GCW “Backyard Wrestling” (July 4th 2019) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From an Undisclosed Location in New Jersey

First ever Backyard Wrestling show presented on Pay Per View.

Incredible scene to open the show. The canvas of the ring is pulled tight, no ring skirts and trampolines on either. On one side, 2 trampolines are set up next each other with a above ground pool set up next to the second, on the other side, a trampoline is set up next to the ring.

Kevin Gill, without a microphone, was on Ring Announcing duty.

Lucky Pierre (Ophidian) vs Psycho Joe (Joe Gacy)

 Winner: Pierre after using a Top Rope Frankensteiner to send Joe crashing onto a Chair, Pierre went back to the top and DROPPED THE DEUCE (Flying Elbow Drop) to pick up the victory. (Pierre dove off the top of a trailer to hit a Tiejeras. Pierre took Joe into the pool with a Jumping Blockbuster off the trampoline. Fun start. Awesome brawling around the backyard.)

Kid Suicide (Joey Janela) vs Claude Marrow Jr. (Ruckus) w/Rob Styles (Robbie Mireno)

Winner: Kid Suicide after he blasted Claude with a Superkick, causing him to fall through a Door set up between 2 chairs, Suicide then knocked Styles off the apron with a Superkick and then made his way to the top, giving Super Humman a shout-out. Suicide got “fuck this shit” chants from the crowd, as he attempted to take his shirt off, only to fall off the top with a Somersault Senton to Claude and followed with the pin. (This was good stuff. Suicide came out, with pyro aka a Fountain Firework. Styles interfered and teamed up with Claude to hit The T-Gimmick on Suicide, sending him into 4 unfolded chairs. (Backseat Boyz spot. Rest in Peace Trent Acid). Claude used a Rolling Fisherman’s Suplex to send Suicide into a door in the corner.)

Joey received a plate of Birthday cupcakes and jammed a fan’s face into it and then hit him with a Chair.

Luke Hadley vs El Shlako (SHLAK)

 Winner: Hadley after “Spyder” Nate Webb interfered and used Soylent Green, IT’S PEOPLE on Shlako, he held Shlako in place as Hadley lit a BUNDLE OF ROMAN CANDLES, but held them the wrong way and SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FACE, 3 times, before turning the weapon and blasting Shlako with multiple shots. Hadley and Webb ripped the mask off of Shlako, revealing SHLAK, before Hadley used a Roll up Frankensteiner to put Shlako down for the 3. (Hadley, in cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and glasses, refused to get in the ring and looked like a fan waiting at ringside. This was fucking BRUTALILTY. This Hadley man took a motherfucking beating. Shlako gave Hadley a Release Northern Lights Suplex into the BUSHES! Shlako beat the hell  out of this man, it was not pretty, but the fireworks spot at the end must be seen.)

Tony Deppen vs Alex Zayne

Winner: Zayne after fighting with Deppen on the edge of the ring, Zayne countered a punch and used an Arm-Trap Backdrop Driver on the hardest part of the ring. Zayne put Deppen on a Door, set up between 2 chairs and got back in the ring, following with an astonishing Running No Touch 630 Senton, breaking the Door beneath them and covering for the 3. (Stop what you’re doing and watch this match. Beautiful insanity. Deppen continues to make everyone he wrestles look the best. Zayne is fucking ridiculous and the creativity and athleticism is otherworldly. Most talked about match of the show and another example of GCW giving these incredibly talented wrestlers a platform to take the ball and run with it. Alex Zayne is going to be booked everywhere.)

Jordan Oliver w/YDNB (Griffin McCoy, Charlie Tiger & Ellis Taylor) vs Diablo (Shane Mercer)

Winner: Diablo after Oliver applied The Camel Clutch to Diablo, telling him that he was going to make him humble, Diablo created some separation by using a Chin Breaker to send Oliver out of the ring. Diablo positioned a Hardwood Board across 2 Chairs and then rolled Oliver back into the ring, before flipping a Trampoline onto the members of YDNB, trapping them under. As Diablo got back into the ring, Oliver attacked and pulled him into the corner, climbing to the top, where Diablo fought back and used a RIDICULOUS PudgyPlex to send both of them crashing into the Hardwood Board and Diablo held on for the 3. (Fun. Diablo is a god-damn monster and had to fight off the incredibly entertaining foursome of YDNB. Tiger got thrown the roof of a shed. Diablo used a Press Slam to throw Oliver off the roof of the house and onto the other 3. Oliver is a pretty special talent with a frame that he can build on and gain a lot of size in the coming years.)

