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It was a cool night in Wolverhampton. Hundreds upon hundreds of avid wrestling rasslin fans coming from far and wide, ascend upon the Starworks Warehouse. The West Midland Wrestling Mecca.

Omari vs Haskins vs KLR vs Sean Kustom vs ELP vs vs Session Moth vs DAN started the nights proceedings. A match full of FCP regulars, rising stars, and major players. This match sustained a frantic pace, with all talent having highlights and a known presence in the squared circle. A brilliant choice to heat the crowd up for the rest of the show, featuring insane dives, crisp offense and aggressive throws and grapples. I almost wish it lasted longer as there were so many in the match that I am a fan of. However, all seven put on a great show to welcome us back to Wolves Wrestling Establishment.  Despite not knowing much of his work, I was incredibly impressed by Sean Kustom. The man more than held his own in ring with some extradentary talent.

Characters progressed and feuds were created, one being between the upstart and victor Omari, and Mark Haskins. From a character standpoint, Omari needed this win to regain his momentum heading straight to his rubber match with Keith Lee. Nonetheless, another fierce obstacle now stands in his way come DTTI weekend. Mark Fucking Haskins. It is certainly an enticing match up. I look forward to seeing how Omari’s character not only fares with the Man of the Hour. But also with a motivated Haskins, intent on making his way to the top of FCP.

The second match of the evening was the highly anticipated singles return of MK McKinnan vs Jordan Devlin. Having started to gradually watch the backlog of available FCP content I was instantly impressed with the MK in earlier shows. Incredibly smooth and gifted in the ring, on the mat or in the air. Since returning to the company full time at INFINITY, he has been turning heads. Both literally thanks to his rapid Tope con Hilo, and figuratively. The match was a great showcase for both men, ending with an unfortunate injury to MK after a botched Spanish Fly from the top rope. I think I speak for the Indy Corner and all the FCP fans where we wish him a speedy recovery. Beautiful Day by U2 must be played in honour of his recovery and during this trying time. The Garden awaits him. Devlin continues to have an incredible streak at the coolest UK wrestling company. To me he has become the cornerstone dastardly villain for Fight Club, and I for one couldn’t be happier for him.

Originally booked for FCP x ATTACK WRESTLEHOUSE, the third match of the night was indeed Moustache Mountain vs Team SPLX. From the entrances, to the final bell, this was an absolute treat. I always appreciate the little additions to the matches that both members of Moustache Mountain add. The Banter was at an all-time high between the four stars at the start of the match. Only for it to dissolve into a serious grappling, and striking affair as time went on. In retrospect it was a brilliant decision to place this match before the surprise match on the card. Combining the charm of Moustache Mountain, and the athletic prowess of Team SPLX, this match was a perfect precursor for the Wolves crowd for the upcoming match.

David Starr enters the Fight Factory, the mass sings and applauds the worldwide warrior. A hero’s welcome for the Jewish Cannon. He awaits a mysterious challenge.

The immense crowd eagerly anticipates Davey Wrestling’s opponent, while the man himself is bathed in the spotlight. A hushed silence falls over Starworks…

Symphony No.9 engulfs Wolverhampton and out come WALTER. The sozzled crowd became jubilant and gleeful. Only matched in the fierce emotion of Starr’s character. David Starr must challenge his final boss…once again. This time in the Fight Factory. TRAIN FIGHT WIN

The history between both men is well known. This match is quickly become the most sought-after match in all independent wrestling. Both men had incredible 2017’s, rising to new heights in demand and fanfare in independent organisations across the world. More than a wrestling match, this was a barbaric war. WALTER indeed is known for arguably the most brutal chops in wrestling today, but it was Starr who threw the first gruesome chop of the match. The WrestleHouse shook and crumbled from the intensity of the strikes.

WALTER would need to endure the AMBITION of a driven Starr.  During the match, Starr was placed on the guardrail, only to be chopped into oblivion (and the front row) by WALTER. Sending the crowd into a frenzy. Starr needed to make the long journey back into the ring to keep fighting the giant.  A wonderful exhibition of spectacle, story, and atmosphere. Go out of your way to watch this match on Vimeo or on DVD, it is worth every second of your time. This was my match of the night, in a stacked card with a determined roster.

We were welcomed back from intermission with a star-studded faceoff between WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne vs. SuperBro Matt Riddle. With a lifetime of grappling and mat based knowledge between them, they certainly put it on display here. A difficult spot to be placed in for both men, after the magnanimous match that took place before the interval. Both warriors rose to the occasion. The Bruiserweight and the Bro managed to put out a serviceable match with all their classic spots, reheating the crowd for the rest of the action to come. With that, they certainly succeeded.

Jonah Rock is an international sensation. His current run in PWG has been remarkable, and has placed him firmly on the map as an independent prodigy. Having a successful run in Pro Wrestling NOAH starting in 2013, the man was built for success. He made his UK wrestling debut at Tribute with FCP mainstay Travis Banks, making The South Pacific Serial Killers. Going against the always game and ready Aussie Open. Tag team moves were a plenty in this match, creating suspenseful nearfalls and spots. All four men looked great in this action-packed match, and I felt it was booked in a way that had everyone used effectively. Keeping the crowd awake and ready for a newsworthy main event to come.

It was nearing midnight at the Zaki and Seven’s Warehouse of Tomfoolery. It was time for the main event. Millie McKenzie vs Chris Brookes for the Fight Club: Pro World Championship. Up until this point it had been a long night, filled to the brim with action and emotion. The crowd was showing signs of fatigue come the second half. Which only speaks to the quality of the performers and the story told in this match. Both wrestlers played their parts perfectly. Millie as a dangerous underdog, and Brookes as an arrogant villain. Shenanigans aplenty, with a Dusty Finish for Millie. Although controversial, I feel it will only strengthen the resolve of Millie’s character. As well as the fans catharsis of when she finally holds the belt high in the future. However, Brookes isn’t out of the woods yet. As announced by Zaki he will go one on one with Meiko Satomura at Night 1 or 2 of Dream Tag Team Invitational weekend. With his treasured championship on the line. Facing quite possibly his deadliest challenge yet.

Fight Club comes roaring into Dream Tag Team Invitational this year with interesting character development and progression, a motivated roster/crew, and a loyal fanbase.  Tribute, to me, delivered in spades in a variety of matches. All offering a something different to the last. There is no wrong answer for Match of the Night here, but personally David Starr vs WALTER is a MUST to hunt down above all else. Like every time they have faced each other in the past, you owe it to yourself to watch another chapter in this multi promotion spanning feud.

A TRIBUTE TO FRANCOIS TREBEC is now available on Vimeo through the official FC:P Vimeo channel. It is also available on DVD through the FC:P Big Cartel, for the more traditional collectors like myself.

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