Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory: Episode 7”

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From The Electric Haze in Worcester, Massachusetts, May 15th, 2019

Beyond Wrestling’s 7th week of 2 hour Live Independent Wrestling hits a HOME RUN! If this is what we can expect from Drew’s direction, I am really stoked!

David Starr is in the ring to open the show. He cuts a promo on not being in Beyond Wrestling, because there hasn’t been anything that interests him. He starts to announce his Americanrana plans, when Josh Briggs interrupt.

1) Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs The Butcher & The Blade (Andy Williams & Pepper Parks)

 Winners: Bear Country after Beefcake lifted Bronson in Electric Chair position, walking him across the ring to slam him down on Williams, holding on for the 3. (Big Boy War!)

Bear Country is pretty damn fantastic! Two big boys that bring great energy and creativity. Williams & Parks are just really rounding into giving consistently good matches. This was a big win for Bear Country and keeps their momentum in Beyond alive. Recommended

Little video package to highlight the dissension between The Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & Jon Silver.)

2)  “Yours Truly” Alex Reynolds vs Jay Freddie

Winner: Freddie after Reynolds raked Freddie’s eyes to escape The Sharpshooter, they took a little time to recover, before Alex went for an Irish Whip into the corner, where Freddie vaulted back, over Alex and then took him down, applying The Sharpshooter and forcing Alex to Tap Out. (I really liked this. Everything meant something and this just flew by.)

So damn good. Both of these guys are just fluid and do it right. The frustration that is growing in Alex is going to fun to watch explode, more vicious match by match. Freddie really is a total package in-ring, a great blend of everything and a chop that does a lot of damage. Recommended

 3) Rory Gulak vs Chuck O’Neil

Winner: O’Neil slides back into the ring, blasts Rory with a Jumping High Knee to the chin and follows with a Michinoku Driver, immediately floating into an Armbar, forcing Rory to Tap Out! (Quick and impressive)

Chuck gets on the mic and calls out Beyond Wrestling for the lack of competition. O’Neil says he will go out and find his own competition to make Beyond “legit.”

4)  “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson vs “The Mad King” Eddie Kingston

Winner: Dickinson after catching Kingston with a Rolling Elbow, Kingston attempted The Backfist to the Future, which Chris blocked and fired off an Enziguri, rocking Kingston. Dickinson pulled King in and used The Pazuzu Bomb to put Kingston down for the 3. (Awesome)

King’s Road style war. This was a great war and I could watch these two got at it any time. Escalated quickly and never really got off the gas pedal, just great brutality and a finishing stretch that culminated the right way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Cam Zigami interviews Juan Francisco de Coronado about taking part in the Discovery Gauntlet, facing Thomas Santell tonight.

5) Discovery Gauntlet: Thomas Santell vs Juan Francisco de Coronado

Winner: Santell after going for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb out of the corner, JFDC held on and struggled free, before kicking Santell away and then diving out with a Somersault Body Attack, but Santell moved. Santell quickly cradled JFDC with an Oklahoma Roll for a 2, before locking in The Sugar Free Hold, forcing JFDC to Tap Out. (Nice)

6)  Shazza McKenzie vs “The Sugar Creature” Solo Darling

Winner: Darling after Shazza scored with a nice Splits Stunner from the second rope and covered, Solo was able to get a hand on the bottom rope. Shazza punched away at Solo, who countered the frustration into The Sharp Stinger, forcing Shazza to immediately Tap Out.

7)  CZW World Champion “The Meat Man” Jon Silver vs Brandon Thurston

Winner: Silver after Thurston applied a Seated Arm Breaker, torturing Silver’s injured arm, until Jon powered Brandon up and scored with a Spinning Rack Bomb to get a 2 count. Thurston went right back to the arm, but Silver escaped and drilled him with a Superkick to the head, dropping into the cover to pick up the win. (Solid)

Alex Reynolds had come down to the ring, wearing a Beaver Boys t-shirt and hyped up Silver. After the match, Reynolds got into the ring and cut a promo on the differences between them recently and wanting to make things right. Reynolds talks about their past and wants to come back, next week, as The Beaver Boys. They hug and leave the ring together.

8)  Josh Briggs vs “The Jewish Cannon” David Starr

Winner: Starr after Briggs held a Chair over Starr’s head, while the Referee tried to take it and Starr egged him on. Briggs dropped the Chair and crushed Starr with a Big Boot to the face, before punching away at his head. Briggs broke away and started taking off the top turnbuckle pad, until Referee Kevin Quinn stopped him and argued. Briggs turned back to Starr, who had the Chair in his hands and nailed Briggs’ bad hip, before using a Bridged Straight Jacket German Suplex to get the win. (Good)

Starr gets on the mic, cutting a scathing promo on Joey Janela. He talks about Janela selling out and being fake, but Starr says he is real and Mr. Americanrana will not be at Americanrana!

Briggs’ desperation cost him, Starr looked and wrestled smarter. Starr took Briggs apart and left that recovering hip bruised and hurting. Briggs fired back with some big man offense, but couldn’t finish the job, showing the growth and recovery that Briggs needs. Starr is the man.