Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory – Episode 9”

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From The Electric Haze in Worcester, Massachusetts, May 29th 2019

 Another All Killer, No Filler night on IndependentWrestling.Tv!

 1) Nick Fucking Gage vs Jay Freddie

Winner: Gage after stopping Freddie’s momentum with a Piledriver, Gage held on and rolled Freddie to his feet, where he followed with The Chokebreaker and the pin. (Bad ass little match here! Freddie brought the fight to Gage and was really fucking crisp with his delivery. Gage hit his spots timely and really took a beating from Freddie, at times. Gage keeps rolling in Beyond!)

Gage cuts a promo, without a microphone, putting over Beyond Wrestling and Freddie!

2) Discovery Gauntlet: “The Ovaltine Dream” Thomas Santell vs DL Hurst

Winner: Santell after Santell fought his way to the top, taking Hurst off with a Super Butterfly Suplex, Thomas crawled to the cover, as DL rolled out of the ring! After a little recovery, Thomas went to the ropes, were DL poked his eyes, slid in to the ring and scored with a Death Valley Driver, covering for a 2. Hurst picked Thomas up and scored with a Spinning Brainbuster, covering, but Santell kicked out at 1. Santell fired up and they traded shots in the middle of the ring, until DL rocked Thomas with a Spinning Elbow to the face, followed with a Pump Knee to the face and then a PSYCHO DRIVER, following with the cover, but Thomas kicked out! DL climbed up top and flew off with a Moonsault, which Santell dodged and followed with a German Suplex! Santell fired up, blasted DL with a Lariat, followed with a Fisherman’s Suplex, which Santell locked to combo up with, only DL rolled a Prawn Hold for a 2!  They battled back up, with DL going for a waist-lift, but Thomas countered into The Sugar Free Hold, forcing DL to TAP OUT! (Dope!

Ken Doane comes down to the ring, bad mouthing the fans and then sliding into the ring, getting into the face of Santell, telling him he’s nothing. Doane laid out Cam Zigami, who came down to interview Santell, leading to the Referees throwing him out!

3) Davienne w/Skylar vs Allie Kat

 Winner: Davienne after Davienne caught Kat with a Big Boot, Back Fist and then a German Suplex, before covering for a 2, Davienne pulled Kat up and lifted her to the top, following up and hooking for a Superplex, but Kat started fighting out of it, Headbutting Davienne to the mat, but taking too much time before flying off with a Back Senton, which Davienne avoided and then used a Fisherman’s Buster to get a close 2! Davienne unloaded with hard elbows, but Kat fired up, leading to Davienne going for a Pop-Up, which Kat countered with a Headbutt and both went down. Solo Darling ran down and attacked Skylar, as Kat tripped up Davienne, before hitting The LariKat and covering for the 3. (Good match! Kat was immediately over to this crowd and put on one hell of a match against the rougher, tougher Davienne. Davienne brought a brutal striking and throwing style and I was all for this match!)

4) Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs 2 Infinity & Beyond (Cheech Hernandez & Colin Delaney)

Winners: Bear Country after Bronson leveled Delaney with a Lariat, he countered Cheech and used a Package Piledriver, driving Cheech onto Delaney! Bronson went to the top, allowing Beefcake to lift him for a Electric Chair Drop onto both Cheech & Colin and covered for the 3! (REALLY GOOD!)

5) VSK vs Dorian Graves

Highlights from Lethal Lottery are shown, with VSK cutting a promo on Graves holding him back all of the years in the Massage NV tag team. VSK says that he will get rid of Dorian in Beyond,

Winner: VSK after VSK nailed Graves with a Running European Uppercut, followed by a Running Boot, which he ran into Referee Kevin Quinn during and stopped to admonish the Ref, before dumping Graves with a German Suplex and covering for a 2. VSK pulled Graves into a Fireman’s Carry, but Graves escaped and hit a boot, before hitting the ropes, only for VSK to score with a Spanish Fly and cover for a 2, immediately DESTROYING Graves with a Superkick after and covering for a CLOSE 2! VSK pulled Graves up, talking shit and slapping his face, leading to Graves exploding with a Spinning Fisherman’s Driver for a 2! Graves looked to follow up, pulling VSK up in a Cradle, only for VSK to pull of GRAVES’ MASK and then using a Folding Pin for the 3! (AWESOME!

6) Chuck O’Neil vs Anthony Greene

Greene sends The Platinum Hunnies to the back!

Winner: O’Neil after Greene blasted O’Neil with a Superkick, only for Chuck to fly back with a Jumping Knee Strike to the face and look for The Michinoku Driver, which Greene escaped and used a School Boy, getting a 2, when O’Neil countered into The Cross Arm Breaker, forcing Greene to Tap Out. (Really Good!)

O’Neil starts to leave, but turns back and attacks Greene, while calling out Josh Briggs, which bring Briggs down from commentary to save his friend. Briggs lays out a challenge to O’Neil, for next week!

7) “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson vs MLW World Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Lawlor coming out to New Kids on the Block and rocking the crowd is great!

Winner: Dickinson after Dickinson countered out of a Rear Naked Choke with a Backdrop Driver, Dickinson fired up and pulled Lawlore in for The Pazuzu Bomb, but Lawlor took advantage of the weakened arm and counted Dickinson into a RIDICULOUS Hammerlock swing-through Driver, covering for a close 2! Lawlor laid in a heavy Chop to Dickinson, who fired up, Lawlor scored with another Chop, Dickinson continued to fire up, Lawlor with another chop and a series of Slaps, leading to a big strike exchange between the 2. Lawlor leveled Dickinson with a Lariat, but Dickinson got up and hit an Enziguri to the back of his head, before hitting the ropes for a big Lariat and the cover, but Lawlor kicked out at 1! Filthy fired up to his feet, where Dickinson UNLOADED with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick to the head and covered, for another 2! Lawlor and Dickinson trade desperation strikes, until Dickinson rocked Lawlor and followed with a Hurricane Kick, dropping Lawlor and finally putting his shoulders down for the 3! (FUCKING GREAT! These guys tested each other with big strikes, fun transitions and a test of will. Dickinson is really the Ace of Beyond Wrestling and brings the big fight feel to his matches. Another mountain climbed, as he prepares for Daisuke Sekimoto at Americanrana! Lawlor is great, from Hanging Tough and rocking the crowd, to unique submissions and new twists to his moves. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)


Chris Dickinson vs Tow Lawlor

Chuck O’Neil vs Anthony Greene

Thomas Santell vs DL Hurst

But, this whole show was solid and not a let down throughout the card!