CHIKARA: King of Trios 2014 Night 1 Review

Added by Justin Slonaker

Gavin Loudspeaker comes out to a huge pop! Waltman and Quack are introduced as the announcers for the show.

Bloc Party vs. Team UK

A decent opener to the evening. Things started off slow and with some comedy from the Bloc Party. Prakash did the Waltman move set which got a big pop with him on commentary. A nice little sprint towards the end with Andrews of Team UK hitting a big flip to the outside and hitting a perfect Shooting Star Press for the win. Andrews was the most impressive of Team UK. Hoping they get a better match up for Night 2, maybe against Gekido.

Gekido vs. KE4TPG

Match of the match as for as in-ring work. Princess Kimber Lee might have been the highlight of the show for me. She had a great stretch with The Shard. Along with some great in-ring action, you had the issue of Jigsaw/Jolly Roger throughout the match where Jig was conflicted about fighting his brother. Jigsaw eventually made Jolly Roger tap to an arm submission. Jolly Roger sold the shoulder after the match and told Jigsaw “You’re not my brother!” Great action in the ring with an advancement of the story of Jigsaw being frustrated with The Shard &17.

The Spirit Squad vs. Sinn Bodhi & his Odditorium

I wasn’t expecting much from this one but it was better than I hoped. Fans were popping for Spirit Squad and their cheers. Spirit Squad showed some definite ring rust in the first couple minutes with a couple awkward spots with Grimsley. Spirit Squad picked up the win. Pretty short and safe match. No big spots but decent enough. Spirit Squad did another cheer after the match to the crowd’s request. I’m assuming their weekend will end tomorrow night but cool for nostalgia purposes.

The Flood Elite Vs. Spectral Envoy

I was definitely looking forward to this one going in. It was good but at times there was almost too much going on to follow. Both teams started off brawling on my side of the ring which was pretty awesome. Kingston and Hallowicked had some good work together. Vulgar was decent. I wasn’t sure how well he was going to keep up with the Envoy. The Flood also had Snow Troll chained up at ringside. Deucalion and Delirious came out at the end to distract the Envoy allowing The Flood to pick up the win. I honestly missed the finish as I mentioned there was so much going on.

Devastation Corporation Vs. Team Extravaganza

I expected more out of this one to be honest. Don’t really have too much good to say about this one. It was pretty obvious going in DC was going over but just didn’t connect. Botched top rope finish by DC made what was a below average match seem that much more bad.

3 Peck 0 Vs. Team BDK Cubed

Another dud. Might have been worse than the previous match. There was some storyline development after the match with Nokken hitting his finish on Ares and Dr. Cube revealing himself to be Jakob. Fast forward material.

The Golden Trio Vs. LAX

After a slow start to the second half, things got going again with this one. Back and forth action throughout with both teams controlling for several stretches. Hernandez and Chavo looked better than I expected. Icarus didn’t work too much of the match but hit a big moonsault to the floor at the end to let Dasher and Mr. Touchdown hit their finisher for the win. Really enjoyed this one! Chavo took the mic and praised Chikara. “It’s great to see independent wrestling so alive!” he said to a big pop from the crowd. Both teams shook hands after the match. Definitely made up for the two previous duds.
The Green Horn Milita comes out with Kid Cyclone calling out Deucalion. Calls him a coward, etc. Hallowicked comes out and they walk to the back. Pretty anti-climatic but I’m sure it’s leading to something happening at Night 2/3.

The Colony Vs. The CXF

Another match I was excited for going in that delivered. Great in-ring work from both teams throughout. I felt Missle Assault Ant really worked hard last night. Worker Ant was knocked out early and taken to the back after selling the knee but came back at the end to help. Some big spots at the end! The Colony hit the The Ant Hill for the finish. A great way to wrap up the show!

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