Beyond Wrestling ‘All Hands on Deck’ (9/22/19) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From ON THE FUCKING BEACH at Paddy’s Beach Club in Westerly, Rhode Island

Available on IndependentWrestling.TV (Hard Cam view only, as of right now.)

The ring is set up, beautifully, on the sand of the beach, surrounded by fans having a great time in the perfect weather, with the ocean as a dope ass background.

Rich Palladino is the host of the show and is always a great start to the show. Great energy and stellar banter with the crowd.

‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien’ Kris Statlander vs “The Handsome Devil” Alex Reynolds

Winner: Statlander after Kris

Winner: Statlander after Kris used a Rolling Hammerlock Koji Clutch on Alex, VSK ran out and jumped on the apron, distracting the Referee and Kris. Reynolds Tapped Out, but the Ref was distracted, Kris released and confronted VSK, who Guillotined Kris’ throat over the top rope, followed by Reynolds THROWING FIRE into Kris’ face and using a Powerbomb lift spun into a Knee Strike to the face to get the pin. (Good match. Kris is stellar and will be signed any time.)

VSK & Reynolds started their attack, only for NDK (Nick FUCKING Gage & Thomas Santell) to come out and make the save.

The Creatures of the Deep (Merlok & Cajun Crawdad) emerged from the Ocean to start their match on the beach!

Nerder Death Kill (Nick FUCKING Gage & Thomas Santell) vs The Creatures of the Deep (Cajun Crawdad & Merlok)

Winners: NDK after Gage countered Crawdad’s attacks and swatted away his Chokeslam grasp, before using The Chokebreaker, on to Santell’s knee, allowing Santell to apply The Sugar Free Hold, as Gage Speared Merlok and Crawdad Tapped Out! (Nice and quick, all four guys know what they are doing and have fun doing it.(

Santell calls out any tag team for a fight, including Bear Country!

Christian Casanova w/Captain Club Cam vs “The Sauce” Alex Zayne

Winner: Christian after Zayne planted Christian with The Taco Driver (Cut Throat Pump Handle Driver) and followed with The Crunchwrap (Shooting Star Double Knees to the back of the head) and the cover, only Cam had got to the apron and distracted the Referee. Zayne got up from his pin and confronted Cam and covered Christian again, as the Ref turned to count, but Casanova kicked out. Zayne grabbed Cam by the jacket, allowing Christian to quickly use a School Boy and get his feet on the ropes to get the 3. (Two very exciting wrestlers going hard and really bringing the fight. Back and forth, high tempo and great work.)

KTB vs Erick Stevens

Winner: Stevens after Stevens escaped KTB’s Powerslam lift, dropping into a waist-lock, only for KTB to rock him with Back Elbows. Stevens ducked an elbow and landed a flurry of elbows of his own, until KTB ducked one and hit the ropes, attempting an Orihara Moonsault, but Stevens knocked him out of the air with an elbow! Stevens drilled Erick with one more big elbow strike, before using The End of Heartache to pick up the big win. (Awesome big man battle. Stevens continues his streak of stellar matches and for the first time, that I’ve seen, Stevens was at the size disadvantage, bringing out a different aspect to his game. KTB is so damn versatile and a top tier performer in that ring, this match ruled.)

Stevens gets on the mic and calls out WARHORSE for a rematch, in a Beyond Wrestling ring,

Six Species Tag Team Beach Rules match: “Retro” Anthony Greene & The Platinum Hunnies (Ava Everett & Angel Sinvlair) vs Shark Boy & The Sea Stars (Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox)

Winners: Shark Boy & The Sea Stars after The Stars, The Hunnies and Greene fought in the ocean, AG made his way back to the ring, only for Shark Boy to catch him with a Stunner, followed by Delmi using a Code Breaker on AG, holding on, as Vox flew off the top with a Senton to AG’s back and covered for the 3.

‘The Meat Man’ Jon Silver vs “Princess” Kimber Lee

Winner: Kimber after Lee positioned Silver on the mat and made her way to the top, she flew off with a Swonton Bomb, but Silver got his knees up! Silver charged with a Lariat, but Kimber countered with a Backslide, which Silver rolled through and unleashed a flurry of hard kicks to Kimber’s chest and head, before hooking for a Suplex, but Kimber tripped him up and used The Alligator Clutch to pick up the 3.

