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Kyle O Reilly vs Roderick Strong PWG Black Cole Sun 2014

The story of Black Cole Sun begins at the location of one of Kyle O’ Reilly’s greatest triumphs in professional wrestling: For 538 days, Adam Cole and Mount Rushmore held dominion over Reseda. Any time Cole’s championship reign was in trouble, the Young Bucks came running to his aid to save the day. If the Young Bucks did not provide the required assistance, out comes Kevin Steen to help fend off any potential challengers. Cole sat atop the mountain and if you wanted to get to him, you had to first go through the Young Bucks and Kevin Steen. Then along came Kyle O Reilly, former tag team partner of Adam Cole, and he just wouldn’t quit. In their first encounter at PWG Matt Rushmore, Adam Cole got the best of O Reilly thanks to interference by Kevin Steen, who arrived to deliver a package pile driver to O Reilly before Adam Cole, ever the opportunist, took advantage to pick up the victory.

At PWG Sold Our Soul to Rock ‘n Roll, O Reilly received another opportunity to challenge Adam Cole for the title but this time with the stipulation that the match could only end via submission or knockout- a stipulation that very much suited the challenger. After successfully fending off interference from the Young Bucks, Kyle O Reilly made his former tag-team partner tap out in the centre of the ring with the triangle sleeper. A new champion was crowned and all was well in Reseda.

Fast forward a couple of months and a familiar face to fans of PWG was gathering a lot of momentum in precisely the opposite manner Kyle O Reilly had. Roderick Strong, forever the bridesmaid and never the bride, had had enough of playing second fiddle to the eclectic ensemble of stars in PWG that outshone him through the years. Despite consistently making appearances at PWG for nearly ten years, Strong felt he was not getting the reaction or the respect he deserved from the fans and, after defeating former PWG World Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole in a number one contender match, became number one contender for Kyle O Reilly’s championship much to the disapproval of the Reseda faithful. After months of acting like a spoilt teenager to get what he wanted, Strong had finally earned a shot at O Reilly’s title.

After defeating 2014 BOLA winner Ricochet earlier in the night, streamers filled the ring as Kyle O Reilly grabbed the mic to address the adoring fans after another successful title defence but Roderick Strong had other ideas, determined to not let O Reilly have what he wanted; the adoration and respect of the fans.

Before O Reilly had the opportunity to address the audience, Roderick Strong appeared from behind the curtain to deliver the cheapest of cheap shots to the champion fresh of a twenty minute plus title defence against Ricochet. Strong demanded a title shot or promised to destroy O Reilly. Roddy decides enough is enough and starts the beat down but somehow O Reilly manages to fend him off, sending Strong scurrying back behind the curtain.

Motivated by the true pride of a champion, O Reilly informed Roddy that he is going to kicks his ass so hard his shitty little boots will come flying off and that if the two are going to have a match it must be under one condition: Guerilla Warfare.

Strong wastes no time in returning to the ring, landing a few punches before O Reilly hits a dropkick sending Strong to the outside. Strong is able to take advantage of O Reilly’s fatigued state, sending him shoulder first into the ring post. While O Reilly recovers on the floor of the American Legion Hall, Strong heads to the back to collect a trash can, emptying its contents-a steel chain-to the floor. O Reilly recovers, landing chop after chop forcing Strong onto a chair. O Reilly smashes Strong with the trash can a couple of times before delivering a running double knee forcing the trash can into Roddy’s face!

O Reilly releases a cross arm breaker on the ropes and battles Strong on the ring apron before Roddy gains the upper hand, driving O Reilly’s back on to the ring apron. Chants of “shitty little boots” echo around the arena only agitating the challenger further.

Roddy sets up a chair in the centre of the ring, lifting O Reilly’s flaccid body and sitting him on it. O Reilly broke free before landing several kicks to regain the momentum. Much to the delight of the fans, O Reilly heads underneath the arena searching for a table which he places outside of the ring. As Roddy stumbles to his feet, O Reilly hunts him down with some stiff chops before delivering another drop kick.

Strong manages to regain control by delivering O Reilly face first through the steel chair before loosening the top rope, pausing for a moment to deliver another back breaker before Roddy takes umbrage at one particular fan, feigning to kick him. Finally, Strong succeeds in untying the top rope which falls to the ground-using it as a weapon to choke out the champion. Strong takes a break from choking out O Reilly to stomp him down further, picking him up to deliver an Olympic slam and powerbomb in quick succession but O Reilly kicks out at 2!

Shocked, Strong applies Strong Hold- O Reilly manages to counter in to an ankle lock before Strong manages to escape by kicking the champion in the face. O Reilly doesn’t give Strong room to breathe, delivering a dragon screw neck whip before applying the ankle lock again!

Strong slips out of the hold losing his shitty little boot in the process- Roddy hits a spinning forearm smash, followed up by a sick kick for a near fall. The fan’s attention transfers from Strong’s shitty little boots to his shitty little foot. Strong, after setting up four chairs facing inwards, lifts the champion to his feet looking for End of Heartache on the chair but O Reilly reverses, sending Roddy crashing through the chairs with a devastating brain buster!

As soon Strong kicks out, O Reilly locks in the cross arm breaker. Roddy desperately tries to keep his arms together to negate the pressure but O Reilly simply switches arms and applies the hold with added vigour right in the centre of the ring before Strong wildly kicks O Reilly in the face to break the hold.

The fight-no longer can this be called a wrestling match- drifts over to the ring apron, the two men brawl on the apron before Roddy delivers a vertical suplex sending both men crashing through the table! The fans show their appreciation as somehow both men rise to their feet and head back to the ring animated only by the desire to win, the desire to be champion. The two trade blow after blow in the centre of the ring before O Reilly delivers a second brainbuster! O Reilly picks up the chain, wrapping it around the challenger’s neck, stomping on his chest before locking in the triangle sleeper with the assistance of the chain! Surely he can’t escape- low blow by Roddy to the referee, ensuring that if he does tap no one will be able to call for the bell.

O Reilly breaks the hold but Roddy delivers a low blow to the champion sending him crashing to the mat. O Reilly and Strong trade blows again in the centre of the ring before Roddy lands a jumping knee, then a second, then a third followed by the End of Heartache! Strong, not wasting any time, stumbles to his feet to set up the four chairs again. End of Heartache through the chairs! O Reilly has nothing left as Strong applies the Strong Hold- O Reilly taps out as one solitary black streamer flies through the air before plummeting to the floor.

PWG has a new world champion and his name is Roderick Strong much to the disgust of the audience in attendance. Resounding chants of ‘shitty little champ’ reverberate around American Legion Hall.

Now that he is champ, Roddy begins, he can finally say “fuck every single one of you motherfuckers”.

Since that moment, Roderick Strong’s run as PWG Champion has been one of the best things in professional wrestling in 2015. PWG fans often find heel antics funny but they do not find Roderick Strong funny, which testifies to his ability as a heel. Not only has he acted despicably, but he has put on some incredible matches against the likes of Zack Sabre Jr., Speedball Mike Bailey, Chris Hero and Brian Cage, getting booed every step of the way.

Unfortunately, O Reilly would never get his rematch for the title but 2016 promises to be a huge year for him as he looks set to feature more prominently in ROH.

Highlights of the match can be found HERE

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