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Hello again Indy Corner readers, I’m coming to you from Wales today to give you my review on HOPE Wrestling 24 : We’ll Bring The Matches And We’ll Start A Fire.

This show was at the Forest Town Welfare Club in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. I was added to the card last minute which pleased the Workin’ Man, however this show also featured ICW star Jack Jester and top UK stars such as Paul Malen, Joseph Conners, Martin Kirby and many more….. The first match of the night featured LJ Heron vs the debuting Blake. Blake showed his toughness and resiliency against Heron, Blake hit Heron with everything he had and came close with the 3 count on numerous occasions. Unfortunately due to outside interference from Harvey Dale, Heron capitalised on a distracted Blake to pick up the win.

Next up featured ‘The Prodigy’ Paul Malen vs Chris Tyler in a rematch from HOPE 23, this was one I was looking forward to watching and it certainly lived up to the hype, Malen used his experience yet again to keep Tyler grounded, Tyler took control of the match and brought the fight to Malen. But yet again Malen had Tyler pinned and had him tapping out in this contest. Unfortunately Tyler’s Dad Rainz was the difference maker as a distraction cost Malen the match, Tyler walking out victorious, but more importantly Tyler now heads into the HOPE title 6 way at the Super Show in July.

Up next saw one of the UK’s best in El Ligero take on the youngster HC Dyer. This was a very good match back and forth from both competitors with Ligero showing why he is one of the UK’s best by coming out victorious.

Up next was a HOPE Title qualification match with T-Bone vs Joseph Conners. This heavyweight contest was fantastic. Conners was ready for this and T-Bone just wanted to fight which made a quality match. The started off with some great wrestling from both competitors, however as Bone was ready to take off Conners head with a massive clothesline, Conners moved out the way at the last minute, unfortunately the ref got in the way and took the line from Bone. Queue the lights ! Once again 6 masked men hit the ring ready to destroy someone ! This time it was T-Bone, even this heavyweight couldn’t keep up to the numbers game. Bone did fight back and did what someone had never done before, he unmasked one of the men revealing it to be Roughouse Stevie Mitchell !!!. The group were quick to react as two of its members double spine busted Bone, whilst the others tried to cover up Mitchell’s face. With all this going on, Conners took advantage and took the pin fall advancing to the tournament final. Conners looked more righteous towards the end as he shoved ring announcer Gregory to the floor and punched referee Craig. Stay tuned…….

Up next was the last Title tournament qualifier which saw ICW star Jack Jester take on Joey Hayes, this match went back and forth and out into crowd ! After a hard fought match jester hit the tombstone pile driver and covered Hayes for the win sending Jester into the finals.

Up next saw the debuting White Tiger take on yours truly. In the early stages of this match I brought the fight to tiger catching him off guard by jumping him from behind haha, however the newcomer outsmarted me with a flurry of moves causing me to vacate the ring area, Tiger decided to follow which lead to him being taken out by the Workin’ Man, tiger hit me with everything he had and he put up one hell of a fight, however a single mistake by him allowed me to apply the clocking out submission ! Tiger tapped and the referee raised my hand in victory. I will say this, tiger whenever you want a rematch your’e on !

In the main event Martin Kirby took on Ryan Smile. This was a really good match, Kirby although a villain was being cheered by the fans and Smile being the good guy was being booed. As the crowd got more and more behind Kirby the more Smile brought his a game to this contest. After a flurry of near falls and even a missed frogsplash from Smile. Kirby went to hit his finisher but Smile had it scouted and rolled up Kirby for the win.

All in all another great show by HOPE Wrestling, great crowd, great debutants and great matches, even a victory for yours truly ! That’s 2 wins in a row for those who are counting!

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Once again cheers for reading ! I’m off before I miss last orders at the bar. Cheers


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