Beyond “Uncharted Territory” Season 2 Episode 1

Added by Zack Monday

October 3rd, 2019

From The White Eagle in Worcester, Massachusetts

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Rich Palladino and Referee Kevin Quinn are in the ring, welcoming the audience, as the fans around the ring celebrate Season 2!

Josh Briggs vs Lance Archer

Briggs is a big dude, standing nearly the same height, but Archer is such a force of nature and is as thick as tall and aggressive as fuck.

Winner: Archer after planting Briggs with a big Chokeslam and covering for a 2, Archer fired up, while the crowd was screaming in support of Briggs, Archer applied The EBD Claw and kept Briggs down for the 3. (Good big impact match. Briggs fighting from under was a great change of pace and a great example of how good of a babyface Briggs is. Archer is a force and brings the fucking pain, I would really love to see more of Archer in the Beyond universe.)

Mark Sterling w/Alex Reynolds vs Solo Darling w/Officer K9 Magnum

Winner by Disqualification: Darling after she smacked Reynolds, right after the bell sounded, she quickly countered Sterling and locked in The Sharp Stinger, only for Alex to enter the ring and kick the hell out of Solo.

Sterling & Reynolds beat down Solo, Alex held her in the ring, as Sterling left the ring and grabbed Magnum! As Solo was losing her mind in the ring, Willow Nightingale made her return and saved Magnum! She took care of Sterling and went after Reynolds, leading to a Tag match being made!

The Birds & The Bee (Solo Darling & Willow Nightingale) w/Officer K9 Magnum vs Alex Reynolds & Mark Sterling

Winners: Solo & Willow & Magnum after Solo smashed a Chair, back into Mark’s face, with a Double Palm Strike, Willow pulled Mark up and held him in a Gory Special, as Solo flew off the top with a Facebuster! Before covering Mark, Solo brought Magnum into the ring and covered Sterling for the 3.

‘The Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling’ Brandon Thurston vs Jay FUCKIN Freddie

Winner: Thurston after Freddie landed a series of Knee Strikes to Thurston’s gut, until Brandon went into a waist-lock, which Jay broke out of, grabbing Brandon’s foot and tripping him up, only for Thurston to kick up and catch Jay in the nuts! It took Thurston only moments to follow up and cradle Jay for the 3. (The Rubber match between these two and this match means a lot to this Beyond crowd. Very good and very intense. Great grappling and hard strikes, but ended with a genious move.)

Freddie gets on the mic and calls out Thurston, talking about the severity of their contest and situation and challenging Brandon to restart the match. Thurston storms back in, grabs the mic and tells Jay, “no.” Thurston drops the mic and leaves.

Matt Makowski was being interviewed about facing Daniel Garcia in the Discovery Gauntlet, only for Tony Deppen to attack Makowski and leave him on the ground!

Discovery Gauntlet: ‘Red Death’ David Garcia (2-0) vs Tony FUCKING Deppen

Winner: Deppen after Donst took out Garcia with a Springboard Trust Fall, over the top and to the floor, SMOKING Garcia, Tony rolled him back into the ring and followed with a Shining Knee to the side of the head and the pin! (Well this match fucking ruled. Garcia has a serial-killer stare when he turns it on and really brought the fight to Deppen’s face. Deppen is a maniac, so fucking good at what he does and puts everything he has into smacking the shit out of somebody. Nasty back and forth sequences of strikes and suplexes. These guys pushed each other into a great match, loved it. RECOMMENDED!)

Deppen is interviewed about winning in the Discovery Gauntlet, Deppen says he’s been discovered. Deppen talks about Makowski “not being able to make it,” Deppen says daddy needed a payday and saw an opportunity, Tony says he’s going to run a train on the Gauntlet BayBAY!

Thomas Santell vs “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

Santell offered a bottle of Ovaltine to Orange, who refused to drink it, making Santell sad.

