AIW “JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2019 – Night 2”

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From The Odeon Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio, June 15th 2019

1)  JLIT 2019 Semifinal Round – Fatal Four Way: “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini vs Zach Thomas vs AIW Intense Division Champion Joshua Bishop w/Maserati Wes vs Nick FUCKING Gage

Winner: Gage after countering Thomas’ Lariat into a Piledriver, Gage rolled him up and used a second Piledriver, setting up a NASTY Chokebreaker to put Zach down for the 3. (Great, wild fun from all of these guys. Thomas comes out to “War Machine,” and killed it in his appearances this weekend. Great looking young cat, with a bad ass variety in his moves and a explosive demeanor. Bishop and Garrini took a nasty spill through a Door, on the floor, leaned up against the guardrail, when Dam was on Bishop’s back in a Rear Naked Choke and Joshua just said FUCK IT and jumped through the door!)

2) JLIT 2019 Semifinal Round – Fatal Four Way: “The Buzzkiller” Pat Buck vs “Tiger Style” Lee Moriarty vs Savio Vega vs Mance Warner

Winner: Warner after Mance knocked Savio out of the ring with a Lariat, Moriarty entered the ring and blasted Mance with a Discuss Bicycle Kick to pick up a 2. Mance recovered in the corner, where Lee charged in, only to eat a boot, but Lee fired right back at Mance, Mance dodged and hit the ropes, coming back with a HUGE Lariat and the cover for the 3. (Moriarty has looked so damn good in his appearances this weekend. Buck has awesome entrance gear. Mance Warner is DA GOD. Good showing from Vega.)

3) JLIT 2019 Semifinal Round – Fatal Four Way: KTB vs “Mr. Fun Size” Marko Stunt vs Matthew Justice vs Kid Kash

Winner: Justice after KTB lifted Justice to the top and started following up, Kash pulled KTB to the floor and brawled with him, as Marko recovered and started climbing towards Justice. Matthew overpowered Marko, on the top and used a FUCKING RIDICULOUS Super Crunchy to fold Mark up and get the victory! (Insane fucking ending! The veterans that AIW bring in, all bring it, they understand the environment they are in and how much it means to everyone in the ring and behind the scenes, and they bring it. Great stuff from Kash. Justice is on fire recently, the HUGE bump with Bishop will assist in the push, but Justice is a fucking solid hand, with a great look and I am stoked for the Final, with Gage, Warner and Justice going to war!)

4)  Tim Donst vs “The Last of a Dying Breed” Eddie Kingston

Winner: Kingston after leveling Donst with a Lariat, Kingston followed with The Sliding D and the cover, but Donst kicked out. Kingston pulled down the straps on his singlet and played to the crowd, giving Donst the opportunity to roll and Inside Cradle for a quick 2, but they both popped up and Kingston scored with The Backfist to the Future, putting Donst down for the 3. (Another chapter of this epic feud. Donst will spend his dying days proving to Kingston that he Is tough enough and worthy of the competition. Kingston is a god damn living legend of the Independent scene and giving us mid-90’s King Road matches, time in and time out. Plus, his promo work will make some froth at the mouth for violence. Good match that you should enjoy, with the rest of the Kingston vs Donst saga.)

Kingston gets on the mic and cuts a promo on AIW Absolute Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, who appears in the commentary area. Kingston lays out a challenge for Absolution, which brings Lawlor to the ring and they go face to face. Wrestlers and staff come out to separate the two, as Kingston continues to cut a promo on Lawlor.

5)  AIW Tag Team Championship Open Challenge match: To Infinity & Beyond (“The Man Called” Cheech & Colin Delaney)© vs Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)

Winners and STILL AIW Tag Champions: To Infinity & Beyond after Kendrick lifted Cheech to the top, Louis tried the same with Colin, but Delaney put up a fight, pushing Lyndon off and following with a Diving Ace Crusher! Colin pulled Flip off the top and nailed him with a Rolling Elbow, before lifting Flip to Cheech, in Powerbomb position, as Colin pulled Louis into rested Lung Blower position and Cheech used a Powerbomb, sending Cheech crashing onto Colin and they double pinned Aeroform. (Great, fast-paced, heavy on the double team moves action from these two teams. 4 guys that know how to make a Tag match work and keep the fans entertained. Cheech & Colin hold court in AIW, being the most dominant Champions in their history and continuing to find ways to keep the Titles around their waist. Great to see Flip & Louis link back up, Aeroform was a staple of the creation of Beyond Wrestling and early 2010’s Indy Tag scene.

