Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory Episode 6: 10 Year Anniversary” Review (8/5/19)

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From The Electric Haze in Worcester, Massachusetts

All of the talent on the card for the night, get into the ring, with Chris Dickinson, Beyond Wrestling original, coming out last to get the crowd and the wrestlers fired up! Dickinson calls out his opponent, Josh Briggs, to get this show started!

1) ‘The Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson vs Josh Briggs

Winner: after crushing Dickinson with a Big Boot and covering for a 2, both men stayed down, feeling the effects of their battle. Briggs grabbed Dickinson around the throat and lifted, only Chris countered into a Frankensteiner, which Josh held on to a rolled through, but Chris countered Briggs into a modified Ankle Lock, forcing Josh to tap Out!

Dickinson promo, putting over Briggs’ determination and comeback. He then hypes his match vs Eddie Kingston, NEXT WEEK!

Dickinson beats Briggs to the punch early, really bringing the hurt at a deliberate pace, while putting the trash-talk on Briggs. Dickinson put some damage on Briggs’ left leg, which came back to hurt the big man during the match, the back-breaking over the knee approach wasn’t in Briggs’ favor. What I love most about Chris Dickinson is the ability to facilitate any pace his opponent was to go, if it’s a pissing contest someone wants, it becomes a very enjoyable scene. This was fun, good battle, Dickinson attacked and exploited Briggs

 Cam Zigami interviews Brad Hollister about his Discovery Gauntlet opportunity, taking on his former teacher.

 2) Discovery Gauntlet: Thomas Santell vs “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister

Winner: after Santell countered Hollister’s O’Connor Roll into a Rear Naked Choke, Brad battled to his feet, sending Thomas into the ring and using a Pop Up Sit Out Powerbomb to get a close 2. Brad pulled Thomas up, only Santell immediately transitioned into a Cross Arm Breaker and went for The LaBelle Lock, but Hollister escaped and looked for a Camel Clutch, which Santell escaped into a German Suplex, but Brad no-sold and dumped Thomas with a German Suplex, both men popped up and charged into a Double Clothesline and they went down! Santell rolled to the apron, giving Hollister opportunity to climb to the second turnbuckle and hook Santell for a Dead-Lift Vertical Suplex, but Thomas fought it, leading to Brad nailing multiple Headbutts, leading to Referee Kevin Quinn pulling him off and arguing. Brad went back to Thomas, who countered Brad and looked for The LaBelle Lock, only Brad was too strong, pulling Thomas up, only Santell quickly used The Banana Split to pick up the victory!

Teacher vs Student match, Santell tried to get Hollister to pick up his glasses, but the student has learned that lesson. Great exchanges from these two, Hollister is a beast, but moves and rolls really smooth. I really enjoyed Hollister using his power advantage to overcome Santell out-classing him on the mat, taking advantage of his student’s aggressive mindset. This got going and was a lot of fun towards the end, I really loved the struggle. Hollister’s disagreements with Referee Kevin Quinn was too much of a distraction for the big boy!

3) Warehouse Rules Six Man Tag match: Johnny Cockstrong, Nicholas Kaye & Corvis Fear vs Jefferson Saint, Chase Burnett & Zane Silver

Winners: Cockstrong, Kaye & Fear after Burnett escaped The Cock Driver and fought Johnny into the corner, they fought for position on the top, with Cockstrong coming out on top, as his partners drove the other opposing team members onto the ring apron with DDTs, Johnny used an Air Raid Crash off the top to give his team the victory.

I absolutely love the Warehouse Rules Six Man Tag on paper, all six guys are incredibly vital to the early years of Beyond and all participated in big-time moments. Corvis’ gnarly creativity has always been something I marvel in, he will normally bust something out that I haven’t seen. Good moves, fun times, just the kind of nostalgia that’s right for Beyond.

4) First Time One on One: “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs “M-Dogg” Matt Cross

Winner: Janela after they exchanged strikes, Cross got the upper hand and went for the neck bound Springboard Cutter, but Joey caught him and sent him into the ropes, following up with a Superkick to the gut and The Package Piledriver, putting Cross down for the 3.

This ruled! Two of the best at what they do, just going out and having fun with it. Joey’s aggressive style seemed to rock Cross early and keep him off-balance. It’s hard not to enjoy the work these guys can do together, just fun stuff.

5)  IndependentWrestling.TV Championship match: “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy© vs “Thicc Momma Pump” Jordynne Grace

Winner and STILL IndependentWrestling Champion: Orange Cassidy after Grace had the match in hand, throwing Orange around with German Suplexes, before attempting a Pump Handle, but Orange’s hands were in his pockets, causing a delay in Grace’s momentum, which allowed Cassidy to roll a Hammerlock Cradle to pick up the victory.

Jordynne had a very confident, cocky approach to this match, giving you the feeling that she is overlooking Orange as a competitor. Her strength was on display in the best ways. This was a fun match, Grace dominated Orange and had him in her grasp for the entire match, only her overzealous attitude cost her in the long run. Freshly Squeezed BayBay, 14th defense of the IndependentWrestling.TV Championship and another fun performance.

6) Deathmatch: Rickey Shane Page vs Eric Ryan

Winner: RSP after setting up a Barbed Wire covered door across 2 chairs, RSP lifted Ryan to the top turnbuckle and battled for position, before using a FUCKING INSANE Fall Away Sit Out Powerbomb to send both men CRASHING through the barbed wire door! RSP crawled into the cover and put Ryan away, finally. (Fucking Crazy!)

So SO SO GOOD! Crazy Forkings, HUGE MOVES onto VERY PAINFUL CONTRAPTIONS! There was a goddamn Shopping Cart, turned sideways, with FORKS STICKING OUT OF THE TOP! RSP Powerbombed Ryan off the top and onto the motherfucker! Ryan busted out Syringes and stabbed RSP’s cheeks! This match means a lot to both of these men, A LOT. There are 2 boards that are covered in upright standing plastic forks, Barbed Wire covered doors and a bunch of fuckery. As Rich Palladino is hyping the match, Chuck O’Neil interrupts him and puts down the Deathmatch. O’Neil says he is a legitimate athlete and there is nothing anyone in the back can do to stop him, only for Rory Gulak to slide in, with a Barbed Wire Bat, chasing him off! RSP and Ryan work so damn well together, the big moves and moments are there, but they know what the small stuff means in these matches and they really emphasize the punishment.

 A David Starr promo is shown, with Starr saying he will be at Uncharted Territory next week, to announce who he will be beating at Americanrana!

 This show was so much fun and recommended to all wrestling fans. Janela/Cross, Santell/Hollister and that Main Event, something else man, Rickey and Eric really left it all out there!