GCW ‘The New Face of War’ (23/8/19) Review

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From The Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan

1. KTB & Tony Deppen vs Kikutaro & Shigehiro Irie

Winners: Deppen & KTB after KTB held Kikutaro in a Fireman’s Carry and Deppen flew off the top with a Double Stomp to Kikutaro’s back, KTB used a TKO to pick up a 2, as Irie broke it up. KTB and Irie traded big Forearms in the middle of the ring, with KTB getting the upperhand and hitting the ropes, Irie charged in with a Back Elbow against the ropes, but Deppen was quickly on Irie. Irie pushed Deppen away and charged, but Tony backdropped him to the floor and followed with a RIDICULOUS Somersault Tope to the floor! KTB went for a Double Jump Moonsault, but slipped on the top and crashed GNARLY to the mat, where Kikutaro covered for 2. They got up, KTB planted Kikutaro with a Fireman’s Slam and followed with The Beastsault and the pin.

2. Six Man Tag Team Fuckery: “Crazy Kid” Masashi Takeda, Alex Colon & “Ready to Die” Eric Ryan vs King of Freedoms Violento Jack, Isami Kodaka & Takashi Sasaki

Winners: Violento, Kodaka & Sasaki after Ryan pulled a Barbed Wire Board to the middle of the ring and fired up, he pulled Jack to his feet and hooked for a Tiger Driver, only for Violento to fight out and use a DOPE Package Side Slam onto the board and covered, but Ryan kicked out! Jack got up and dragged Ryan, still on the board, closer to the corner, before covering Ryan with another Barbed Wire Board and going to the top, tearing off his shirt before using a Senton Atomico to crush Ryan, while tearing his skin and covering for the 3. (Crazy as hell. Really innovative and sick spots from Ryan and Colon, incorporating Light Tubes into Knee Strikes to the face will pop me every time. Kodaka and Takeda are two of my favorites going, their backlog of matches is something Deathmatch fans should behold. Great mix talent here and a great pace.)

3. Three Way Fuckery: “You’re fucking with a Different Boy” Jimmy Lloyd vs Drew Parker vs Toshiyuki Sakuda

Winner: Lloyd after Parker set up a Bundle of Light Tubes across 2 unfolded Chairs, over the top of Sakuda, Lloyd stopped Drew’s progress and flipped Drew into a 450, landing on the Glass covered mat! Lloyd grabbed a handful of Light Tubes and smashed them across Parker’s bare back, ripping a gnarly cut, before making his way to the corner. Lloyd took a little too long, allowing Parker to get up and stop Jimmy on the top, before climbing up in Frankensteiner position, but, as Parker went for the devastating maneuver, Lloyd held on and transitioned to a Styles Clash, off the second turnbuckle, crashing Drew through the Light Tubes, on to Sakuda and following with the pin on Drew. (FUCKERY ABOUND! Awesome win for Jimmy! Fuck yeah. This was really gnarly and) cover your eyes if you don’t like to see a motherfucker get stabbed. Really good Deathmatch, non-stop madness and one-upmanship that just gets fucking brutal. Parker flies around, bleeds a lot and brings the energy. He is an incredibly talented madman and has really gotten over with the Japanese fans. All 3 of these guys make the future of Deathmatch wrestling seem so god damn bright, this is a great 3 way competitive feud that could lead to some magical matches later in their careers.)

4. GCW World Tag Team Championship match: Los Mazicos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo)© vs Hate Trash Disaster (“The Devil’s Big Red Dick” Markus Crane & SHLAK)