IWTV Championship Triple Threat match: “WARHORSE” Jake Parnell© vs DL Hurst vs YUTA

Winner and STILL Champion: WARHORSE after trading strikes with Hurst, WARHOSE ducked a Lariat and dumped DL with a Half and Half Suplex, before taking out YUTA with a Suicide Dive and then quickly going to the top, flying off with a Double Stomp to the back of Hurst’s head and covering for the 3.

Tornado Rules: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder) vs Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry)Winners: Tremendous after Carr planted Bronson with a Bossman Slam, Barry followed with a Lionsault and held on for the 2. Carr sent Barry into Boulder, who caught him and threw Barry into Carr, knocking both down. Boulder went to work, Clotheslining both men and then Body Slamming both, but dropping Carr onto Barry, followed by Bronson using a BIG Back Senton on Barry, Boulder then used a Dead Lift Powerbomb to drive Barry onto Carr! Boulder tried to lift Carr, but he slid off and pushed one Bear into the other, before sending Boulder into the corner and charging in with an Avalanche, turning and charging for the other corner, but Bronson got out of the way and boulder followed with a big Running Knee. Boulder pulled Bronson into Backpack position and charged in for a crushing Cannonball on Carr! The Bears celebrated before Boulder lifted Beefcake in the Elevator Drop, only for Barry to sneak in and use a School Boy on Boulder, sending both men crashing to the mat! Barry slid and Dropkicked Bronson out of the ring, before Tremendous both kick Boulder in the nuts, Barry uses a DDT and both men cover for the win. (Awesome tag team match! Both teams are so fucking good and can put together one hell of a Tornado Tag match. This was filled with awesome back and forth, great teamwork and the ebbs and flows of a great match. Hell of a finish too, with Barry taking out both men. RECOMMENDED!)

Kenn Doane w/Club Cam & Christian Casanova vs “The Filthy Father” Chris Dickinson

After persistent interference, Casanova & Cam were ejected by the Referee!

Winner: Chris after Dickinson planted Kenn with a Death Valley Driver, Casanova started climbing to the top, only for Dickinson to cut him off and use a Superplex to send Christian skirting. Chris pulled Cam in, putting on his Sailor’s Hat, before TOSSING Cam with The Pazuzu Bomb, over the top rope and onto Casanova & Doane, on the sand! Chris rolled Doane into the ring and caught a boot, before locking in The Deathlock, forcing Kenn to Tap Out! (Dickinson is the fucking man!)

Dickinson cuts a promo, putting over the fans and talking about Uncharted Territory season 1 and going into season 2. YUTA comes to the ring and cuts a promo about Dickinson needing to focus on the IWTV Title, talking about wanting to fight Dickinson, who was on the sand, in the fan of a shit-talking fan. YUTA lays out a challenge for Season 2 Episode 1 and they have a tense handshake.

Josh Briggs vs MJF

MJF’s farewell match.

Winner: Briggs after Briggs nailed MJF with a Running Big Boot in the corner, he pulled MJF out and scored with Go To Hell and covered, but MJF kicked out. After a little recovery, Briggs charged in with another Running Big Boot in the corner and went to an Irish Whip, but MJF snapped down on Briggs’ injured arm and quickly went to the second turnbuckle, flying off with a Double Stomp to Briggs’ arm. MJF went for a boot, but Briggs caught it and backflipped MJF to his feet, where MJF scored with an Eye Poke, took of his elbow pad and charged, only for Briggs to score with a Big Boot, but MJF answered with a big elbow, only for Briggs to follow with 2 quick Big Boots, knocking MJF down. MJF rolled to the apron, where Briggs pulled him over the top and into a Backbreaker and looked to follow up, only for MJF to roll a Cross Arm Breaker and control Briggs. Josh started fighting back, rolling MJF’s shoulders for a 2, before bridging up and using a big Powerbomb to put both men on the mat. At the 9 count, Briggs pulled himself up in the corner, as MJF struggled in the opposite corner, they staggered to the middle of the ring, where MJF rocked Briggs with punches, Briggs fired back with a Forearm, but MJF dropped Briggs with a Punch. After some more trading of punches, MJF went for Cross Rhodes, but Briggs countered into a Pedigree, which MJF rolled through and transitioned into Cross Rhodes, covering for a 1! MJF charged at Briggs, who caught him with a Big Boot and followed with The Pedigree and cover, but MJF kicked out at 1! Briggs called for the end and stalked MJF, as he dragged himself up, pulling on Briggs’ rights, before spitting in Josh’s face, leading to Briggs using a HUGE Chokebomb to put MJF down for the 3. (Awesome stuff.)