GCW ‘5150: Tribute to Homicide’ (14/7/19) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From The Villain in Brooklyn, New York

Kevin Gill on commentary and Larry Legend on Ring Announcing.

1)  5150 Brooklyn Street Fight: Jimmy Lloyd vs Matt Travis w/Ken Broadway

Winner: Lloyd after rocking Travis with an Enziguri on the top, Lloyd followed with a Turnbuckle Brainbuster and then a Flipping DDT to put Travis away. (Short and fun. Travis busted out a Shooting Star Press off the Villain Van.)

2)  Philly’s Most Wanted (BLK Jeez & “The Cambodian Axe Murderer” Joker) vs The Beast Squad (KTB & Steve “Monsta” Mack)

Winners: Philly’s Most Wanted after Jeez caught KTB with a Complete Shot, Mack Speared Jeez through a Door in the corner! After some recovery, Joker blasted KTB with a Yakuza Kick and picked up a piece of the broken Door, swinging it at KTB who blocked it and took the door, swinging it at Joker, who ducked and Mack got hit over the head! Joker went for a Fireman’s Carry, but KTB escaped and put Joker down, before connecting with The Beastsault and covering for a 2. KTB gets another Door, setting it up int the corner, before pulling Mack up, only Mack and KTB start arguing, leading to Mack just walking away! Joker dumps KTB with a Cradle Suplex, allowing Jeez to fly off the top with a Frog Splash and get the pin. (Fun battle. Stiff as shit between Joker and Mack. Finish sucked, but it played into the KTB and Mack dissension. Jeez looks bad, Joker looks great!)

3)  Matthew Justice vs Eddie Kingston

Winner: Kingston after Kingston ducked a Back Elbow from Justice and used a Saito Suplex to send Justice through a Door in the corner, following with the cover, but Justice kicked out at 1! Kingston unloads with 2 VICIOUS Spinning Back Fists and covers to finally put Justice away. (Fun as hell! Intense, physical and flowed great. Both these guys!)

4)  Fatal Four Way: “Spyder” Nate Webb vs Grim Reefer vs “El Presidente” Sanchez vs Teddy Hart

Winner: Hart after Hart killed Sanchez with a Canadian Destroyer off the top, Hart threw Webb out of the ring, before using a HUGE Springboard Moonsault to keep Sanchez down for the 3. (Crazy action. Spots galore. Hart’s Springboard Moonsault is such a work of art, the height is unreal. Sanchez just died a death in this, a Fucking Top Rope Burning Hammer onto a Guardrail set up between the apron and the other guardrail.

As Hart starts to celebrate, Prince Nana comes out and interrupts! Nana promo, telling Hart that he is better than everybody in the back, including Homicide! Nana offers Hart a spot in The Embassy, Hart accepts!

5)  Suicidal Seven Way: Deranged vs Azriel vs Ophidian vs Gringo Loco vs Laredo Kid vs Ghost Shadow vs Black Zemis

Winner: Deranged after Shadow used a ridiculous Spinning Muscle Breaker to put Ophidian down, Deranged countered Shadow and got on his shoulders, spinning into a Frankensteiner and holding on for the win. (This shit got crazy! Wild ass collection of talent in this one, with everyone going hard. Deranged looked really good, I love the addition of the early -00’s East Coast stars in this shown. Laredo Kid taking that Super Frankensteiner to the floor spot is pretty surreal.)

5150 Battle Royal: Ken Broadway vs Bunch of Monster Factory Students vs Other Students vs Matt Makowski vs Bull James vs Crazy Ivan vs Young Dumb & Broke (Jordan Oliver, Ellis Taylor, Charlie Tiger & Griffin McCoy) vs The Embassy (Jimmy Rave, Papadon & Colby Corino) w/Prince Nana

Winner: Jimmy Rave

Notable Eliminations (Until I get the names of the Students, I’m sorry): 1) SHLAK & Bull James eliminated the Biggest Guy. 2) SHLAK & Bull James eliminated Crazy Ivan. 3) SHLAK eliminated all of YDNB! 4) Rave eliminated Bull James. 5) SHLAK killed Corino, 6) SHLAK eliminated Papadon. 7) Rave & The Embassy eliminate SHLAK after beating him down, fighting off Bull James’ attempt to make the save, Corino pulled a Plastic Bag over SHLAK’s face and then they all threw SHLAK over then top.

