Monkey to help out, only for Fitchett to stop Monkey and then blast Sabre with a Superkick, the momentum causing Vega to spin Sabre into a Yoshi Tonic! The Besties followed with Vega lifting Monkey for a Brainbuster, as Fitchett blasted Monkey with a kick to the face and Vega spiked him on his knee, before covering and getting the victory! (This was cool! Early fun and games and heel work from The Space Pirates gave them an advantage, but this really picked up and produced some bad ass moments. Sweet double team work from both sides.)

2) Heart of SHIMMER Championship: “The Lost Girl” Samantha Heights© vs “Heartcore” Shazza McKenzie

Winner and STILL Heart of SHIMMER Champion: Heights after Heights drilled Shazza with a Running Yakuza in the corner, she followed with a big Running Knee Strike to the face, putting Shazza on her butt in the corner, where Samantha knocked her out of the ring with a Face Wash! Samantha pulled Shazza up and attempted to pull her in position, on the top rope, only for Shazza to fight out and use a Split Stunner, off the second turnbuckle, to get the advantage, but Samantha rolled to the floor. Shazza pulled Heights back into the ring and fought her in the corner, lifting her to the top and looking to follow up, when Samantha pushed her to the mat and followed with a Blockbuster to get the pin. (Good fight! Shazza is awesome and really brings the fight, throwing some pretty big shots throughout this match. Her Splits Stunner is very impressive and she can take a beating as well as she can dish it out. This was among the handful of times I’ve seen Samantha work and I liked what I saw from her tonight. Good showing for SHIMMER!)

3) Freelance Wrestling Championship match: “All Ego” Ethan Page© vs Hakim Zane

Winner and STILL Freelance Champion: Page after dodging a Flying Double Stomp, Page stopped Zane’s momentum and planted him with The Spinning Dwayne, putting away the pesky Zane. (Fun match. The finish was a surprise, as Zane was throwing everything at Page and putting the champion on the ropes, only to be suddenly stopped. Ego is the man.)

4) Triple Threat match: “War Horse” Jake Parnell vs “The Diamond Tiger” Kobe Durst vs “The Truth” AJ Gray

Winner: AJ after Parnell flew off the top with a Double Stomp to AJ, Kobe timed it and flew off the top with a big Code Breaker to Parnell, only for AJ to hit the ropes and CRUSH Kobe with a Lariat, dropping into the cover for the big win! (This match rules! Just a fucking fight between Parnell and AJ. AJ Gray is a tank of a man, but is crazy athletic and very fluid with high Roundhouse kicks. Durst has it all, his facial expressions and charisma is pretty great, added to his crazy move set and willingness to just let it fly, he’s impressive as hell. Jake Parnell is the definition of War Horse and brings his angry, fighting round the world approach every time I see him.)

5) PACO vs “The King of Dong Style” Joey Ryan

Eddie Kingston joins commentary for the match.

Winner: PACO after Ryan got his boot up, stopping PACO’s top rope attack, Ryan positioned and PACO fell, face-first into Ryan’s crotch! Ryan followed with The YouPorn Plex and the cover, but PACO was able to kick out! Ryan pulled the Lollipop from his tights and went for PACO, but he deflected and the Referee took the sucker! With Ryan and the Referee distracted, PACO used a Schoolboy on Ryan and pulled the tights to get the victory! (The Dong was too strong. PACO plays a really easy-to-hate heel and against Ryan, who had some good working boots on, this was easy to achieve. Eddie Kingston on commentary adds to any match, but his ongoing feud with PACO made the commentary mean a little more than the usual relevant jargon.

6) Seishin Open Challenge: Seishin vs Matt Kenway vs Rielly McGuire vs Tyler Matrix vs Nick King vs Tommy Vendetta

Winner: Seishin after catching Vendetta with a BIG Yoshi Tonic and holding on for the victory! (Wild display of offense from all of these young, impressive looking kids. Nick King really stuck out and seems to be just starting out.)

Jake Something came down to the ring, as Vendetta was still recovering from his loss, Something laid out Vendetta with a big Elbow Strike and told him to get up. Vendetta pulled himself up in the corner, where Something crushed him with a Running Shoulder Block. Something gets on the mic, says Vendetta’s failure is fueling him and wants his match vs Barackus, right now!