Winner: Orange after Santell pushed Orange into the corner and followed with a Bridged Regal Plex, getting a 2, Santell transitioned quickly into a Crossface, fighting for control. Orange crawled to the corner and grabbed his Orange Juice, but Santell took it away, transitioned to a Rings of Saturn, but Orange got to the ropes, only Santell landed unprotected elbows to the ribs. Santell pushed Orange into the corner, pulled his hands over the top rope and putting them in his pockets, before unleashing heavy strikes to Orange’s chest! Santell grabbed the Orange Juice and took a sip, but didn’t like it and threw the bottle into the crowd, only Orange had freed his hands and took a sip of the Ovaltine and as Santell turned to Orange, he blew the Chocolate Milk into Santell’s eyes, followed with The Superman Punch and the pin. (This was really good. Santell got a little more aggressive and really did work on Orange’s arm, stopping him from using the pockets. Good back and forth, funny stuff mixed into a really high level match.)

Orange Cassidy GETS ON THE MIC and CUTS A PROMO, saying that he’s not going anywhere and that he wants his belt back from WARHORSE! Challenging him for the Independent Wrestling Championship

Wheeler YUTA vs “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson

Dickinson is the MAN in Beyond, walking through the crowd, getting and giving love to the fans. The man has been on a FUCKING ROLL and proved that he is the foundation of Beyond Wrestling, YUTA is on a roll of his own, taking out Chuck O’Neil, which seemed impossible and coming off a strong showing against IWTV Champion WARHORSE and DL Hurst at “All Hands on Deck.”

Winner: after YUTA locked Dickinson in The YUTAgatame, fighting for control, but Chris was able to get to the bottom rope. After some recovery, Dickinson pulled himself up in the corner, as YUTA fired up and charged, Dickinson got a boot up, YUTA charged back in, another boot, only for YUTA to fire back with a Bicycle Kick and use a Bridged German Suplex, getting a 2! After trading waist-locks, Dickinson got to the ropes, YUTA slapped Dickinson across the face, Chris Slaps him hard and they go back and forth with RIDICULOUS Slaps, with Chris just rocking YUTA. After a vicious cycle of strikes, YUTA tripped Chris up and attempted The YUTAgatame, but Chris escaped and used a Dead Lift German.

They traded Sunset Rollups and Folding Cradles, until Chris yoked him up with a Powerbomb and held on, only getting a 1! They traded Head Kicks and counters, YUTA hit the ropes and Dickinson MURDERED him with a Lariat and covered for the 3. (This match was fucking awesome. YUTA was able to keep Dickinson off balance with a Lucha inspired grapple and fly attack. It was a great show of how explosive and smart YUTA is, but when Dickinson felt backed against the wall, he would explode out with forceful violence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Wow! What an incredible match and test of wills this was. YUTA manned the fuck up and brought it to one of the hardest hitting, bad asses in the game. Watch this match!)

Dickinson celebrates, only for Club Cam (Cam Zigami, Kenn Doane, Christian Casanova & Richard Holliday) to come out and surround the ring. Out of nowhere, two masked men slide into the ring and act as if they know Chris, before revealing themselves as Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) and they attack Chris, but THE LIGHTS GO OUT! Pinkie Sanchez is in the ring! PAZUZU is alive and fought them out of the ring, saving Chris! Team Pazuzu embrace, as Milk Chocolate & Club Cam retreat!

Kriss Statlander vs Nick FUCKING Gage

Right as Gage came through the curtain, Statlander ran out and attacked him, taking the fight to the King, until Gage threw her into the ring post and took over.

Doors, Chairs,

Winner: Gage after Statlander used a 450 Splash and pinned Gage, he somehow kicked out, sending Statlander into a frenzy! Kris set a Door up, across 2 unfolded Chairs, before lifting Gage up in an Electric Chair and dropping him, face-first. Gage got up and blasted Kris with a broken Door over the head, before planting her with a Piledriver. Gage pulled Statlander to the corner and lifted her up, following with a Piledriver, off the second turnbuckle and through the Door and pinned. (Statlander brought the fight, no doubt about it. Not backing down and using her unorthodox attack to keep Gage off balance. Gage used force when needed and brought the pain, punishing Statlander with plunder involved attacks. RECOMMENDED!)

Kris Statlander is one of the best in the game. Gage and Statlander were joined by Thomas Santell, their CHIKARA “King of Trios” teammate in Nerder, Death, Kris. The KOT starts tomorrow, Gage cuts a promo, putting over Statlander. Gage then lays out an Open Challenge to any wrestler on the Beyond roster.