Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2019 (7/28) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut

1) John Silver vs Alex Reynolds

Winner: Reynolds after Silver scored with a Pump Kick to the back of Reynolds’ head, as he was draped across the middle rope, he quickly followed with a Spinning Rack Bomb and the cover, but Alex kicked out! Silver positioned for the end and charged, only for Reynolds to dodge, Silver accidentally knocked the Referee out of the ring, allowing Mark Sterling to throw a pair of Brass Knuckles to Reynolds, who leveled Silver and covered, as the Ref came to and counted the fall.

2) EYFBO/LAX (Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik/Santana) vs Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake)

Winners: Bear Country after Santana jumped off Ortiz’s back for a HUGE Cannonball to Bronson, he covered, getting a 2 and immediately smoked Bronson with a Pump Kick to the face. EYFBO called for the end, as Ortiz pulled Bronson up for a Powerbomb, only for Bear to counter with a Frankensteiner, leading to Beeefcake crushing him with a Pump Kick and then counter Santana, using 2 Powerbombs to set up a Death Valley Driver, as Bronson went to the corner, where Beefcake lifted him in Electric Chair position and drove Bronson down, onto Santana to pick up the 3, just as Ortiz dove in, just too late. (This was a really good tag match, but the crowd was not into the ending, just a LITTLE off. But the action was incredible, the double-teams, the power of BC, the creative precision of EYFBO, just great stuff. RECOMMENDED)

Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry), dressed in black, hit the ring and take out Bear Country! EYFBO chase off Tremendous and then put over Bear Country as the Tag Division aces.

3)“Cold Steel” Chuck O’Neil vs Wheeler YUTA

Winner by Referee: O’Neil after dropping YUTA with a SICK Knee Strike, O’Neil mounted and unleased multiple elbow strikes, forcing the Referee to step in and stop the match, as YUTA was knocked out. (O’Neil is a killer, everything is sharp, sudden and stuff as fuck. YUTA had some great fire and attack, but Chuck is on a fucking mission.)

4) FEAST Wrestling Championship Ladder match: Cheeseburger© vs PUF vs Solo Darling w/Officer K9 Magnum vs Johnny Cockstrong vs “Retro” Anthony Greene w/The Platinum Hunnies (Angel Sinclair & Ava Everett) vs Hornswoggle vs Kikutaro vs “The Sauce” Alex Zayne vs Ken Doane w/Christian Casanova & Cam Zigami vs Marko Stunt

Winner and NEW FEAST Champion: Solo Darling after The Hunnies scared off Cam, they helped AG get to his feet, just as PUF positioned the Ladder and started climbing up, The Hunnies stopped him and then Powerbombed him to the mat! Doane smoked The Hunnies with a Double Clothesline and takes off his wrist tape, before positioning the Ladder and flipping off the crowd! Ken starts to climb, but Solo enters the ring and climbs up, under him, Doane stops her on top and they fight for position, until Solo pulls his legs through the Ladder, trapping him and kicking him down, before climbing over him, STEPPING ON HIS NUTS and grabbing the Title! (A lot of fun! Great win for Solo, who is an absolute bright spot in the Independent Scene. Good stuff from everybody, Alex Zayne is incredible.

5) Josh Briggs vs Johnny Foxwoods

Winner: Foxwoods after Briggs planted Johnny with a Chokeslam and covered for a 2, Briggs called for the end and pulled Johnny up for The M5, only to have it reversed with a Frankensteiner hold for a 2, Morrison rolled Briggs into a cover for a 2, before they popped up, Morrison accidentally nailing the Referee with a Knee Strike, led to Johnny KICKING Brigss in the nuts and following with Starship Pain and the cover. (Boo Johnny. This was alright.)

With Briggs recovering in the ring, the lights go out and when they come back on, MJF is in the ring! MJF kicks Briggs low and then plants him with Cross Rhodes, getting a MOLTEN REACTION from the crowd! BEAUTIFUL.

