Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory – Episode 10”

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From The Electric Haze in Worcester, Massachusetts, June 5th 2019

“The Bad Boy” Joey Janela comes down to the ring and announces that he will be replacing Rich Paladino as the Ring Announcer for the night.

1) Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs “The Meat Man” Jon Silver

Winner: Lawlor after wrapping Silver up in a Rear Naked Choke and not letting him escape, forcing him to Tap Out. (Very good! Lawlor and Silver challenged each other to bring the heat and they did. Very enjoyable hard-hitting contest, good ground work and the fans were into it all the way, nothing to complain about. Recommended)

Cam Zigami interviews Mark Sterling about his upcoming opportunity in the Discovery Gauntlet.

2) Discovery Gauntlet: “The Ovaltine Dream” Thomas Santell vs “Smart” Mark Sterling

Winner: Santell after Sterling put on Brass Knuckles and grabbed a Book from his corner, the Referee took the Book, but Sterling went after Santell with the knucks. Thomas took Sterling to the mat and locked in The Sugar Free Hold, forcing the Tap Out. (Santell is a genuine star. This was a fun match, Sterling put Santell on the ropes with tomfoolery and a good move set. Santell is the man.)

Cam Zigami gets in the ring, interviewing Santell, who cuts a promo on anti-bullying and tells Zigami that he is going to help him stand up to Ken Doane.

3)  Cam Zagami Challenge! Cam Zagami vs Ken Doane

 Winner: Doane (Cam was sticking and moving, until Doane got his big strike in and then dominated.)

4)  The Top Dawgs (Davienne & “Hot Scoops” Skylar) vs Allie Kat & Solo Darling

Winners: Davienne & Skylar after Skylar used tape to wrap Solo up to the ring post, on the floor, before sliding into the ring and combining with Davienne to put Kat away with a Powerbomb/Lung Blower combo. (These 4 are good together and are putting together a nice program. Solo used a Suplex off the apron to send Skylar on to Davienne, crushing her on the floor! Allie Kat is loved everywhere she goes and it’s easy to see it, the charisma pours out as she kicks ass in the ring. Solo is a good hand against any man, woman or species in the ring and was a great leading role in this )

5)  Chuck O’Neil vs Josh Briggs

Winner by Disqualification: Briggs after O’Neil picked up a 2 with a Michinoku Driver, he transitioned into an Ankle Lock, but Briggs got to the ropes. O’Neil held the Ankle Lock, leading to the Referee counting him into the DQ. (Chuck is hated inside the Electric Haze, but he thrives on it and brings an ass kicking.)

Tom Lawlor comes to the ring to pull O’Neil off, as he continued to hold the Ankle Lock. O’Neil leaves the ring, Lawlor challenges him to a fight, O’Neil accepts, for next week.

6)  “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson vs “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander

Winner: Dickinson after a big Lariat. (What a fucking war! Dickinson continues the streak of madness with big win after big win.)

7)  Orange Cassidy vs Shawn Spears

Winner: Spears after Cassidy blew the Orange Juice into Orange’s eyes, on the top, we rolled Spears up for a 2, when Spears transitioned into a Folding Pin, while grabbing the ropes, to get the cheap 3. (Fun. Spears brought some really good stuff to this match. Orange looked great, but took a beating and had the match taken from him.)