ATTACK Club Pro ‘Wrestle House’ Review

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Fight Club: Pro and ATTACK announced this special show just before Christmas and I must Say I was excited to be checking out ATTACK For the first time ever. I had heard good things about there mistletoe tour shows and not another PPV show so was looking forward to checking this out what they could add to fight club pro which I’ve been following avidly now since last year.

Up first to open the show was the team of Kid Lykos (who I had only heard about on Twitter and from other people at Brit Wres shows) and Chris Brookes who I’m familiar with due to seeing him wrestle regularly on Fight Club PRO shows and live and in person at the Fight Club PRO promoted Chikara show in London last May.

Their team is collectively known as #CCK who go up against two people I’m very familiar with in Ryan Smile and Mark Andrews both of whom I’ve both seen wrestle live and in person for PROGRESS and Rev-Pro in 2016. The opener was actually perfect start as the crowd was hot for this match and for good reason. All four men went out of there way to give the crowd something really good to open the show. There was some fine looking double team innovative offence from #CCK. Ryan Smile and Mark Andrews also gave the crowd and myself something to cheer for early on with some fine double team moves of there own. What I liked most about this match was the hot tag. The crowd seemed piping hot by the time the ultimate underdog Andrews tagged in his partner Smile. Smile who I see a bright future for was like a house on fire clearing out both Brookes’ and Lykos with a spring board cutter. He then did a Ricochet like dive out onto Lykos and Brookes. Smile rolled Lykos back into the ring and Andrews went up stairs to do his shooting star press but referee Shay Purser (who is an evil referee for those of you who don’t follow ATTACK) refused to let white lighting fly which got huge heat from this crowd. Brookes saw his advantage and pushed the referee into Andrews but Andrews jumped down off the top but Brooke’s rolled him up for the one, two and three. So it’s not just wwe who do that finish? In all seriousness this was a great opener and was hopeful we would be getting more of this throughout the rest of the show.

Up next Killian Jacobs took on Splits McPins. Immediately I’m very unfamiliar with these two but could work out that Splits McPins has a bowling gimmick obviously. Splits came to the ring wearing a green mask, bowling attire and carrying a pink ball (so he’s very committed to the bit and so he should be). Jacobs on the other hand early on left no impression on me as of his entrance anyway. As the match got going I was digging more of splits stuff as I do like a bit of comedy in wrestling. Early on splits threw his bowling ball onto Jacobs as splits stood up on the Middle rope which made this reviewer laugh anyway. The two then began to get serious and exchanged some neat looking strikes back and forth at one another. Unfortunately during the closing stages both men got sloppy espiecally Jacobs who lost his balance during a spring board to the top rope. The finish saw Jacobs miss a 450 splash which gave splits time to recover and nail Jacobs with a MK Ultra for the one, two and three. All in all it was an fun match, it was a good come down from the insane opener and I don’t mind a bit of comedy to break up the card when I’m watching a wrestling show and trust me we weren’t done with the comedy yet.

Up next was Drew Parker whose storyline I’ve only heard about on Twitter but fell in love with it when I heard what his gimmick was. Basically drew got dropped on his head and now thinks he’s in ECW and goes by the name of EC-Drew (which is just tremendous as I was a huge ECW fan back in the day). During the last 6 months I’ve heard he’s protrayed Ecw gimmicks such as The Sandman, Rob Van Dam and Taz and is now doing the Raven gimmick. Drew who is ATTACK’s 24/7 champion cuts a short but sweet promo before his match and basically says he’s going to defending his title tonight but against who? Then some familiar music hits and its Clint Margera as Tommy Dreamer. This was a fun little tribute match to the 2 and a half year feud between Raven and Dreamer. It featured a number of spots seen during both men’s matches in ECW. It had a walking brawl, keyboard shots, tray shots to the head, a drop toe hold onto a chair, a staple gun spot (which I don’t remember Dreamer or Raven ever using but it’s all good and I’ll roll with it) and a table spot, we’ll sort of as it was a piece of ply wood propped on top of two chairs. Actually the spot where drew did a swantime from the top rope through the table on the outside looked like a hideous bump to take. Anyway after all the plunder was done Clint Ma-Dreamer gave Drew a Spicolli Driver onto some drawing pins (or thumbtacks too are american readers) and got the one, two and three for the win and Clint is the new ATTACK 24/7 Champion. Then villainous referee Shay Purser decides to take away all of Dreamer’s sorry I mean Margera’s glory by low blowing him. Then Shay rolls him up for the quick three count and the title changes hands for a second time tonight. This all seems far too familiar for my liking poor old Clint he’s just like Tommy.

