Beyond Wrestling “Secret Show: Boston”

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From Ned Devine’s in Boston, Massachusetts, June 9th 2019

Beyond’s first event in Boston and before even one match was announces, the event SOLD OUT!

 1) Jay Freddie vs Tristan Thai

Winner: Freddie after using a Powerbomb to take Thai out of the corner, Freddie snapped off The Shining Wizard and picked up the win. (Good match. Freddie’s chops were bringing the pain and the crowd were really into them. Thai was recently signed by MLW and his style could evolve to be a really fun addition to the roster. Freddie is money in the ring, every time and was instantly over with the crowd. Good opener.)

2) Fatal Four Way match: “The Patron Saint of Pro Wrestling” Brandon Thurston vs “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister vs Gabriel Skye vs DL Hurst

Winners: Thurston after avoiding a Flying Double Stomp from Skye, Thurston hit the ropes and used a Head Scissors transitioned into a DEEP Rings of Saturn, forcing Skye to scream in Submission. (Thurston is the Head Trainer at Grappler’s Anonymous in Buffalo, NY. Hollister got all 3 men on his shoulders, at the same time, for a Death Valley Driver. Some cool moves thrown in, Hollister was the most impressive, enforcing and attacking.)

3) ‘Cold Steel” Chuck O’Neil vs “The Ovaltine Dream” Thomas Santell

Winner by Disqualification: Santell after Thomas used a Pop Up Powerbomb on Chuck, O’Neil countered with a Cross Arm Breaker and battled for control, until Santell got to the ropes. Referee Kevin Quinn counted down O’Neil, who refused to release the hold and called for the DQ. (Methodical, technical battle. O’Neil is a pretty good bad guy and can dig it in a little extra to make your favorite wrestler hurt. Santell is mega over inside that Beyond ring and is a really fun, scrappy grappler.)

Josh Briggs ran down to break O’Neil’s hold, but Chuck takes out Brigg’s leg and goes on the attack, which brings out “Filthy” Tom Lawlor! Lawlor pulls Chuck off of Briggs and O’Neil bails, leading to Briggs and Filthy getting into it and a match is made!

4) “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs Josh Briggs

Winner: Lawlor after Briggs snatched Tom by the throat and unloaded a fury of Elbows to the jaw, Briggs hooked for a Chokeslam, but Lawlor rolled Briggs to the mat and transitioned into an STF, applying a Rear Naked Choke modifier to it and forcing Josh to Tap Out! (Good fight! Brigg’s leg problems were the target of Filthy’s attack. Lawlor is fun inside the ring and puts emphasis on the little things, in his moves and character, that make you pay a little closer attention. I want Briggs to bring more heat, make those attacks look like they are coming from the monster you are. He unleashed the Beast Monster attack late in this match though!)

Briggs’ frustration boiled over, after the match, as he pushed away Referee Steven Dumay, who tried to help Briggs up.

5) IndependentWrestling.Tv Championship Triple Threat match: Kris Statlander vs “Princess” Kimber Lee vs “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

Originally scheduled for Non-Title Statlander vs Lee, Cassidy came out and touched fingers with Statlander, leading to the match change!

Winner and NEW IWTV Champion: Orange after Kimber smashed Kris with the IWTV Title, knocking her to the mat, with Orange, Kimber held the Title in her hand and then dragged Orange into the cover, picking up the win. (Really good match. Orange and Statlander play off of each other so damn well and Lee was that great antithesis to their shenanigans. When the action picked up, all 3 really brought the fight, Cassidy’s explosions of offense were very impressive and Statlander vs Lee resulted in some great stuff.)

Kimber cuts a promo, saying Statlander would not exist if it were not for Lee.

6) Kenn Doane vs Anthony Greene w/The Platinum Hunnies

 Winner: Doanne after Greene collided with the exposed turnbuckle, Doane was able to rub it in to the fans and the Hunnes, before covering Greene, as Referee Steven Dumay reluctantly counted the 3.

7) Davienne & “Hot Scoop” Skylar vs The Platinum Hunnes (Ava Everett & Angel Sinclair)

Winners: Davienne & Skylar after Everett was put down by a Powerbomb/Lung Blower combo from The Top Dawgs and, as Davienne went after Sinclair, Skylar got the pin. (The Platinum Hunnies bring a lot of awesome energy to their matches and they have gotten so much better.)

8) Violence is Forever (“The Bone Collector” Dom Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake)

Winners: Bear Country after putting Garrini in The Tree of Woe, while Ku was sitting in the same corner, Bear Country crushed them with stereo Cannonballs! Bear Country stacked Dom on top of Ku, before hitting their Electric Chair Splash, driving Bronson down, crushing ViF’s souls out of their mouths and getting the win, (Rough at times, but this was a fight and a test of mettle between these two teams. Garrini is a fantastic wrestler, but also a nut and it’s great to see him work every time. Bear Country are the “aces” of the Tag division, rolling through their matches on Uncharted Territory and this big win.)

Bear Bronson starts to cut a promo on Bear Country’s dominance in Beyond Wrestling, when David Starr’s music hits and The Ace of Beyond interrupts and comes to the ring. Solo lays out a challenge to Starr and he accepts to fight her, RIGHT NOW!

9) “The Product” David Starr vs Solo Darling

Winner: Starr after flooring Solo with a big Lariat, he immediately pulled her up and hit a Powerbomb on to his knee, following with the cover, finally putting Darling down for the 3. (High quality contest right here! Starr is incredible with any opponent, but Solo Darling really is a special performer. She elicits so much energy and love from the crowd and she is damn good at putting a beating on some ass. Good match!)

10) The Butcher and The Blade (Andy Williams & Pepper Parks) vs Slither (“The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson & “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela)

Winners: Slither after Janela caught Parks with a Stunner, he followed with a Piledriver and rolled Pepper to Dickinson, who also planted Parks with a Piledriver and Joey covered, only for Andy to break it up. Andy got to his feet and fought off Janela & Dickinson, using his size and strength to get the advantage, laying out Janela with a Lariat, but Dickinson dropped Andy with a Roundhouse Kick to the head. Pepper chopped Chris into the corner, but ran into a Big Boot from Chris, followed by a Superkick from Janela and then The Hard Body Karate Kick from Dickinson! Janela pulled Parks up and threw him into a Bridged German Suplex by Chris, picking up the hard fought victory! (Battle of the Beef! Slither is the true test for Bear Country to call themselves the Aces of Beyond Wrestling Tag Team wrestling. Andy Williams is so fucking impressive, to think of the success and hard work he puts into being a fucking Rock Star, it’s blow away shit to see the kind of force he is in that ring. Janela and Dickinson are the GODS of Beyond and kill it every time. BAD ASS)

Janela gets on the mic and cuts a promo about Americanrana ’19, talking about AEW telling him to wrap up his Independent dates and go full-time with them. Janela lays out a challenge to David Starr, saying he wants to Main Event Americanrana. Starr comes to the ring and attacks Janela, leading to a locker room clearing brawl!