Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory – Episode 8”

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From Electric Haze in Worcester, Massachusetts, May 22nd 2019

1) Solo Darling vs Skylar

Winner: Skylar after Solo put Skylar down with a Pump Handle Slam and locked in The Sugar Stinger, Skylar used the Referee’s hand to tap the mat, causing Solo to release the hold in confusion. Skylar rolled Solo up with a School Girl and got her feet on the ropes for the victory. (Really Good!)

Solo continues to be the ace of the Beyond women and a force to be reckon with throughout the Beyond roster. Great battle from these two, including 2 pretty gnarly apron bumps. Crowd loves Solo and Skylar read that early, getting extra aggressive and taking little shortcuts that got the crowd even more into the match.

Cam Zigami interviews Jaxon Stone about facing Thomas Santell in the Discovery Gauntlet.

2) Discovery Gauntlet: Thomas Santell vs Jaxon Stone

Winner: after Stone kicked out of a Small Package, he caught Santell with a Big Boot and followed with Ooshi Garoshi and the cover, but Santell kicked out! Stone pulled Santell up and hokked for the Chokesbreaker, but Santell blocked, countered out and took Stone down with The Sugar-Free Hold, forcing the Tap Out! (REALLY GOOD! Santell Rocks!)

Jaxon used his power to his advantage, offsetting the mastery of groundwork from Santell. Stone big, tall and athletic, with some really cool looking stuff. Santell is becoming the MVP of Uncharted Territory, with the crowd just eating out of the palm of his hand and the impressive string of victories. Really, really great heat for this one. Loved it!

As Santell is leaving the ringside area, Nick FUCKING Gage’s music hits and the leader of the MDK gang hits the ring! Gage cuts a promo on being back in Beyond and wanting Josh Briggs, saying he heard Briggs is a little hurt, calls him a “Fucking Pussy” and challenges him to a fight! Briggs leaves commentary and the fight is on!

3)  Nick FUCKING Gage vs Josh Briggs

 Winner: Gage after catching a Big Boot from Josh, which Gage swung into Briggs’ bad leg and immediately followed with The Chokebreaker and the pin.

They played heavy to Briggs’ injured hip. Briggs slipped off the middle turnbuckle, with the hip giving out and Gage was like a shark for the rest of the match. Briggs had some fire-up moments, but Gage just ate him up. Looking forward to a full-strength rematch, which should be a war.

4) Ophidian vs The Whisper

Winner: after Ophidian scored with a big Twisting Enziguri, he immediately locked in The Ophidian Death Lock, forcing Whisper to Tap Out.

Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) come out, unannounced. Watts is on the mic, cutting a promo on the crowd, saying they should be ashamed for cheering for a team like The Beaver Boys. They lay out and Open Challenge!

5) Milk Chocolate (“The Shred God” Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) vs The Platinum Hunnies (Angel Sinclair & Ava Everett)

Winners: The Platinum Hunnies after Sinclair Powerbombed Everett on to Watts, before they dog-piled on him for the big win!

The Platinum Hunnies are getting better every time I see them in the ring. This was fun and the crowd was SOOOO into The Hunnies getting the best of Milk Chocolate.

6) Erick Stevens vs “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson

 Winner: after Dickinson nailed Stevens with a shining Enziguri and hooked for The Pazuzu Bomb, Stevens escaped and rocked Dickinson with hard elbow strikes, before PLANTING The Filthy Father with a Brainbuster and covering for a close 2! It breaks down to a Chop exchange, followed by a big Forearm exchange, until Stevens uses a Hip Toss, looking for a Cross Arm Breaker, but Dickinson escaped, only Stevens held on with a Rear Naked Choke, which Dickinson countered with a big Saito Suplex, before hitting the ropes and LAYING STEVENS OUT with a Lariat, following with the pin. (BAD ASS! RECCOMMENDED!)

What a fight! Stevens is making his return after 9 years and you could not tell that he’s taken that much time away from the ring. I thought he added some big man groundwork that could be a legitimate weapon and of course, he will bring the fight to your face. Dickinson is the ace of Beyond and kills it each time he gets in that ring. Explosive offense, knows just when to flip the switch and brings the most out of his opponents. Loved it!

Ken Doane is interviewed as a special guest, he cuts a mega heel promo on the roster and the crowd. He gets into it with fans and has to be held back. Doane says Beyond doesn’t know what they got themselves in to.

7)  Bear Country (Bear Beefcake & Bear Bronson) vs The Beaver Boys (CZW World Champion “The Meat Man” Jon Silver & Alex Reynolds)

Winners: Bear Country after Reynolds took out Beefcake with a Diving Code Breaker, off the middle turnbuckle, all four men were down, Reynolds got up and tagged Silver, only Bronson ran Alex into Silver, knocking him off the apron. Bronson got the advantage on Reynolds, until Silver came in for the attack, but pushing him into a Spinning Elbow from Reynolds and then charging with a Flying Kick, only Bronson moved and Silver NAILED Reynolds! Alex rolled out of the ring, Silver was concerned, allowing Bronson to DUMP SILVER ON HIS NECK with a Exploder Suplex and cover for a close 2! Bronson slowly made his way to the top, allowing Silver to recover and stop Bronson with a Gamengiri, before climbing up. Bronson pulled Silver into a Fireman’s Carry, but Silver escaped and took Bronson off the top with a Frankensteiner, which Bronson no-sold, Silver blasted him with a Superkick and Bronson followed with a HUGE Rolling Lariat and hooked for a Suplex, only Silver powered him up for a Brainbuster and covered for a 2! Silver crawls towards Reynolds for the tag, but Alex drops off the apron and walks to the back, leaving Silver to be crushed by a Cannonball from Bronson, before Bear Country used a Double Powerbomb and double-pinned, only Silver kicked out! After some looks of confusion, Bear Country pulled up Silver, who fought back, showing heart, until Bear Country got the advantage and went for a Splash in the corner, which Silver avoids and then sends Bronson out of the ring, taking him out with a Suicide Dive! Silver gets back in the ring, using a Pump Kick to the back of Beefcake’s head and following with a RIDICULOUS Rack Bomb for a CROWD POPPING 2! Silver tried to keep it up, only for Bronson to plant him with a Package Piledriver, before climbing the corner and having Beefcake lift him on his shoulders, dropping Bronson with The Elevator Splash on Silver, leading to the pin. (WHAT AN EFFORT FROM SILVER!)

The Bear Country boys are big and keep a pace that makes their matches enjoyable as hell. Silver & Reynolds are solid as a unit, Silver brings the heat against bigger opponents, the kicks he unleashed in this one were loud and vicious and some aimed for the Bears’ throats. Beavers come into this with a little discontent tease, but the “Aces” of the Beyond Wrestling tag team division. The crowd loves Bear Country, that’s something that I’ve really loved about this Uncharted Territory, weekly program. Bear Country and Thomas Santell are the two key examples of the effectiveness of Beyond’s Independent Wrestling spotlight, there is SO MUCH TALENT out there that is just waiting to break out.