6) The Rock n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs The Butcher & The Blade (Andy Phillips & Pepper Parks)

Winners: Rock n’ Roll Express after using a Sunset Flip on Parks. (Finish came out of nowhere, good homage to the legendary Sunset spot.)

7) IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship vs Career match: “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy© vs “Quitman” RD Evans

Winner and STILL Independent Champion, RETIRING RD Evans: Orange Cassidy after taking advantage of Evans’ temper tantrum and using a Crucifix Rollup to pick up the 3.

Evans gets on the mic, telling Orange to come back and let him continue, without distraction. Evans calls Orange a coward and says “Fast & The Furious sucks.” He continues his anti-F&F speech, as Orange gets back in the ring, FURIOUS. They go face to face, until Orange hands his Title to Referee Bryce Remsberg and the match is underway.

8) IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship vs Career match: “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy© vs “Quitman” RD Evans

Winner and STILL Champion: Orange Cassidy after Orange blew the Orange Juice into RD’s eyes, only for Evans to fire up and take Cassidy down with a Spear! RD pulled Orange up and called for The Jackhammer, only Orange countered with an Inside Cradle for a 2, they popped up and RD quickly planted Orange with The Jackhammer and covered for a close 2. RD said “it’s time for my finisher,” and made his way to the top, flying off with a Splash, only Orange moved and RD hit the mat. RD was up first and noticed Orange’s ring position, making his way up to the closest corner and flying off with a splash, but Orange moved and looked to follow up, RD blasted Orange with a Headbutt and called for another Jackhammer, but Orange countered with an Inside Cradle to pick up the 3. (Good stuff. RD showed some fighting spirit through Orange’s finishing stretch, hilarious and just right. Orange Cassidy’s 2019 is filled with incredible performances inside and outside of the squared circle. My hats off to every drop of effort that man puts into professional wrestling.)

Orange put his glasses on RD and gave him the bottle of Orange Juice, before leaving him to get cheers.

9) The Chop & The Roll Express (Bryan Alvarez & “Filthy” Tom Lawlor) vs Nerder Death Kill (Nick FUCKING Gage & “The Ovaltine Dream” Thomas Santell)


Winners: NDK after Alvarez nailed Gage with a Superkick, Gage called for 2 more, straight to the face, before using The Chokebreaker over Santell’s knee to set up a SICK Chokebreaker on his own knee and the cover. (AWESOME. Great tag team wrestling from Chop n Roll, the crowd was buzzing, it all paid off at the end and Gage is THE FUCKING MAN,)

10) “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson vs Daisauke Sekimoto

Winner: Dickinson after Sekimoto ducked a Chop from Dickinson and planted him with a  Uranage, he quickly went to the top and flew off with a Big Splash, holding on for a 2. After some recovery, Daisuke charged a Shoulder Tackle in the corner and followed with a Running Bulldog, followed by a Dead Lift German attempt, which Chris fought out of and went for the ropes, Daisuke stopped him with a back elbow and used a Snap Mare to set up a Sliding Cross Body for another 2. Daisuke slowly starts up the ropes, but Chris is on him, stopping the progression and joining, hooking and planting Daisuke with a HUGE Superplex and both men are down! “BEYOND WRESTLING” chants from the crowd, they pulled up on either side of the ring, Dickinson charged with hard kicks to the chest, but Daisuke eats them and unloads with clubbing forearms to the chest. They traded BOMBS, until Daisuke levels Chris with a Lariat and falls into the cover, but Dickinson kicked out! Daisuke, feeling the effects, pulled Dickinson up and landed hard forearms, before throwing an Enziguri, which Chris ducked and landed a Hard Body Karate Kick to Daisuke’s head. Chris pulled him up and looked for a Brainbuster, but Daisuke overpowered him and used a Torture Rack Slam, positioning Chris and going to the top, flying off with a HUGE Back Elbow Drop, but Chris moved! Dickinson fired into Daisuke with BIG Chops into the corner, until Daisuke reversed and returned the favor with INCREDIBLE Chops, Chris reverses and unleashes on Daisuke, as the CROWD GOES WILD. Chris goes for an Irish Whip, Daisuke reversed, Dickinson nailed Daisuke with a Hurricane Kick, followed by a Head Kick and The Pazuzu Bomb, putting Sekimoto down for the 3. (INCREDIBLE! MUST FUCKING SEE! This war was more than anybody could have asked for going into this. Daisuke and Chris put on a test of wills, a fucking iron vs iron contest that will make every wrestling fan happy. HATS OFF)

Incredible showing of respect between the two, Dickinson celebrates in the ring, with EYFBO coming out and putting Dickinson’s fur coat on him.

