GCW ‘Curtain Call’ (9/30/19) Review

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 A Goodbye to Joey Janela, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt”

From The House of Independents in Asbury Park, New Jersey


“Lowlife” Louie Ramos is in the ring, welcoming us all to the show and hyping the farewells of Joey Janela, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt. Referee Bryce Remsburg gets in the ring and we are underway!

Jungle Boy vs Jake Atlas

 Winner: Jungle Boy after Atlas used a GNARLY Burning Hammer to get a 2, he took some time before following up, allowing Jungle to roll an Inside Cradle for a 2. They popped up, Atlas ducked a Discuss Lariat and planted Jungle with a Poison Rana, but he got up! Jungle countered Atlas into a Snap Crucifix Driver and followed with a Sliding Knee and the cover, but Atlas kicked out at 1! Atlas fired back with a Pump Knee to the face and followed with an Ace Crusher, before going to the top and as Jungle staggered to his feet, Atlas scored with The LGBDDT, only for Jungle to cradle Atlas and get the win! (So good. These two have fantastic chemistry and really play off each other in the best possible way. Great sendoff for Jungle and a beautiful spotlight for Atlas.)

GCW returns, on October 12th, with “No Sleep”

Marko Stunt Invitational: Marko Stunt vs Kyle The Beast

Stunt comes to the ring and cuts a promo, talking about the GCW fans making him a star back at “Lost In New York.” Stunt talks about losing that night and having unfinished business, calling out KTB!

Winner: Marko after KTB cut Marko off on the top, Stunt fought, but KTB overpowered and used a Super TKO to send Marko crashing to the mat and cover for a 2. KTB Powerbombed Marko and dead-lifted him back up for a SICK Sit Out Piledriver and covered, getting a CLOSE 2. The crowd was loud and split down the middle, KTB looked frustrated and went after Marko, who connected with an Enziguri and unloaded with a flurry of Forearms, but KTB just snatches him by the throat and lifts, Marko escapes and hits the ropes, ducking KTB’s swats, before using a Head Scissor rolled into a Code Breaker to get a 2! Marko climbed to the top, KTB got up and tried to stop him, but Marko knocked KTB to the mat and followed with a 450 Splash to pick up the win. (Dope as hell. Really great example of the David vs Goliath concept, with KTB being as agile as he is big and Marko really bringing his offense. Really fun matchup, go out of your way to watch both of their collisions.)

FIRST TIME EVER: ‘The Product’ David Starr vs Tony FUCKING Deppen

Referee: Robert “Odie” Brown YESSIR!

Winner: Deppen after crushing Starr with a Basement Dropkick, Deppen was rolled up by Starr, who popped to his feet and DRILLED Tony with a Superkick, followed by a Brainbuster onto a knee and the cover, getting a 2. Starr positioned Deppen by the ropes and hit the ropes, charging in, Deppen moved and Starr hit the middle rope hard. Deppen recovered and MURDERED Starr with a Sliding Elbow Strike to the back of the head and covered, but Starr kicked out! Deppen shit talks Starr, as he mounts and lands punch after punch, getting up and throwing a tantrum, only for Starr to maul Deppen with a Lariat. They recovered to their knees, where they traded hard chops and slaps, fighting to their feet, where Starr clubs Deppen with another Lariat and both crumple to the mat. As they get up, Deppen countered Starr’s Knee Strike and threw him out of the ring, preparing to dive, only for Starr to cut him off and use The Cherry Mint DDT, following with a Lariat and the cover, but Deppen kicked out! Deppen counters Starr into a Code Red, picking up a 2, followed by a Basement Superkick, but Starr levels Deppen with a Lariat and follows with a Powerbomb onto a knee and covers, but Deppen kicked out! Starr pulls Deppen up, cuts the throat and hits the ropes, Deppen countered a Lariat with a School Boy, rolling into a SICK Knee to the face, followed by a Shining Knee Strike and the cover, finally putting Starr away. (Incredible! This was a war of the highest skill level. The talent and aggression progressed into a story of perpetual wrestling bliss. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Go out of your way to watch this, because it was the definition of great professional wrestling.)

