Absolute Intense Wrestling “Chandler Biggins Memorial Tag Team Tournament” Results

Added by Zack Monday

From The Odeon Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio, June 15th 2019

1)   CBMTT First Round match: The Young Studs (Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan) vs The Production (Derek Director & Eddy Only) w/Danhausen

Winners: The Production after Ryan kicked out of Only’s Frankensteiner pin, Only blasted Eric with a Headbutt and leveled him with a Lariat, just as Derek slid in and combine with Eddy to hit The Final Cut (Double Pump Handle Driver), with both holding on for the pin.

2) CBMTT First Round match: Weird World (Alex “Worldwide” Keller & Weird Body) vs PME (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia)

Winners: PME after Marino dove over Philly, who held Weird body and blasted Keller with a Missile Dropkick, Weird Body used a quick School Boy on Philly for a 2. PME immediately put Weird Body down with Sunset Dreams and covered for the 3.

3)  CBMTT First Round match FUCK-IT Rules: The Rip City Shooters (AIW Intense Division Champion Joshua Bishop & Maserati Wes Barkley) vs The Boys From Jollyville (Nasty Russ & T-Money)

After the first fall, Ring Announcer Steve Guy reminded everyone that “Fuck-It Rules” means Best 2 out of 3 Falls.

Winners: The Boys From Jollyville

Order of Falls: 1) Wes pinned T-Money after Money crushed Bishop with The Pounce and Barkley snuck in with a School Boy, picking up the 3. 2) Russ pinned Wes after Money crushed him with The Pounce and Russ covered. 3) Russ pinned Bishop after Money planted Bishop with a Uranage, allowing Russ to connect with The Cannonball and cover for the 3.

4)  CBMTT First Round match: The Spirit Squad (Kenny Doane & Mikey Mondo) vs AIW Tag Team Champions To Infinity & Beyond (“Man Called” Cheech & Colin Delaney)

Winners: To Infinity & Beyond after Kenny pulled Colin into a Fireman’s Carry, as Referee Jake Clemons argued with Mikey, allowing Cheech to throw Powder into Kenny’s eyes, Colin used a School Boy to pin the blinded Kenny and move on to the final!

5)  Manders vs Big Twan Tucker

Winner: Twan after Manders went for his Cow Bell, only to be stopped by the Referee and as they argued, Twan crushed Manders with a Spear and covered to get the win!

6)  Eight Man Tag match: Eric Taylor, Arthur McArthur, Chuck Stone & Mikey Montgomery vs Tim Donst, Brian Carson, Dr. Dan & Parker Pierce

Showcase for AIW Academy Students, with veteran presence mixed in.

Winners: Donst, Carson, Dan & Pierce after Pierce laid out Taylor with a Lariat and went for The Dedication Toss, only for Taylor to counter with a Frankensteiner and follow with a Springboard Stomp. Dan attacked Taylor and went for a Lawn Dart, but Eric escaped and combined with McArthur for a Lariat/Code Red on Dan, allowing Eric to cover, but Donst broke up the pin and locked Taylor in From Duck Til Donst, forcing the immediate Tap Out.

Donst attacked Taylor and McArthur, bringing Dom Garrini, the Head Trainer of the AIW Academy, who was on commentary for the match, over the guardrail and into the ring, sending Donst running. Garrini lays out a challenge to “Mr. Absolution” Donst, for a Submit or Surrender match at Absolution!

7)  AIW Absolute Championship match: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor© vs PB Smooth

Winner and STILL AIW Absolute Champion: Lawlor after Smooth planted Lawlor with a Sit-Out Uranage and covered for a 2, Smooth’s frustration grew, as he stomped on Lawlor and then looked for a Full Nelson. Lawlor fought out of the hold and exchanged with Smooth, before ducking a Lariat and using a quick School Boy to pick up the victory.

8)  Chandler Biggins Memorial Tag Team Tournament Final – Four Way Elimination match: AIW Tag Team Champions To Infinity & Beyond (“The Man Called” Cheech & Colin Delaney) vs The Production (Derek Director & Danhausen (substituting for Eddy Only, who is injured) vs PME (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia) vs The Boys From Jollyville (Nasty Russ & T-Money)

Winners: PME

Order of Eliminations: 1) To Infinity & Beyond were eliminated by Disqualification, after PME used Sunset Dreams on Delaney and Marino covered, Cheech slid in with a Title Belt and smashed both members of PME, resulting in the DQ. 2) Production eliminated Jollyville after Derek caught Russ with a Back Kick to the nuts, he followed with a Lung Blower, allowing Danhausen to follow with his own Lung Blower and the Production covered for the 3. 3) PME eliminated Production after Marino flattened Danhausen with a Tornado Kick, Philly lifted Marino into a Dropkick to Derek, before PME hit Sunset Dreams on Philly and covered for the HUGE WIN! (Great day and moment for PME. The story of these guys getting to this point has been great to watch and keep tabs on. Their AIW Tag Title match against To Infinity & Beyond will be pretty special at Absolution. Match seemed a little rushed, but it was fun and wrapped up a good show.)

Philly gets on the mic and lays out a AIW Tag Title challenge to To Inifity & Beyond, for Absolution!