AAW Chaos Theory 2016 Review

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AAW kicks off their year on January 15th, 2016 running a show main evented by AAW Champion Eddie Kingston and 22-year-old Trevor Lee who has been on the up and up since 2014 as one of the hottest prospects in North America. Also on the show is Chris Hero versus former NXT talent Sami Callihan to determine the number one contender for the AAW Championship, AR Fox vs. Davey Vega, Abyss making his AAW return, and much more.

Drew Gulak vs. Louis Lyndon

This was Gulak’s return or I guess you could say redebut for AAW as he takes on AAW regular Louis Lyndon in what ended up being a real good opener. Gulak did his basic grappling while Lyndon did a lot of his highflying and got the crowd behind him. Not much else to say. ***¼

Dan O’Hare & YUTA vs. Kongo Kong

Really just a 3 minute squash match to make Kongo Kong look like a menacing beast. It did its job in that sense so you can’t really complain. There are a lot of people who believe Kong is one of the best big men in wrestling today, and there are some who think he’s just a big stump who isn’t worth anything, and I’m far in the middle of those two people. He’s good, and he’s getting better, but right now, he’s simply good. I like the way he’s booked and I like how he uses his size to his advantage, knows exactly what he can do and what he can’t do and plays to that perfectly. Booking him in matches like these on every show won’t get him anywhere, but booking him in matches like these once every few months, is good. Harmless to the other guys too since they’re complete unknowns. N/R

Heidi Lovelace & Kimber Lee vs. Allysin Kay & Brittany Blake

Again, there are some people who think Kimber Lee is the best thing going in women’s wrestling today, there are some who don’t get her, and there are some who simply think she’s bad. I personally am the latter. She honestly looks like a complete spazz in the ring and just doesn’t come off as a competent wrestler. Heidi Lovelace on the other hand is pretty good, while I haven’t seen enough of Kay or Blake to make that call on them, but they didn’t do much to impress me here, they were just there. The match wasn’t very good, worst on the show and it’s not even close.

AAW Tag Team Championship: The Hooligans (c) vs. Zero Gravity

The Hooligans should not be nearly as good as they are. You look at them and you see two big ass dudes in overalls and no shoes who came from the middle of nowhere, you’re deceived by their appearance and are surprised that they’re really good in the ring and have boatloads of charisma. Zero G on the other hand, Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza, are pretty good and have been feuding against the Hooligans on and off since they made their AAW debut at The Chaos Theory last year. This was a really fun, spotty, brawly type match that played to both teams’ strengths perfectly. The Hooligans ended up retaining and thus presumably wrapped up the Zero G feud once and for all. ***½

AAW Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership Match: Chris Hero vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan made his return to AAW back in November and immediately pursued Eddie Kingston and his AAW Championship. Chris Hero has been in AAW for a while now and is booked as a top star but hasn’t been granted a shot at the championship, but you would have to assume that going through Pentagon Jr. and Colt Cabana in prior months is what put him in this spot on this here show. It was obvious that Sami Callihan was winning but Hero did a good job of making me believe that he would win throughout the match. There were a lot of hard kicks and elbows thrown, lots of good technical work and everything of the like here between two of the best wrestlers on the U.S. indie scene. Maybe not as good as the Pentagon match from November, but certainly comparable. ***¾

Markus Crane, Mat Fitchett & Shane Hollister vs. Buck Nasty, Connor Braxton & Eddie Machete

There was a lot I wasn’t fond of here such as Connor Braxton and his weird hoverboard gimmick where he rides on a hoverboard during the match. It’s just way over the top and ‘trendy’ for me and I’d rather not see that in my wrestling. That, and the commentary was simply awful, which they were throughout the entire show, don’t get me wrong, just more so here. Nonetheless, the match was a big clusterfuck and was fun in a vacuum, I suppose. ***¼

Ryan Boz vs. Abyss

It’s Abyss. The match was exactly what you had expected. It was a fun brawl that had no real story being told. The Iron Curtain attacked Abyss once Boz got the win and Kongo Kong came out and scared them off. Abyss and Kong vs. The Iron Curtain was set up for the next show. Again, fun in a vacuum. **½

AAW Heritage Championship: Davey Vega (c) vs. AR Fox

Vega had a great match against AR Fox a few months ago and beat Louis Lyndon for this belt back in December at AAW Unstoppable, so he’s been on a roll as of late and was paired up again Fox, who made his debut against Sami Callihan at the same show Vega beat Lyndon at. Fox is a former CZW Wired Champion and the first EVOLVE Champion and has seemingly fallen off the shelf these past few months as he’s no longer in EVOLVE, hasn’t been getting booked for PWG, and hasn’t taken many bookings out of the country, which sucks to see because he’s a super talented guy. This was another spotty match that was a lot of fun to watch even when the commentary was cringeworthy. Fox got the win thus was crowned the new champ and already looks to defend against AAW regular Matt Cage at the next show. ***

AAW Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Trevor Lee

Lee debuted for AAW back in September and got himself a win over Silas Young to be put into a four-way number one contender’s match in November which Kingston was also apart of. There was a lot of tension between the two throughout that match and as a result were both put in a match against Ethan Page later that month for the AAW Championship, a match in which Kingston won. Page has since left AAW (showing up at the Freelance Wrestling show in Chicago the night this here show was taking place) as Lee challenges Kingston in what would end up being the blowoff to their feud. The match wasn’t all that memorable but was very well paced and had that big match feel that Eddie Kingston puts over so well. I’ve enjoyed Lee’s run in AAW thus far so I look forward to seeing where this loss leads him. On the other hand, Kingston now looks to defend against Sami Callihan on the next show. ***½

Didn’t peak as high as previous shows, but this was a fun to watch. Some matches were certainly better than others but nothing was overly offensive (the commentary, I’ll say for the third time now, was pretty awful though). Nonetheless, support AAW because they’re a good company who tend to put on fun shows. Thanks for checking out my review.

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