Brother vs Brother: Marko Stunt vs Logan Stunt

Winner: after the brothers fought the edge of the ring, Marko was able to counter Logan, pulling him into a Death Valley Driver, off the ring and through a Light Tube covered Door, set up between 2 chairs, on the grass below. Marko held on for the pin, as both men’s back started bleeding heavily. Logan’s back was fucked up. (Wild scene folks. This match progressed to a level of violence that I did not expect to see from these two boys. The strikes were so god-damn vicious, the Light-Tube spots were crazy as hell. The female GCW fan that you can clearly hear cheer for the chaos, is an absolute legend. This was my second favorite match of the day and a vicious fight between real siblings. Really long test of wills, epic pool fight. Crazy ass finish.)

Joey Janela “grounds” both of them, before they embrace and walk to the back together.

The Chad vs Matt Demorest

Winner: Chad after Demorest positioned Chad in the ring, he started his way to the top, grabbing an American Flag on the ring post and THROWING it at the fans, before flying off with a Crazy Sky Twister Press, only for Chad to move and Demorest to hit hard. “Spyder” Nate Webb ran down and put the flag back in place, as Chad rolled to the trampoline to recover, Demorest climbed on the ropes to attack, Chad nailed him with a punch and followed with a RIDICULOUS Trampoline Jump Canadian Destroyer, before going to the top and connecting with a FUCKING Phoenix 630 Senton to get the victory.  (Cool yard work. Creative moves, some wild aerial assault and trampoline madness. Demorest used an Electric Chair Back Cracker, on the grass, killing Chad’s back.)

Lord of the Yard (Dale Patricks) vs Hard Ass Nick (Nick Gage)

Winner: Nick after using a Piledriver onto Light Tubes, Nick quickly followed with The Choke Breaker and crawled into the pin. (This was a VIOLENT beatdown. Gage cut open LOY ass’s cheeks by hitting them with Light Tubes! Wild brawl.)

Spotswood Wrestling Championship Triple Threat match: Kyle Smiley© vs Colby Corino vs Alex Ohlson

Winner and NEW Spotswood Champion: Corino after Kyle set up a Door on 2 floating devices, in the pool and fought with Ohlson, who was on the Pool Ladder. Ohlson kicked Kyle on to the Door and called for a 630, only for Corino to stop him and climb up, following with a Death Valley Driver, off the Ladder and on to Kyle, sending themcrashing through the door and into the water, where Corino covered for the 3. (Pretty Good. Kyle is a beast and had to fight off the attack of both men. Corino is a fun heel and wiry as fuck, Ohlson is a backyard legend and brought some wild offense.)

Deathmatch: Emanon (Jimmy Lloyd) vs G-Raver

Winner: Emanon after Raver set Emanon up, on a Door, on the bottom level of a Scaffold gimmick, he had another Door put on the top level, before climbing to the TOP OF THE FUCKING HOUSE! Raver flew off with a FUCKING INSANE Swonton Bomb, but Lloyd moved and Raver recklessly crashed through the madness. Lloyd, with his arm bleeding heavy, covered for the win. (Madness. Light Tubes! Raver used a Suicide Tope to send a bunch of Tubes crashing into Lloyd, who immediately grabbed his right biceps, which was bleeding heavy from a DEEP HOLE. Lloyd had Raver in the pool and positioned on the Ladder, before lighting his SHIRT ON FIRE and diving off with a Splash! They fought off into the distance, as Joey Janela, Kevin Gill & Nate Webb, on commentary, talked about the police showing up. Raver came running back, as Lloyd chased him in a car! Raver dove into the pool, as Lloyd crashed the car into the side of it!)

NSANE! One of the wildest wrestling shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Fite TV or SMVOD.com will have this up quickly. Look for the DVD on SmartMarkVideo.com. GOOD SHIT