7) Jake Something vs “Big, Bad” Barackus

Winner: Something after rocking Barackus with an elbow strike to the back of the head, Barackus fired up and charged in, but Something powered him down with a Black Hole Slam and covered for the 3! (Battle of two big ass men! Barackus dwarfed Something, who was still able to power around the bigger man. A little over 7 minutes of flesh smacking into flesh with force. Something is doing a “Leader of men” gimmick, while stripping away their identities and making them Something.)

8) Zero-1 USA Junior Heavyweight Championship match: “Professional Wrestling’s Littlest Big Man” Jake Lander© vs Dave Crist

Crist, who was at the merchandise table, taking care of a small dog, comes to ringside and accepts the match. As the match is preparing to start, Dave kicks Lander in the nuts and begins the match with the advantage.

Winner and STILL Zero-1 Junior Champion: Lander after Lander fought Dave off the top, he followed with a 450 Splash and held on for the victory! (Awesome win for Jake! Dave was the ultimate dickhead to Jake and the crowd, not taking Jake seriously at all, but the heart and spirit of Lander never died. Jake has such an incredible skill set and is just a great professional wrestler. I’d love to see him train with Gresham and get a little more confident on the mat.)

9) United Glory #1 Contenders Three Way Dance: The Four Star Heroes (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) vs Myron Reed & Stephen Wolf vs Team No New Friends (Danny Adams & Mike Outlaw)

Winners: The Four Star Heroes after Wolf accidentally took out Reed with a Jumping Knee Strike, Castro jammed his thumbs into Wolf’s eyes, before lifting him in Package Piledriver, as Castro dove off the top, spiking the Piledriver and allowing The Four Star Heroes to get the victory! (Chaotic and fun match with 3 really fun tag teams!)

Wolf tries to explain and apologize to Reed, who’s not having any of it and walks away from his partner.

10) Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez vs Shaun Moore

Standouts from Eddie Kingston’s seminar, earlier in the day. Kingston recommended that they be put on to the main show.

Winner: Moore after countering Sharkbait and catching him with The Busaiku Knee Strike, picking up the big victory. (These guys really impressed in there opportunity to showcase what they could do. Moore blended power and athleticism with a natural charisma that the crowd got behind in a big way. Sharkbait has a really great hybrid MMA style, great kicks, flying around with submissions and aerial assault. This was really cool!)

11) Crown of Glory Championship match: “The Lone Star” Curt Stallion© vs “The War King” Eddie Kingston

Winner and NEW Crown of Glory Champion: Kingston after they traded big bombs in the middle of the ring, Kingston went for a charge, but Stallion side-stepped him, scored with an elbow to the back of the head and then a Stalling German Suplex, but Kingston rolled to his feet and then charged back with a BIG Lariat and the cover, but Stallion kicked out! As they laid on the mat, prone and recovering from their war, the fans started cheering them on, they started getting up, only to collapse back to the mat. They crawled to each other’s faces and started trading Chops, working to their feet, where Kingston held the clear advantage, until Stallion caught Kingston with a Brainbuster and quickly went to the top for a big Flying Splash, holding on for a 2. After some recovery, Stallion charged with the Headbutt, but Kingston caught him in a Rear Naked Choke and followed with a Uranage Slam to get a 2, quickly followed with a Fisherman’s Buster to get another 2! Kingston called for the end and when Stallion got to his feet, King nailed him with The Backfist to the Future and covered, only for PACO to pull the Referee out at 2.99! Kingston chased PACO around and into the ring, where Curt nailed him with a Diving Headbutt and then beat down Kingston, drilling him with The Spearing Headbutt and covering, only for the Referee to still be down! Curt left the ring, rolling him in and sliding in, fighting Kingston with Headbutts, as King landed Backfists, Stallion went for The Spearing Headbutt, but Kingston caught him with The Backfist to the Future and followed with a Saito Suplex and then a Basement Backfist to the Future, finally putting Stallion down for the 3! (What a great, great end to the show! Kingston and Stallion went to war and brought the savagery in this. Kingston is a genius in that ring and it’s a pleasure to watch him do his work. The late interference of PACO was timely and even though it broke the pace of a great match, it made sense and set up what should be a crazy PACO vs Kingston Title match. WATCH THIS MATCH!