Final Four of SHLAK, Rave, Corino & Papadon

Joey Janela comes out, gets in the ring and cuts a promo, calling out “The All-Around Best” Xavier, who is sitting in the crowd. Janela talks about Xavier’s past with Low-Ki and trashes Xavier’s reputation, leading to X getting in the ring and hyping his battles with Low-Ki.

7)      ‘The Bad Boy’ Joey Janela vs ‘The Professional’ Low Ki

Winner: after Janela scored with a big Flying Elbow Drop and covered, Ki kicked out at 2, leading to Janela retrieving Chairs from under the ring and sliding in a Door, setting it up across 2 Chairs in the ring. Janela chops Ki into the corner and puts him on the top, positioning for a Super Package Piledriver, only for Ki to fight out of it and use a RIDICULOUS Super Ki Krusher to send Janela crashing through the Door and pick up the victory! (YESSSSSSS! This was fucking fantastic and exactly what you wanted from these two. Hard hitting violence from Low Ki and just madness from Joey. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

8)  Six Man Tag match: LAX (Ortiz & Santana) w/MAGIC vs LAX OG’z (“The Norotious 187” Homicide & “Super Mex” Hernandez) w/Julius Smokes

Winners: after Homicide planted Ortiz with an Ace Crusher, he fired up and hit the ropes, throwing a Lariat, which Ortiz blocked and quickly popped Homicide up into a Sit Out Powerbomb! Santana took a BIG ASS Screwdriver to Hernandez’s head, outside the ring, as Ortiz charged Homicide, who countered and PLANTED Ortiz with Da Cop Killa, quickly covering, but only getting a 2! Homicide immediately wrapped Ortiz up in The STF and forced him to Tap Out!

Ortiz gets the mic and as they all recover in the ring, The Embassy attacks all of them! Teddy Hart slowly makes his way to the ring, as Corino holds Homicide and Nana hands Hart a Chair! Hart turns on The Embassy and helps clean house! The Embassy start to get the advantage, but LAX takes control as Eddie Kingston & Grim Reefer join in! Hernandez uses The Border Toss to send Corino out of the ring and onto the rest of The Embassy, Smokes pull his whole ass out!

Everyone takes a knee in the ring, as Homicide is honored. This is a beautiful moment that means a lot to Homicide and you can tell. Being a fan of Homicide’s since 2002, I am so thankful to be able to watch this live. Low Ki gets in the ring and is given the mic, cutting a special promo on what Homicide means to him and the New York/East Coast wrestling scene. BEAUTIFUL

9)  GCW World Championship match: Nick Fucking Gage © w/Dewey Donovan vs Low Life Louie Ramos

Ramos sustained VERY DEEP cut that bleed so heavily that Louie had to wrap his head and walk to the back, under the NY State Commissioners request. Gage gets on the mic and says Louie was forced to stop wrestling and go to the back, saying the cut is very bad. Jimmy Lloyd runs out to step in Louie’s place and save this Main Event!

10)  GCW World Championship match: Nick Fucking Gage© vs Jimmy Lloyd

Gage gets on the mic and announces that he was told by the guy that runs the building to SHUT IT DOWN, but he says fuck the Police and that he will get locked up for the GCW fans.

Winner and STILL GCW World Champion: Gage after quickly planting Lloyd with a Piledriver and using a Choke Breaker to get out of the match before everyone gets arrested.

Gage apologizes for the way it had to end, swearing to god that he will make it up to the fans. Gage cuts a pissed off promo, before bringing out Homicide, honoring him and talking about Homicide visiting him in Jail.

Crazy show, GCW is the best at bringing wild ass energy, action-packed matches and a crazy diversity that is pretty specific to GCW. There are a couple of matches on here that I’ve RECOMMENDED, but the entire presentation of GCW is a non-stop party. Find it on FITE TV and also, Smart Mark Video.