6)   6 Person Scramble: Dr. Daniel C Rockingham vs Mikey Montgomery vs CPA vs Eric Taylor vs “The Cornbelt Cowboy” Manders vs Allie Kat

Winner: Allie after CPA used a Tiger Bomb on Taylor and held on, Montgomery flew off the top with a NUTSO Twisting Body Senton and CRUSHED CPA. Dan pulled Montgomery up and THREW him to the floor, before dragging CPA in position, but Allie stopped them with a Slingshot Body Press through the ropes, before KILLING Dan with a Rip Cord Headbutt and covering for the 3. (Dynamite! Great performances from Montgomery and Allie! Lots of wild, high impact shit. Manders is the god damn truth and brings the pain in a bad-ass Scott Dawson-esque style. Good match.)

7)  Handicap match: 40 Acres (Tre Lamar, AJ Gray & PB Smooth) vs The Production (Danhausen, Derek Director & Eddy Only)

Winners: 40 Acres after Only came down to the ring, injured and limping heavily, but BLASTING 40 Acres’ members with chair shots to the head, AJ used a Diving Tackle to take out Only’s bad ankle. Tre used a FANTASTIC No Hands Flipping Tope to take out Derek & Danhausen, as PB used a big Chokeslam on Only to get the pin.

8)  AIW Absolute Championship match: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor© vs Erick Stevens

Winner and STILL AIW Absolute Champion: Tom Lawlor after using a double Greco Roman Knuckle Lock to UNLOAD kicks to Stevens’ face, from his back, Lawlor got to his feet and transitioned into a NASTY Thrusting Knee Strike to the face, before DUMPING Stevens with a Kneeling Tombstone Piledriver and covering for a 2. Lawlor fired up, throwing his elbow pad at Stevens, before using a NASTY Hammerlock Emerald Flowsion to put Stevens down for the 3. (BANGER! Stevens started this match with a Suicide Dive, BANG and the fight just stayed on the floor and escalated to a dirty brawl. Lawlor gave Stevens an Airplane Spin that seemed to go on forever, with fans moving and dodging out of the way. Great exchanges of strikes and suplexes, with Stevens’ fire and explosiveness really impressing. Lawlor’s killer instinct is awesome, the variety of ways he understands and uses to put his opponent’s away, giving you a lot of new finishing holds when you watch his matches.)

9)  JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2019 Final – Three Way Elimination match: Nick FUCKING Gage vs Mance Warner w/Duke vs Matthew Justice

Winner: Justice (Clash of the AIW Titans here. The energy inside that building was coming through my computer screen, you could feel the love the AIW crowd was giving these guys! They brought out the big guns early and when no one could end it, shit got out of hand. Chairs, Doors and wild moves from these 3, Justice flies all over the place, and for his size, it’s a really impressive/frightening scene. Jack Samson came out of the crowd and attacked Mance, until Duke took the Chair from him and BLASTED Mance himself! The Justice vs Gage matchup is wild as hell, using pieces of broken Doors to smash over each other’s heads and asking for more! Gage’s fucking HYPE is unreal and the finishing sequence was something else man.)

 Order of Eliminations: 1) Justice eliminated Warner after Duke knocked Mance out with a Chair Shot, Duke & Jock Samson rolled Mance into the ring and then pulled Justice into the cover. 2) Justice after Gage escaped Justice’s grip and used a Chokebreaker, Gage pulled Justice back up, only for Matthews to roll an Inside Cradle and pick up the victory!

Two days of dynamite Independent Wrestling from AIW. In the past, this tournament has featured the big names, the up and comers and what makes AIW’s yearly tournament stand-out, the inclusion of Veterans that still give it their all. Erick Stevens came into this tournament, recently returning to wrestling after a long break and put on 2 killer performances. The match vs Dominic Garrini on night 1 was killer and the AIW Title match against Filthy Tom was the best match of the weekend! The JLIT Final had a buzz unlike any other JLIT Final I can remember, in some time and it delivered with a crazy rush of offense and 3 guys that know how to put an end to a match. Support Absolute Intense Wrestling, check out their podcast “The Card Is Going To Change” and support Independent Wrestling. Thank you Fite TV for providing Live Streams for this great weekend, Rest in Peace Chandler Biggins.


1)      Tom Lawlor vs Erick Stevens – Night 2 (Non-Tournament; AIW Absolute Title match)

2)      Mance Warner vs Nick Gage vs Matthew Justice – Night 2 (JLIT Final)

3)      Manders vs Big Twan Tucker – (Biggins Memorial Tag Tournament – Non-Tournament)

4)      Eddie Kingston vs Tim Donst

5)      Kingston vs Zach Thomas; Stevens vs Dominic Garrini and AJ Gray vs Nick Gage