EVOLVE 131 (13/7/19) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From The 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1)  Josh Briggs vs “Retro” Anthony Greene w/Brandi Lauren

The Referee caught Brandi holding on to Briggs’ legs, causing her to be thrown out and Greene to get the advantage. As the Referee turned his attention back, Greene used a Victory Roll off the top to get a 2, before connecting with consecutive Basement Superkicks, until Briggs cut him off with Go To Hell! Briggs hooked for The M5, but Greene fought back continuously, until Briggs used The M6 to pick up the victory. (Long battle. This was solid.)

2)  Four Way Freestyle: “The Unwanted Savage” Sean Maluta vs Curt Stallion vs “The Lone Wolf” Stephen Wolf vs Harlem Bravado

Winner: Wolf after Harlem planted Curt with a Sit Out Butterfly Facebuster, Wolf immediately connected with a Shooting Star Press on Harlem and covered for the 3.

3)  Arturo Ruas vs Anthony Henry

Winner: Ruas after Henry scored with a Flying Double Stomp to Arturo’s back, Henry followed with a Run Up Tornado DDT, before going to the top and connecting with a Double Stomp, dropping into the cover, but Ruas kicked out. Henry quickly transitioned into an Ankle Lock, battling for control, until Arturo took him down in a Knee Bar, they came to a stalemate on the ground and started exchanging HARD Slaps to the face. They get to their feet and traded BOMBS in the middle of the ring, Henry gets the advantage and gains some distance, before Ruas KNOCKS HIM OUT with a sick Spin Kick and covers for the 3.

4)  No Disqualification match: “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart vs Brandi Lauren

Winner: Lauren after Blackheart set Lauren up on a 5 unfolded Chair setup on the floor and slid back in the ring, hyping up the crowd, before hitting the ropes, only for “Retro” Anthony Greene to run out and get on the apron, Shotzi ran through him with a Big Boot, knocking Green onto Brandi. Shotzi hit the ropes and flew out with a Suicide Dive, only for Greene & Lauren to move and Shotzi to CRASH INTO THE CHAIRS! Greene helped Brandi roll Shotzi back into the ring and pin, but she kicked out! Greene handed Lauren a Kendo Stick, before Curt Stallion ran out to fight Greene to the back, Lauren unloaded with multiple Kendo Stick shots to Shotzi and covered for the win. (Shotzi’s a star!)

5)  ‘The Unwanted Son’ Colby Corino w/Sean Maluta vs Babatunde

Winner: Babatunde after crushing Colby with a Running Avalanche in the corner, Babatunde dropped Corino with a BIG Overhand Chop to the chest, before hitting the ropes for a LARGE Jumping Elbow Drop and following with a Big Splash to get the pin.

EVOLVE Tag Team Champions The Unwanted (Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy) comes out, interrupting Babatunde’s celebration. Kingston cuts a promo, talking about their hard road to earn their spot, while bashing the NXT Performance Center. As they continue to bury Babatunde, The Skulk come out and AR Fox & Leon Ruff hit the ring!

6)  EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Relaxed Rules match: The Unwanted (“The Unwanted King” Eddie Kingston & “The Unwanted Maniac” Joe Gacy)© vs The Skulk (AR Fox & Leon Ruff) w/The Skulk

Winners and NEW EVOLVE Tag Team Champions: Skulk after Ruff and Kingston battled on the top, Gacy started sliding into the ring, only for Fox to fly Coast to Coast and Dropkick Gacy back to the floor, next to a Table. Ruff used the distraction to take Kingston off the top with The Ruff Ride (Top Rope Crucifix Driver), before hitting the ropes and using a RIDICULOUS Flying Tope over the corner and onto Gacy, putting him through the table, just as Fox flew off the top with a 450 Splash to Kingston and covered for the 3! (WOW! This was awesome, non-stop, high octane professional wrestling.)

7)  Catch Point Reunion: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak vs ‘The Original Bro’ Matt Riddle

Team Catch Point (including Rory Gulak) comes out and circles the ring, doing shuffle switches and yelling out “Catch Point.”

Winner: Riddle after using a RIDICULOUS Rope Balance German Suplex, bringing Gulak in from the apron and over the top, before going to the top and flying off with a Turning Senton, which Gulak countered by locking in The GuLock! Gulak wrenched in the hold, as Riddle struggled and fought and eventually rolled over, powering Gulak up and into The Bro Derek, allowing Riddle to cover for the 3. (BANGER! This was an absolute classic between these two. Grappling, BIG strikes, big moves, meaningful attention to detail and just 2 of the best wresters in the world. AWESOME. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Gulak cuts a promo, talking about watch Catch Point is built on and mentions respect. Gulak talks about being the WWE Cruiserweight Champion in the middle of the an EVOLVE ring and tells Riddle that he respects him.)

Bryan Idol is brought to the ring to be Ring Announcer, but cannot get out a word, coughing as he started, before the lights went out! When they came back on, Paul Heyman was standing in the middle of the ECW Arena, back in the ring and the fans absolutely lost their shit. Heyman talks about wanting to be here for this, the feeling, the energy, the future of wrestling. He said he wants to be the Ring Announcer for this next match.

8)  Winner Takes All: EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory vs WWN Champion JD Drake

Winner and NEW WWN Champion: Austin Theory after Drake caught Theory with a Stunner (AMAZING SELL), he quickly followed with a HUGE Cannonball in the corner and then the Drill Bit, before covering, but Theory kicked out! Drake made his way to the top and flew off with a Moonsault, holding on, for ANOTHER 2! Both men were down, the crowd was buzzing, they crawled to their knees and traded strikes in the middle of the ring, before Theory got the advantage after catching Drake with a back elbow and then a Superkick and went for Ataxia, somehow Drake landed on his feet and blasted Theory with a Lariat, before going back to the top and flying off with a Moonsault, which Theory dodged and quickly followed with a flurry of Superkicks and Ataxia (Pump Handle Powerbomb hold into a Spinning Facebuster) to get the big win. (This was great. Drake is a hoss that can go with just about anybody, great gas tanks, big shots, flies around, a lot of fun. Theory is so close to being on television every week, incredible look, dope moveset and swag like a motherfucker. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Theory gets on the mic and cuts a promo, putting himself over as the measuring stick of EVOLVE. The lights go out and when they come back on, Josh Briggs is standing behind Theory. Austin turns and Briggs Chokeslams him, before picking up the EVOLVE Title and posing with it.

9)  NXT Championship match: Adam Cole © vs Akira Tozawa

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Cole after Cole got to the point of frustration that he retrieved his NXT Title and threatened to hit Tozawa, only for Johnny Gargano to come out and distract Cole, allowing Tozawa to use a quick School Boy for 2. Tozawa followed with a Snap German Suplex and then attempted a Dead Lift German Suplex, only Cole escaped, but Tozawa nailed him with a Rolling Solebutt and attempted a Cyclone Kick, which Cole dodged and looked to follow up, but Akira countered and connected with a Cyclone Kick, positioning Cole for Tozawa to go to the top and fly off with a Back Senton, only Cole got his knees up. Cole pulled himself up in the corner, as Akira staggered to his feet, before hitting The Panama Sunrise and following with The Last Call and the pin. (Damn good.)

Gargano gets in the ring and goes face to face with Cole, Cole bails and then Gargano cuts a promo, putting over Tozawa and then the EVOLVE crowd and wrestling.