Fuckery abound: Cut White Claw Can Door, Knife covered Styrofoam Board, Gusset Plate Board and more.

GCW World Championship Four Way Fuckery: Nick FUCKING Gage© vs “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont vs “Public Animal Number 1” SHLAK vs “The Wizard King” Orin Veidt

Gage’s GCW Title is still being held hostage by Rickey Shane Page.

Winner and STILL Champion: Gage after using a Power Drill to Orin’s forehead, Gage used The One Winged Angel to put Orin down for the 3.

Gage promo, talking about the fans meaning the most to him and his Title still missing with RSP. Gage says someone in GCW let RSP in the back door, someone who doesn’t like Gage getting the ovations. Gage says he can’t leave the country, puts a “Green Light” on RSP, telling anyone to punch him in the face on sight.

7 Man Scramble: Teddy Hart vs Chris Bey vs “The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer vs Mick Moretti vs “All Heart” Blake Christian vs “The Sauce” Alex Zayne vs Jordan Oliver

Winner: Mercer after using a Gorilla Press to throw Oliver out of the ring, crashing VERY HARD on the floor, Mercer climbed to the second turnbuckle, using a One Handed Press into The Moonsault and Battery to put Mick away. (This match was as innovative and wild as they come. GCW’s Scrambles are always spectacles, but this was on another plane. Insane, high flying acrobatic fight, fun as hell. Hart is such a G, his 6-7 moves are meaningful and MURDEROUS. RECOMMENDED!)

“The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson vs Matthew Justice

Winner: Justice after blasting Dickinson with a Chair Shot to the head, while he sat on the top, Justice used a CRAZY Jacknife off the top, onto 6 unfolded Chairs and covered for the 3. (This match was UNFUCKING REAL brutal! Wild violence, stiff strikes, no bullshit, just straight forward brutality. The back of Dickinson’s head split open after Justice Speared him off the stage and through a Door, set up on 2 chairs, on the floor. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Justice got on the mic and cut a promo, getting MAJOR HEAT, but announcing that he is challenging Nick Gage for the GCW Title, at No Sleep!

Super Humman comes out to do a stunt, but is interrupted by “All Ego” Ethan Page. Page promo on Humman, who gets in his face, only for Ego to push him down, causing Humman to storm to the back.

“All Ego” Ethan Page vs “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

Winner: Orange after Page kicked OC and Referee Bryce Remsburg in the nuts, he grabbed the Orange Juice, only for Super Humman came running back out, with a Chair! Humman blasts Ego with a Chair Shot to the back and follows with The Fuck This Shit Stunner! Humman gives OC his glasses, as he climbed to the top, following with The Fuck This Shit Tadpole Splash for the win.

Match For The Ages – Bad Boy vs Different Boy: “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs “The Different Boy” Jimmy Lloyd

Winner: Lloyd after planting Janela with back to back Gonzo Bombs and covering for a 2, Lloyd look frustrated, kicking way at Joey and pulling him to his feet, where Janela staggered and flipped him off, Lloyd pulled Joey back in “Sorry, Fuck You” and uses a THIRD Gonzo Bomb to finally put Janela away. (Awesome match, awesome moments, friends going out there and putting it all on the table, having their match, in front of their people, in their FUCKING COMPANY. Thank you both.)

GCW owner Brett Lauderdale gets in the ring, as Lloyd and Janela sat in opposite corner, and called out Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy, who joined them in the ring, followed by Teddy Hart, with his cat and a bottle of champagne. As they all sip White Claws, Lauderdale gives a heartfelt speech to Jungle, Marko & Joey, talking about what they mean to GCW and that they are destines for stardom. HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out this show, if not for the incredible action, this was a gathering of family to celebrate their guys. It was a special night and another example of why Game Changer Wrestling is the best thing going.