All Elite Wrestling “Double or Nothing” Results/Review

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From The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 25th 2019

The Buy-In PreShow:

Excalibur & Alex Marvez on the Commentary team.

1) Casino Battle Royale: Winner faces the winner of Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega, tonight’s Main Event, for a future AEW World Title match. Suits are drawn and a group of 5 wrestlers, representing that card suit, enter the match.

Dustin Thomas, MJF, Sunny Daze, Brandon Cutler, Michael Nakazawa started in the ring.

Order of Entrants: The Diamonds (1) Brian Pillman Jr., 2) Isaiah Cassidy, 3) Jimmy Havoc, 4) “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford, 5) Shawn Spears), The Hearts – (6) Billy Gunn, 7) Glacier, 8) Jungle Boy, 9) Marq Queen, The Spades (10) Ace Romero) The Spades (11) Luchasaurus, 12) Marko Stunt, 13) Sonny Kiss, 14) Tommy Dreamer,) The Joker) “Hangman” Adam Page, 21) Orange Cassidy)

Order of Eliminations: 1) Daze eliminated Nakazawa, 2) Glacier eliminated Daze, 3) MJF eliminated Glacier, 4) Queen & Cassidy eliminated Pillman Jr, 5) Luchasaurus eliminated Queen, 6) Luchasaurus eliminated Cassidy, 7) Ace Romero eliminated Marko, 8) Jungle Boy eliminated Ace Romero, 9) No Legs eliminated Shawn Spears, 10) MJF eliminated Thomas 11) Cutler eliminated Gunn, 12) MF eliminated Cutler, 13) Luchasaurus eliminated Janela, 14) Dreamer eliminated Kiss, 15) Dreamer eliminated Cassidy, 16) Havoc eliminated Dreamer, 17) Havoc eliminated Jungle Boy, 18) Luchasaurus eliminated Havoc, 19) Hangman eliminated Luchasaurus, 20) Page eliminated MJF to win!

Fun Battle Royal, interesting concept with the Casino Royal motif played up and the chunks of wrestlers coming out at one time. It added a new twist, which saw fighting on the way to their entry, as well as big Ace Romero using a Suicide Dive to take out The Spades. Missed the violence that Havoc and Janela brought early, a Cigarette getting stapled to Janela’s head, followed by another shot from the Staple Gun. Janela took a NASTY bump for his elimination, taking a Luchasaurus Chokeslam over the ropes and HEAD-FIRST through a Table, on the floor. Brandon Cutler eliminated Billy Gunn and that is pretty damn awesome. DUSTIN THOMAS!

Alicia Atout interviews Kylie Rae, who is incredibly excited about her opportunity tonight, leading to Peter Avalon, the Librarian, sliding in and SHHHHHHsing Rae, only for Leva Bates, also, The Librarian, so slide in and SHHH Peter, SHHH Alicia, who leaves Kylie to caught in the middle of the SHHHHH OFF.

2) “The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara vs Kip Sabian

Winner: Sabian after Sammy went for a 630 Splash, only for Sabian to get out of the way and follow with Deathly Hollows (Torture Rack Sit Out Facebuster) and the pin. (Pretty Good. Exciting moves. Sammy is a little shit and can make people happy he loses, so that’s a good takeaway. Sabian is fiery and fun in the ring.)

Vignette for the debut of Sadie Gibbs in AEW is shown. Exciting news for the women’s division, she is a really powerful, explosive phenom.

Jim Ross is shown leaving his dressing room and walking to the commentary station, as the Oklahoma fight song plays.

Main Show:

1) Six Man Tag match: SoCal Uncensored (“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) vs Strong Hearts (CIMA, T-Hawk & El Lindaman)

Winners: SCU after Sky took out Hawk & CIMA with a HIGH No Hands Somersault Tope, Daniels and Lindaman battled for control, with Lindaman sending Daniels into the corner and charging, only for Daniels to get his boot up, allowing Kazarian to scoop Lindaman up in a Tombstone, as Daniels used a Double Jump Moonsault to combine for The Best Meltzer Ever and get the victory! (Good match. Pretty cool finishing sequence with everything coming at you like bang, bang, bang.)

Allie joins Jim Ross, Alex Marvez & Excalibur to call AEW’s first Women’s match.

2) Fatal Four Way match: “Smiley” Kylie Rae vs Nyla Rose vs Dr. Britt Baker vs Awesome Kong w/Brandi Rhodes

After Rae, Rose & Baker got into the ring, Brandi Rhodes came out. She cut a promo, talking about wanting to make the match Awesome, bringing out AWESOME KONG!