Chief Deputy (Damien) Dunne from the Anti Fun Police comes out and tries to cut a promo but is loudly drained out by the crowd chanting “fun”. Dunne insults Wolverhampton like any cheap heat seeking bad guy would do and he then calls out the man he’s facing and it’s Omari. Unfortunately this reviewer hadn’t heard of Omari or seen a Omari match but let’s see what this guy is all about and clearly he likes fun so he’s all good in my book. This match was nothing special in fact in this reviewers opinion it was painfully average at best. During some points there was a bit of miscommunication but then it was bound to happen as Omari hasn’t been around long, he has only worked for a local promotion in Birmingham previously. Also he doesn’t seem to have a cagematch profile, so trying to find information on this guy is a nightmare.

Anyway Omari is a bit inexperienced as he’s not been wrestling that long but Dunne carried him to a competent match and put the youngster over as well. At least that was fun, well sort of.

Up next was the main event as Dan Moloney and his shitty little boots teamed with the Fight Club PRO champion the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne to take on Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven). This was actually a cracking match featuring a combination of stiff looking strikes, neat near-falls, big dives and some great looking power moves. There wasn’t much of a story to the match (until the end anyway) but that didn’t matter. I can appreciate both a spotty match as well as a story line driven match. Tyler looked impressive here and one spot that stood out was when he decided to hoist Pete up onto his shoulders while giving dan a big swing. Yeah he’s done that spot before but it looked great here in my opinion. The ending though sort of came out of nowhere and involved a boat load of shenanigans as well but those shenanigans would play into the story of the show and set something else up. Basically Moustache Mountain had Moloney done for but Shay decided not to count the three this upset Trent and Tyler but they got attacked by Pete and Dan then Joel Allen, regular FCP official run down as MM regained advantage over Pete and Dan. Again it looked like a current three count but Shay was back and he bit Joel which he totally over sold.

Mountain had Shay cornered but Pete came in and rolled up Tyler for the one, two and three. Dan Moloney and Pete Dunne were smart enough to retreat to the back but Shay wasn’t and then MM and Joel had Shay cornered. Again Shay was Saved this time by #CCK (Kid Lykos and Chris Brookes). Joel then cut an impassioned promo and basically made a match where he would team with Trent and Tyler to face the trio of Brookes, Lykos and Shay. Chris Brookes then pointed out there was only two officials in the building but that didn’t matter as Trent made a ringsider and regular fan Warren the referee for the match and he called for the bell. Now it’s on and all six men begin to brawl around the building. The highlight of this portion of the main event was Joel unleashing on Lykos, Brookes and Purser like a mad man. Then the trio of Bate, Seven and Allen hit a trio of chokeslams to Shay, Brookes and Lykos for near-falls. Joel and Shay share the ring alone at one point and the crowd comes unglued but again Shay is saved by Brookes. Anyway after some more back forth between the two trios it ended with Bate and Seven hoisting Lykos and Brookes into tombstone positions. Joel then climbs up to the middle rope and Moustache Mountain and Joel drill Brookes and Lykos with a double ‘indy taker’. Am I dreaming? Anyway Joel then drills shay with a suplex as Trent covers Brookes for the one, two and three. Warren raises the hands of Trent, Tyler and Joel and as Joel pinned Purser he won the 24/7 belt, I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. This was utter nonsense but no one cared and neither did this reviewer it was quiet a sight to see Joel freakin Allen hit a double ‘indy taker’ (with a little help of course) after seeing him give such an awkward stunner at PROGRESS in Brixton.

During all the celebrations by Joel he doesn’t notice Trent and Tyler have him cornered and then straight punch Joel. Trent then tells Warren (the fan) to cover Joel. Which he does as Tyler counts the three and Warren ends the show as the new ATTACK 24/7 Champion.

Overall I really enjoyed this show and at least 5 of the 6 matches on this show I really enjoyed. Basically this show had a little of everything on it. Which is exactly what I want from a wrestling show when watching it and has made me want to go and check out more ATTACK shows.

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