AAA ‘Triplemania 27’ (3/8/19) Review

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From Arena Mexico


1)  Arkangel Divino, Dragon Bane & Astrolux vs Aramis, Toxin & Arez

Winners: Bane, Divino & Astrolux after Bane took out Arez with a Standing Spanish Fly counter, he quickly positioned Arez and went to the top, flying off with a 630 to pick up the win. (Crazy ass moves in this one. Aramis is so legit. Really fun spot fest, everyone got their spot to shine and came through. Built to where the big Dive sequence really meant something at the end, and boy did they come through with crazy aerial acrobatics. RECOMMENDED!)

Main Show:

1)      AAA Mixed Tag Team Championship Four Way Dance: Big Mami & Nino Hamburgesa© vs Vanilla & Australian Suicide vs Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bordeaux vs Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla

Winners and NEW Mixed Tag Champions: Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla after Mami ripped Maravilla to the mat, by the hair, Mami went for an Irish Whip, but Maravilla collapsed, holding her knee. Viallano went after Mami, only to end up in the corner, getting Chopped, Mami positioned Villano and went to the middle, hitting the Vader Bomb, as Hamburgesa was checking on Maravilla, Nino went to the cover, only for Maravilla to Low Blow Nino and use a School Boy, which Referee El Hijo de Tirantes counted the 3. (Good stuff. Australian is so damn gnarly, creative and HIGH FLYING. Good flow from all of these folks, the finish was great, playing into a LONG story.)

Konnan comes out and cuts a HEEL PROMO on being the reason that Triple A is where they are, he says he is going to make history tonight. Konnan talks about honoring the past legends.

Great video package honoring Perro Aguayo.

The honor Silver King, bringing out his family and inducting him into the Hall of Fame.

2)  For the VACANT AAA Trios Championship : Fresas Salvajes (Mamba, Maximo & Pimpinela Escarlata) vs Poder del Norte (Tito Santana, Carta Brava & Mocho Cota Jr.) vs Los Jinetes de Aire (Myzteziz Jr., El Hijo de Vikingo & Golden Magic)

Winners and NEW Trios Champions: Los Jinetes de Aire after Maximo and Cota battled in the ring, Cota used a Knuckle Lock on Maximo to climb up the corner and use a 450 to take out the pile, Maximo went to the top and landed a BEAUTIFUL Moonsault and everyone was down, except for  Myzteziz, who landed a Sick Asai Moonsault. Brava caught Vikingo’s Frankensteiner and scored with a Butterfly Backbreaker. Vikingo got the advantage back and used a Running Death Valley Driver into the corner to set up the Inverted 450 Splash and the cover. (Good stuff. Wild Lucha fun, goofy Exotico moments and damn good rugged Lucha from Poder. Aire flew all over, Vikingo is something special.)

3)  Copa de Triplemania: Pagano eliminated Chessman to win

Royal Rumble style, over the top, pinfall or Submission eliminations. New wrestler every 60 seconds.

Order of Entrants: 1) Eclipse Jr. (Super Crazy’s nephew), 2) Daga, 3) AAA Latin American Champion Drago, 4) Superfly, 5) Murder Clown, 6) Aerostar, 7) Monsther Clown, 8) Puma King, 9) Konnan, (wearing a Trump Shirt), 10) Chessman, 11) Vampiro, 12) Pagano, 13) Averno, 14) Rey Escorpion, 15) LA Parka

(Incomplete Eliminations. A good chunk though, everything I could make out during the Live stream)

Order of Eliminations: 1) Superfly, 2) Chessman eliminated Dragon, 3) Daga eliminated Monsther, 4) Vampiro eliminated Konnan, 5) Vampiro eliminated himself, 6) Escorpion eliminated Murder Clown after a Chair Shot. 7) Puma King eliminated Averno after a Super Hurracanrana, 8) Chessman eliminated Puma King, 9) Chessman eliminated Parka, who was distracted by a Purple Clown at ringside. Parka attacks the Clown with a Cookie Sheet. 10) Pagano eliminated Daga, 11) Pagano eliminated Escorpion, 12) Pagano eliminated Chessman after using an Air Raid Crash, off the middle turnbuckle, crashing Chessman into a pile of Chairs and covering for the 3.