Winner: Baker after Rae got the advantage on Baker and danced around the ring, smiling at everyone,

Baker drilled Rae with a Superkick, she followed with Ooshigaroshi and put Rae down for the 3. (Rae & Baker were good, Rae especially, until she was too busy with the crowd and it cost her. Nyla Rose is not good enough to have this big of a spotlight.)

Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega are shown preparing in their respective dressing rooms.

3) Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta) vs Angelico & Jack Evans

Winners: Best Friends after Evans folded Trent up with a Yoshi Tonic, Angelico followed with an Axe Kick to Trent’s head, before hitting his hands and knees, allowing Evans to launch off his back with a Flying Kick to Trent. Angelico launched Evans with a Release Vertical Suplex Splash to get a 2 on Trent, before Evans tagged in Angelico, making his way to the corner, as Angelico pulled Trent into a Fireman’s Carry. Chuck stood up, as Evans jumped from the top, onto Trent’s back and Moonsaulted to the floor, taking out Taylor! Angelico tried to charge with Trent, but Trent escaped and Angelico crashed into the corner, Trent charged in, but Angelico CRUSHED him with a Bicycle Knee Strike to the face. Angelico pulled Trent up for a Running Crucifix Bomb into the turnbuckles, followed by a 630 Splash from Evans, who covered, but Chuck broke it up! Chuck and Angelico battled, until Angelico threw him out of the ring, Trent used a quick Inside Cradle for a 2 on Evans, as Taylor held Angelico’s leg. Angelico kicked away Taylor, blasted Trent with an elbow and then threw him, face-first into the middle turnbuckle! Evans positioned Trent on the top, as Angelico went for a Slingshot Tope to Chuck, who moved and then slid into the ring, pulling Evans into a Doomsday, as Trent flew off the top with a Flying Knee Strike! Taylor took out Angelico with a Tope Con Hilo, as Trent pulled Evans up and hooked for The Crunchy Thing, as Taylor flew off the top with a Double Stomp, SPIKING the Crunchy Thing and getting the 3. (Awesome Tag match! All 4 of these guys really looked good and brought their best. Evans is always a favorite to watch and really had fun out there. RECOMMENDED)

As the teams embrace, the lights go out. When they come back on, The Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Player Dos) are in the ring! The lights go back out! And the ring is surrounded by The Heartless, they pull Angelico and Trent out of the ring and beat them, as SSB beats on Evans and Taylor.

AEW “All Out” announced for August 31st, 2019 from The Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois

4) Joshi Showcase Trios match: RIHO, Ryu Mizunami & HIkaru Shida vs Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura

Winners: Shida, Mizunami & RIHO after Aja planted Shida with a Brainbuster, she stood watch as Sakura nailed Shida with a Moonsault and hooked the leg, for a 2! Sakura called for the end and pulled Shida in with a Butterfuly, but Shida struggled loose and then dodged a Spinning Back Fist from Kong, which dropped Sakura! RIHO took out Aja with a Cross Body off the top, as Shida hit the ropes and smoked Sakura with a Sliding Knee to get the pin. (Dope! Action packed fun. RIHO is awesome! Finish seemed to catch the crowd off guard, but they loved everything leading up to it. Aja Kong is a living legend and it’s awesome to watch her continue to kick ass. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Very cool video package hyping the Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes story and match.

5) “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes vs Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes

There was a Stone Throne, with Triple H’s cross and skull design, which Cody destroyed with a Sledgehammer, before entering the ring.
Referee Earl Hebner threw Brandi Rhodes out of the ringside area, after she Speared Dustin on the floor! Brandi continued to argue with Earl, until Diamond Dallas Page came out and carried her to the back. DUSTIN HIT A GUSHER! I will always believe in blood making an amazing impact on a wrestling match, especially when the stakes are personal and high. This night will be remembered for Dustin vs Cody, incredible!

Winner: Cody after Dustin hooked for The Cross Rhodes, Dustin distracted Referee Earl Hebner, pulling him close, before nailing his brother with a back kick to the nuts. Cody hit the ropes and kicked Dustin’s crimson masked face with The Disaster Kick, following with Cross Rhodes and the cover, but, SOMEHOW, Dustin kicked out! The incredible scene, Cody, body covered in Dustin’s blood, sitting next to Dustin’s body, depleted of an incredible amount of blood, they got up, Dustin nailed Cody with a Headbutt and hit a Cross Rhodes of his own, dropping into the cover, but CODY KICKED OUT! They dragged themselves to their feet and traded HARD Right Hands to the face, signature Drop Down Uppercuts, Cody scored with a Pump Kick and hit the ropes, only for Dustin to take him over with a Spanish Fly, before draping an arm over Cody, only getting a 2! The fans chant “Fight Forever,” as Cody drags Dustin to his feet, hits Din’s Fire, before dragging his beaten carcass back up, stopping Hebner’s 10-count on Dustin, before hitting Cross Rhodes and hooking the leg, finally putting Dustin Rhodes down for the 3. (Classic, the best match of Cody’s career. The drama and heat and skill was all there, but the blood, THE AMOUNT OF BLOOD and the never-say-die attitude made this something that needs to be seen. Such an emotional fight, amazing scene. Ruined the new ring canvas. WATCH THIS NOW!)