Winners and STILL Champions: Mazicos after HTC set up a Light Tube Board across 2 unfolded Chairs, Crane dumped Dry Ice onto the board, as SHLAK dug at Miedo’s eyes in the corner. Crane made his way to the top, as SHLAK lifted Miedo on his shoulders, allowing Crane to use a Doomsday Spinning DDT, sending all 3 crashing through the fuckery and Crane covered, but Ciclope broke it up with Light Tubes to their backs! Ciclope smashed Light Tubes over his head, before grabbing a Gusset Plate covered Board and kicking SHLAK in the gut. Ciclope positioned the board on the mat and went after SHLAK, who used a One Hand Chokeslam to drive Ciclope’s back onto the Gusset Plates and follow with the pin, but Ciclope kicked out! SHLAK retrieved a WEEDWHACKER and went after Ciclope, who stopped SHLAK, took the Weedwhacker and cut up SHLAK’s gut! SHLAK rolled to the apron, as Ciclope made his way to the top, asking Miedo for a Bundle of Light Tubes, before diving off with a Splash, but SHLAK moved and Ciclope crashed, with the Tubes, onto the ring apron! Crane charged at Miedo, but got launched to the apron, Miedo scored with an Gamengiri and went for a second rope balancing German Suplex, but Crane fought him off and went to the top, where Miedo joined him and fought for position, until Crane used a CRAZY Flying DDT, planting Miedo and covering for a 2. Crane made his way to the top, but Miedo got up, pulling Crane to the glass covered mat and making his way to the top, scoring with a 450 Splash and covering, only for Crane to counter with an Inside Cradle for a CLOSE 2. They both got up and Crane charged, only for Miedo to scoop him up and use a Sit Out Tombstone Piledriver to finally put Crane down for the 3.  (Fucking Awesome! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Sheer madness and recklessness that I cannot get enough of. Bloody as fuck, Ciclope’s face got SLICED. Crane’s Riot Shield covered in GUSSET PLATES was a motherfucker. SHLAK is such a unique human, he is a monster and gives absolutely no fucks, it’s a combination that makes him Necro Butcher-level, early 2000’s Necro, can’t miss. Mazicos have held these Titles for a minute now and I thought they would drop them, but I am not disappointed, they are fitting champions and madmen. Great high energy match here. Ciclope hands Crane a bucket, as a present, which Crane turned over and dumped out BROKEN BEER BOTTLE GLASS. Crane put a Board covered in PIGEON SPIKES in front of Ciclope, in the corner, HTD then used a Double Running Alabama Slam, driving Miedo into the board, driving the Metal Skewers into Ciclope’s arm. All 4 took turns HAMMERING Gusset Plates into each other, like a god damn elbow battle sequence. Crazy stretch at the end, getting “This is Awesome” chants from the normally docile Japanese crowd.)

5. ‘The Bad Boy’ Joey Janela vs The Great Sasuke

Winner: Sasuke after Sasuke put Janela on a board, set up across 2 unfolded Chairs, outside the ring, before going back to the ring and climbing to the top. Sasuke flew off with a Swonton Bomb, only for Janela to moved and Sasuke to crash through the board and to the floor! Janela pulled Sasuke up and dragged him to the apron, where they stood and traded shots, with Janela getting the advantage and using a Death Valley Driver, yelling “FUCK JIM CORNETTE” and planting Sasuke’s head on the apron! Janela rolled Sasuke into the ring and went to the top, yelling out “Fuck This SHIT” and dropping The Super Humman Elbow Drop, following with the cover, but Sasuke kicked out. Janela pulled Sasuke up and threw him into the turnbuckles, before lifting him to the top and following up, but Sasuke fought back and knocked Janela to the apron, before flying off with a Swonton Bomb, but Janela moved and Sasuke landed hard! Janela pulled himself up in the corner and recovered, before blasting Sasuke with a Superkick and following with a Package Piledriver and the cover, but Sasuke kicked out! Janela, a little frustrated, made his way to the top and called for a Double Stomp, but as he positioned on the top, Sasuke was up and joined Joey, fighting for control and hitting a Super DDT and covered, but Janela kicked out! Sasuke climbed to the top and flew off with a Double Stomp to Janela’s arm, following with the cover and getting the 3. (Janela getting all of the love from the crowd. These guys have really cool chemistry and mix good fun with some crazy shit. Sasuke is so impressive, for the amount of time he’s put in the ring and the bat-shit crazy stuff he’s done in his career, Sasuke still flies around and busts out some slick shit. Joey’s great, expressions are perfect, timing is impeccable, he’s so smart that a match with a god damn Invisible Man is fun as hell. Good match with a bunch of Holy Shit moments, Sasuke ties their match series at 1-1.)

6. Absolute Fuckery: G-Raver vs “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai

Winner: Kasai after hitting the Pearl Harbor Splash, smashing a BOX of Light Tubes on Raver, he covered, but Raver kicked out at 1! Raver got to the ropes, where Kasai pulled him in for a Butterfly, but Raver refused to die and drilled Kasai with a Superkick, before hitting the ropes, but Kasai leveled him with a Lariat. Kasai busted Light Tubes over his head, sliced his own chest, before PLANTING Raver with a Butterfly Piledriver onto the sea of Broken Glass that was the canvas and covering for the 3. (Man, holy shit, what a match! The quality of Deathmatches during these two #GCWJapan shows is unbelievable. This wasn’t my favorite of the two shows (Six Man Tag night 1), but this was an EPIC Deathmatch. This had to of been a Raver Bucket List scenario and the amount of glass and brutality these guys took, you could tell it meant a lot to both. Kasai is the fucking KING and brought everything he had to Raver’s face. Raver is in the upper echelon of Deathmatch wrestling and showed his chops among the best in the world. For the Main Event of this show, I thought it knocked it out of the fucking park. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)