GCW ‘Worst Behavior’ (22/8/19) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan

Tony Deppen vs The Great Sasuke

Winner: Sasuke after Deppen caught Sasuke with a strike combo, vaulted over Sasuke in the corner, Deppen blasted Sasuke with a Knee Strike, sent him into the corner and followed with a nice Death Valley Driver and the cover, but Sasuke kicked out. Deppen exposed his knee and called for the end, charging at Sasuke, who dodged and took Deppen down, working into a Fujiwara Armbar, while torqueing on Deppen’s hand, forcing him to Tap Out. (Fun start. The Japanese crowd chanting “GCW,” “Holy Shit,” and “Deppen” was pretty special. Deppen is just great, no matter the opponent and Sasuke is a living legend, just really fun stuff.)

Six Man Tag Team Fuckery: Team GCW (Jimmy Lloyd, Drew Parker & G-Raver) vs Violento Jack & GCW World Tag Team Champions Los Mazicos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo)

Winners: Team GCW after Parker took out Jack with a SWEET No Hands Tope Atomico, Miedo was positioning Raver on the top, but Lloyd stopped him with a vicious Superkick to the back of the knee. Lloyd pulled Miedo off the top and used a Burning Hammer to plant him into the Broken Glass, before assisting Parker for a Standing 450 Splash, setting up Raver hitting a Swonton Bomb and covering Miedo for the 3. (This was a great blend of exciting paced action with Deathmatch insanity. Parker is living in Japan and fully immersed into the Japanese Deathmatch scene, which he thrives in. The fans loved all of this match and continue to lose their minds for the GCW guys. It’s great to see all of the GCW:Mexico branch back in the ring with the GCW guys, they are fucking lunatics and so damn recklessly good. Lloyd had a great showing in this, busting out some cool Lucha spots and punishing his opponents. Awesome match.)

‘From The Woods’ KTB vs Daisuke Sekimoto

Winner: Sekimoto after KTB used a Death Valley Driver, off the top, to send Daisuke crashing to the mat, KTB went for The Beastsault, but Daisuke moved! Sekimoto pulled KTB across the middle rope, before charging in with a bone crushing Splash to KTB’s back and following with a Bridged German Suplex to pick up the win. (Big boy war! KTB brought the fight to Sekimoto, who brought all that hardness back to KTB’s face. These guys matchup so well and when the pace picked up, KTB was able to show what makes his so damn diverse and universally loved. Sekimoto is an ace of the Strong BJ style and is the perfect gatekeeper for this style in the GCW world. Great stuff.)

Six Man Tag Team Fuckery: Team GCW (“Ready to Die” Eric Ryan The Hate Trash Disaster (SHLAK & “The Devil’s Big Red Dick” Markus Crane) vs “The Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai, Takashi Sasaki & Toshiyuki Sakuda

Winners: Kasai, Sakuda & Sasaki after Kasai covered Ryan with a Board of Light Tubes, took a bundle of Light Tubes and broke them open, before cutting his chest and then going to the top, using The Pearl Harbor Splash to crush Ryan and cover, but Eric kicked out! Kasai pulled Ryan up and used a Sit Out Tiger Driver to pick up the win. (So fucking good! Sakuda jammed a Metal Skewer through Crane’s cheeks and then Sasaki jammed a Fishing Lure into his lip and pulled it on the Fishing Pole. This was a fucking horror movie of the best design! I LOVED THIS MADNESS! Graphic violence and extreme fuckery. WATCH THIS MATCH! Eric Ryan made the most of his opportunities to shine. Everybody was on fire in this, Deathmatch wrestling is a beautiful sacrifice and these guys showed what makes them special. Kasai and Sasaki are two of the most respected legends in the Deathmatch game, Sakuda is that new breed of fucking lunatic, stabbing and dying for our pleasure.)

Joey Janela & The Invisible Man vs Kikutaro & Invisible Stan

Winners: Janela & Invisible Man after Kikutaro accidentally hit Stan with a Chair Shot, Janela blasted Kikutaro with a Superkick into the chair and covered, but Kikutaro kicked out! Janela tagged in Invisible Man, who went to the top and hit a MULTI-ROTATION Splash to put Kikutaro down for the 3. (Nothing but fun. With the crowd, the boys and everyone putting the Invisibles over to the fullest extent. Invisible balcony dives! Kevin Gill on commentary, telling a goddamn story. Janela and Kikutaro just have fun, bust their ass and make the absolute most of this peculiar match. The crowd was into EVERYTHING and chanted “GCW,” I am so fucking happy with the way this show, another example of GCW knocking it out of the park with their brand and style of wrestling.)

Promo from Kikutaro, putting over GCW and Joey, which is hilarious, because Joey had no idea what Kiku was saying, but the fans were popping and he was smiling. Joey starts his promo, only for Kikutaro to pull out and GUN and SHOOT Joey in the back, killing him! The Great Sasuke came to the ring and performed some magic, bringing Joey back to life, only for Joey to punch Sasuke!)

Alex Colon vs Masashi Takeda

Winner: Colon just picked up the biggest win of his LIFE! Takeda positioned a Butcher Knife Board in the ring and pulled Colon in, only for Alex to escape and trip Takeda to a seated position, before putting a bundle of Light Tubes in Takeda’s lap and using a Running Double Knee to smash the glass and drive Takeda into the saws, covering for a 2. Colon covered Takeda with the Board and went to the top, diving off with an INSANE Guillotine Leg Drop and covering to pick up the HUGE WIN. (Two of the elite Deathmatch wrestlers in the world, putting on a Main Event that made every worker, fan and enthusiast of the Deathmatch style proud. Just fucking pure insanity, non-stop from the opening bell with an escalation of violence that must be seen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Epic, fucking epic.)

 I love Game Changer Wrestling, without a doubt, it is my favorite wrestling promotion going today. The styles that blend, the energy of the crowd and the presentation of my favorite type of wrestling, Deathmatch, is without a doubt the most fun you can have in wrestling. To see this roster go everywhere and get the love and support from the crowds is special. I am so thankful for each and everyone of the guys that get in there and put their all into the performance. Go out of your way to see the VOD on FITE.tv and get this show on smartmarkvideo.com