Cody comes back to the ring, as the fans chant “Thank You Dustin,” Cody tells Dustin that he doesn’t get to retire here. He announces that he signed on to face The Young Bucks with a partner of his choosing, and asks for his Older Brother, Dustin, to team with him, they embrace! (INCREDIBLE)

Highlights of the Casino Royale are shown, before Jack Whitehall introduces Bret “The Hitman” Hart, to reveal the AEW World Championship. Hart comes to the ring and then brings out “Hangman” Adam Page, the winner of the Casino Royale and one half of the AEW World Title match at a future date. As they start up, MJF comes out, cuts an INCREDIBLE promo on Hart, Page and horses, calling himself the future of AEW (It’s True.) The best man from the job, is joined and intimidated by Jungle Boy and Jimmy Havoc. MJF continues to run his mouth, before Page, Jungle & Havoc surround him, on the floor, MJF tries to attack and is beaten down! Hart reveals the beautiful looking AEW Title and poses with it.

6) AAA World Tag Team Championship match: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) © vs The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix)

Winners and STILL AAA World Tag Champions: The Young Bucks after Fenix went for a Springboard into the ring, The Bucks annihilated him with stereo Superkicks, setting Fenix up for Matt to score with a Helluva Kick and then lift Fenix to the top, following with a Top Turnbuckle BRAAIIINBUSTTAAHHHH!!! Shout out El Generico! Matt pulled up Pentagon, as Nick perched on the top, following with More Bang For Your Buck and Matt held on, but Pentagon kicked out! Matt pulled Pentagon up in a Package Piledriver, as Nick used a Springboard Double Stomp to spike the Piledriver, before using a SICK Walk Up Springboard Escalera to take out Fenix on the floor, Matt covered, but Penta kicked out! After a moment of disbelief, Matt pulled Penta in Tombstone position, as Nick readied on the apron, only for Fenix to spring up, walk across the ropes and drill Nick with a kick to the face, knocking him to the floor, as Pentagon escaped Matt’s grip and SNAPPED HIS ARM, before hitting The Pentagon Driver and holding on, for a 2! Penta tagged in his brother, who came in, as Matt was holding his arm and trying to shake it off, and blasted the older Jackson brother’s face with Superkicks, before using a Knuckle-Lock to arm twist and Superkick the injured arm of Matt! Fenix lifted Matt to the top and called for the end, but as he charged, Matt hopped down and used ONE ARM to scoop Fenix up in a Tombstone, as Nick dropped Penta on the floor and then hopped on the apron to hit The Meltzer Driver, allowing Matt to pin Pentagon! (Fantastic match! These guys all went crazy, bringing it all, timing it perfectly and dying for each other. Fenix and Nick are incredible together, just bringing the best out of each other. Fenix is legitimately one of the best wrestlers in the entire world, the stuff he does and how, just, impactful his stuff is, the otherworldy athletic flow of strikes and aerial assault, he is jaw-dropping. Great tag match, great start to AEW’s age of emphasis on Tag Team wrestling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

7) “Judas” Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega
Winner faces “Hangman” Page for the AEW World Championship, at a later date.

Winner: Jericho after Kenny pulled Chris up for The One Winged Angel, Jericho was able to counter out and spike Kenny with a DDT. Jericho waited for Omega to pull himself up, before charging across and hitting The Code Breaker, Jericho then readied himself and BLASTED Omega with The Judas Effect, knocking him to the mat and covering to get the 3. (Bad Ass!)

After the match, Jericho gets on the mic, cutting a promo about AEW being about him and not the fans, asking to be thanked for bringing everyone to the MGM tonight. Out of nowhere, JON MOXLEY makes his way through the RABID fans, gets in the ring and plants Jericho with The Dirty Deeds, before planting Referee Paul Turner with The Dirty Deeds! Moxley celebrates and then gets in Omega’s face, while he is still down on the mat, Moxley pulls him in for The Dirty Deeds, but Omega fights back! They crash through the ropes, to the floor, where they continue to brawl! They fight to the stage, where they position on top of a stack of decorative Poker Chips! Moxley gets the advantage and plants Omega with The Dirty Deeds onto the chips, before using a Death Valley Driver, throwing Omega off the stack and onto a platform, just below the stage! WHAT AN ENDING!