As Pagano is celebrating, the lights go out, when they come back on LA FAMILIA DE LA PARK (LA Park, El Hijo de la Parka & La Parka Jr.) is in the ring! They attack Pagano, beating him down in the middle of the ring, while Park smashes the Copa de Triplemania. Park cuts a crazy promo, challenging Pagano to a Hair vs Mask Extreme match.

4)  For the VACANTA AAA Reina de Reinas Championship TLC Scramble: Ayako Hamada vs “Wera Loca” Taya vs Chik Tormenta vs La Hiedra vs Tessa Blanchard vs Lady Shani vs Faby Apache

Reina de Reyes Keyra is wheelchaired out on the stage, her right knee is severely injured and she announces, live, that she is unable to compete in the match. She says that she will be back and will take on whoever is the champion. Tormenta leaves the ring and confronts Keyra, she questions the injury and then dumps the wheelchair and is held back by staff. Luchador Supresa come out!

Winner and NEW Reina de Reinas: Tessa after battling with Taya on top of the Ladder, Tessa gouged at Taya’s eye, before smashing her bloody head on top of the Ladder, Taya fell to the mat. As Hamada smashed Apache and Shani with Chair Shots, Tessa unlatched the Title and claimed her throne. (Pretty fun. Tormenta died on a fall to the floor, missing a bridged ladder and JUST BOUNCING off the arena floor. Taya is so good at these matches, all matches to be honest, fun stuff.)

5)  Six Man Tag match: Killer Kross, Taurus & Texano Jr. w/Scarlett Bodreaux vs Psycho Clown, Cody Rhodes & Cain Velasquez

Winners: Cain, Cody & Psycho after Cain caught Texano with a Spinning Kick to the gut, he used a Scoop Suplex to get up a Kimora, forcing Texano to Tap Out. (Cain busted out some crazy Lucha for a man of his size. Good, crazy main event level brawl.)

Los Mercenarios hit the ring and took Psycho’s mask.

6)   Six Man Tag match: Team All Elite Wrestling The ELITE (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs AAA World Tag Team Champions The Lucha Brothers (Fenix & Pentagon Jr) & Laredo Kid

Winners: Lucha Bros & Laredo after Pentagon held Omega in a Package Piledriver and Fenix dove off the top, stomping and spiking Omega into the mat, Laredo flew off the top with a 450 to Omega and held on, only for Kenny to kick out. Penta and Fenix combined for a Spiked Package Piledriver on Matt, before Laredo and Fenix took out Nick and Kenny with Tope Suicidas and Pentagon covered Nick for the 3. (Omega’s first match in Mexico. Fun match, cool spots and quick thinking.)

Kenny Omega cuts a promo, thanking the fans and Triple A, before laying out a challenge to AAA Mega Champion Fenix. He lays out the challenge, for Omega to come back and face Fenix, 1 on 1, for the Title. Fenix accepts and Omega says he will prove that AEW is better that AAA.

7)  Mascara contra Caballera: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Blue Demon Jr.

Winner: Blue Demon Jr. (COVERED IN BLOOD) after El Hijo de Blue Demon Jr. got in the ring, with a Cement Block, two of Wagner’s guys got in the ring and stopped El Hijo, smashing a Cookie Sheet over his head and taking him out of the ring. But, the Concrete was left in the ring and Demon picked up it, before SMASHING it over Wagner’s head and quickly covering for the 3. (Insanely bloody. Both men were covered in their own and their opponent’s blood. Wild scene.)

Demon allowed Wagner and his men to shave his head.