CZW ‘Sacrifices’ (13/5/17) Review

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A new era of CZW, as this is the first CZW show with Sami Callihan taking over booking and is the last stop before the 16th annual Tournament of Death!

The Dub Boys vs. The Private Party

The match started with both teams and the ref taking a shot each. There were some nice tag team maneuvers including the Dub Boys Powerbombing the Private Party into each other.

The match ended up being a really fun but quick opening match.


CZW Wired Title Match: Johnny Yuma (c) vs. Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

Before the match Feinstein says he’s done with his girlfriend Maria Manic who slaps him and leaves the ring.

This was MJFs first proper match on a main CZW show, and I was very impressed. I didn’t expect to see him do a moonsault dive over the top rope. This match had a few cool sequences and nice back and forth action. Feinstein wins the match by hitting what I would describe as a rocking piledriver
This was a good enjoyable match, but I thought it was really too short and could of been 5-10 minutes longer.

Even though Yuma lost the title I hope we continue to see him in CZW as since he no longer wrestles for PWG he doesn’t seem to be wrestling for many big companies.


David Starr vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

This was a great back and forth match. Usually i’m not the biggest fan of technical wrestling but this match had a nice blend of technical wrestling, strong style and near falls, and really kept my attention.


Sami Callihan vs. Shane Strickland

Was a great match with strikes and flips, just as you’d expect to see from Callihan and Strickland.
Overall was a good fun wrestling match.


After the match Ace Austin made his way to the ring, under the name Ace Austin Shakespeare but got his face kicked in by Callihan and Strickland. Next SHLAK and Dan O’hare made their way down to the ring with a door and were planning to drive Ace through it but were then stopped by G-raver & Stockade. This broke out in a brawl around the ring where SHLAK annihilated Stockade and Raver. I thought this was originally suppose to be an actual match but that didn’t happen. Then Masdas music hit, making his return to CZW and his 1st appearance since TOD 15. Masada and SHLAK had a stare down and Masada hyped up their match at TOD and called SHLAK a pussy and a few other insults. Overall a good segment and it’s great to see Masada back in the Combat Zone.

CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Joe Gacy (c) vs. Lio Rush

Both guys came down to the ring with big entrances which gave this match a really big fight feel.
The matches started with wrestling around the ring. Rush then pulled out a sledgehammer and Gacy pulled out some sharp object on a stick (I don’t quite know what it was). Neither man was successfully able to make any contact with the weapons. Then Gacy speared Rush through a table leaning against a barricade.

The match got back to the ring where Rush back dropped Gacy through a ladder. Rush then got a cinder block a sledgehammer and tried to smash Gacys head into the cinder block with the sledgehammer, Gacy managed to get out of the way stapled Rush in the nuts a few times a hit a samoan driver, but Rush kicked out.

Gacy went to hit a big boot on Rush but hit the ref instead. Rush then hit a Spanish Fly on Gacy and another referee ran down to the ring to count the fall, but as it was the same referee that cost Rush the title at Decisions, Rush hit him with a low blow.
Gacy and Rush then began fighting on the apron, where Rush hit a Spanish Fly off the apron through a table. Rush then put Gacy on a table outside the ring and Frog Splashed him through it. When both guy made it back to the ring Gacy hit 2 powerbombs onto some Legos and locked in the Rings of Terror. Rush managed to roll out of the submission and defeated Gacy with a roll up with his feet on the ropes.

This was a good match. It had good spots and told a good story, but in my opinion didn’t feature that much great wrestling. Still a good match though.


Next there was an in ring confrontation between Danny Havoc & Devon Moore. Havoc is then attacked by Drew Blood but is stopped by Conor Claxton. Danny Havoc then challenges Moore and Blood to a match at TOD with Claxton. Moore and Blood accept but Claxton declines. Havoc declares that he doesn’t care if he has a partner for that match or not.

Steel Cage Match: Joey Janela vs. Matthew Tremont

The first big move of the match was an avalanche powerbomb by Tremont onto a pile of chairs followed by a pinfall but Janela kicks out. Janela opens up Tremonts head with some chair shots and by throwing him into the cage.

Tremont sets up a barbed wire board in the corner but gets sent through it by Janela. Janela then puts the board on top of Tremont and hits a moonsault. Stockade and G-raver come down to the ring to help Tremont but are stopped by SHLAK, Dan O’Hare & Jeff Cannonball.

Janela then sends Tremont through a pane of glass in the corner, just like Tremont did to Janela back at Cage of Death in December. Janela then lays Tremont on a table and hits a senton bomb from the top of the cage. Tremont eventually wins the match with 2 powerbombs onto thumbtacks.

After the match Janelas says that he’s done and he quits, and then leaves the ring. Janelas girlfriend Penelope Ford then walks to the back by herself and is then greeted by Maxwell Jacob Feinstein.

Overall this was a pretty good match to end (I assume) the Tremont/Janela feud, and looks like start of a Janela/Feinstein feud.


This was another great enjoyable show by CZW. Next stop Tournament of Death!

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