11) Steel Cage match: Kris Statlander vs Kimber Lee

Winner: Statlander after dumping Kimber with a German Suplex off the ropes, she covered for a 2, before going to the top and connecting with a 450 Splash to get the win, (WOW. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! These women told their story through sheer violence and fire, great clash, great stuff.)

Denver Colorado, owner of Beyond Wrestling, comes to the ringside with the owner of FEAST, John Sebastian and Drew cuts a promo on the amazing fans and Uncharted Territory. Beyond, Sports Entertainment Experience and IWTV are opening their own Live Performance Venue, Event Center and Uncharted Territory will be back for season 2, in October and will have a new series, on Tuesday, based around the Discovery Gauntlet, also starting in October. It will be opening in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, putting over the possibilities for the center, concessions and a BAR!

12) 60 Minute Iron Man No Count Outs, No Disqualification, No Holds Barred match: “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs “The Product” David Starr


Winner: Joey Janela

Order of Falls: 1) Starr pinned Janela after The Product Plaement onto a Chair. 2) Starr pinned Janela after Joey threw a Chair at Starr, who was on the apron, David caught it and then used The Cherry Mint (Rope Hanging DDT) to plant Joey’s head into the chair, following win the pin. (2-0). 3) Starr forced Janela to Tap Out after countering Janela’s Dragon Suplex attempt and transitioning into Republican’s Remorse, pulling Joey’s hair to really sink it in. (3-0). 4) Janela pinned Starr after taking the Kendo Stick, ducking a punch and KNOCKING STARR unconscious with a Kendo Stick Shot to the top of the head, STARR IS BUSTED OPEN! (3-1). 5) Janela forced Starr to Tap Out after Starr applied a Figure Four, Janela fought and fought, grabbing a broken Kendo Stick and smashing Starr, before turning it over and forcing Starr to Tap. (3-2). 6) Janela pinned Starr after using a Superplex to send both bodies into a pile of Chairs, Janela pulled Starr up and used a Package Piledriver onto the chairs to get the cover, but Starr kicked out! Janela followed with The Bob Fossil Driver, onto the chairs and covered for the 3. (3-3). 7) Starr pinned Janela, who was distracted by Referee Kevin Quinn’s decision to not count a Tap Out, while Starr’s foot was on the ropes, with a School Boy. (4-3). 8) Janela pinned Starr after using a Powerbomb to take Starr off the top rope and onto a Garbage Can, turned upside down, BENDING Starr’s back at such a gnarly angle and following with the cover. (4-4), 9) Janela pinned Starr after countering The Republican Remorse into an Inside Cradle for a 2, they popped up and with 6 seconds left, Janela scored with a Superkick and covered for the deciding fall. (INCREDIBLE MATCH! This is one of the best Ironman Matches I’ve seen. Janela and Starr put everything they have into this match and it was an absolute masterpiece. MUST SEE)

Incredible Joey Janela promo, thanking Starr, Beyond Wrestling and shitting on MJF. Fantastic show of respect from both men, Janela leaves Starr to the ring, where he unleashes a promo on the true meaning of Independent and wrestlers binding together for the better of them all.

Holy cow! This is one of the best shows, top to bottom, of the entire year. Sekimoto vs Dickinson and Janela vs Starr are MUST SEE, no doubt about it. Just watch this. I am so fucking thankful for Beyond Wrestling, IndependentWrestling.Tv and the whole roster that went out there and put in work.