4FW ‘Global Takeover’ (7/5/16) Review

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The first thing I noticed upon arriving was that 4FW have really upgraded their lighting system, the whole place looked amazing.

This event has been billed as 4FW’s 12 year anniversary.

After a long opening sequence of music and flashing lights, the show starts with one of the most anticipated matches of the evening, the 6 man match for the #1 contendership to Mark Haskins’ 4FW Cruiserweight Championship.

Ultimo Dragon vs Mark Andrews vs Wild Boar vs Mega Pegasus vs Bubblegum vs Pete Dunne

The match started out with ‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews chain wrestling whilst the other competitors stood on the ring apron. The pace picks up and then Wild Boar and Mega Pegasus tag in. There’s a brief chant of ‘Power Rangers’ by the crowd in reference to Pegasus’ ‘unusual’ attire! Boar hits a few power moves on Pegasus before Bubblegum and Dragon tag in. Ultimo Dragon hits a few of his signature moves before he’s attacked by Boar and Dunne. Chaos breaks out and from here-on-in all 6 wrestlers stay involved and the fast pace makes it difficult to keep up with! Andrews hits a tope to the outside on several men. At one point Dunne wraps Andrews in a headscissors, who is then himself wrapped in a headscissors by Pegasus, and so on until all are involved except Dragon. Dragon then turns Andrews over into a Boston crab and all 5 men in the hold sell the crab affects. Small ‘Human Centipede’ chant from near me. Pegasus hits some combo strikes on Bubblegum who strikes back with a hard head kick. Pegasus fakes out Andrews on a dive attempt and rolls him up for a close 2 count. Pegasus hits a top rope dive to the outside on his opponents and receives a loud ‘this is awesome’ chant from the crowd. Boar hits a hard powerbomb on Bubblegum and then hits his signature turnbuckle senton on Pegasus and again on Dunne before piledriving Andrews. Dunne and Andrews trade enziguris before Andrews hits an incredible reverse hurricanrana on Dunne. Andrews goes to the top and hits a perfect shooting star press on Dunne for the 3 count. Mark Andrews is the new #1 contender for Mark Haskins’ 4FW Cruiserweight Championship.

Winner – Mark Andrews

This was a fast paced and exciting match.

Before the next match starts, we get an appearance by The Three Kings (former 4FW Heavyweight Champion Tiger Ali, RJ Singh and Rishi Ghosh). On their way to the ring a fan tries to grab Ali’s Iranian flag which turns into a heated confrontation with all Three Kings getting involved. The Kings get on the mic and blame Doug Williams for costing Tiger Ali his 4FW Championship to Saime Sahin at the last Swindon event. Doug Williams comes down to the ring and The Kings announce that Doug’s next match will grant him #1 contendership to the 4FW Championship if he can win. Doug’s opponent will be Saul Adams who makes his way down to the ring. As the match is about to get under way, Doug is attacked from behind by Lomaxx. The Kings announce this will be a handicap match as they exit the ringside area.

Doug Williams vs Lomaxx & Saul Adams w/ Nadia Sapphire

‘Simply Sensational’ Saul Adams and Lomaxx double team Doug for a few minutes before Doug hits back with a flying back elbow and a corner knee strike on Saul. He climbs to the top rope but is cut off by Nadia Sapphire. Lomaxx throws Doug to the outside and Nadia attacks again. Back in the ring, Adams misses a top rope legdrop on Doug and Williams starts his comeback. He hits a series of corner knee strikes on both men, before sending them both to the outside. He pulls Nadia into the ring who slaps him hard. As Doug is distracted, Lomaxx attempts a cross body block only for Doug to move and Nadia gets squashed by Lomaxx! Doug throws Lomaxx to the outside and finishes off Adams with his top rope knee drop.

Winner – Doug Williams

This match couldn’t live up to the excitement of the previous match but was entertaining enough for what it was.

An announcement was then made for 4FW’s next Swindon event on July 9th – Justin Gabriel / PJ Black will be in action. The graphic advertising him stopped working half way through the announcement leading to a humorous moment when the ring announcer had to start over.

The next match was announced as a #1 contenders match for the 4FW Heavyweight Championship (Im sure the last match also had that stipulation for Doug?)

JD Knight vs The Saint

As the match started a friend of mine said ‘can you get a more 4FW match than this one?’ No, no you can’t. The match starts with a series of armdrags by Saint who is very popular with the crowd. Saint clotheslines Knight over the top. Knight gains control shortly later after slamming Saint off the top rope. Knight keeps control for several minutes and plays to the crowd, gaining a lot of ‘JD sucks’ chants. Knight locks on a sleeper hold. Saint breaks free and fires back with forearms and a knee drop. Saints hits a butterfly suplex for a close 2 count. JD hits a sitout choke bomb for a 2 count. JD goes up top and misses a big leg drop. Saint regains control until Knight hits a low blow which the referee misses. JD hits a double underhook DDT for a close 2. He grabs the ring bell with the intention of striking Saint with it but the ref intervenes and takes it away. As the ref is getting rid of the bell, JD strikes Saint with the bell hammer for a 3 count.

Winner – JD Knight

This was an average match which a lot of these fans have seen many times before. However, both men worked the crowd well and it was well-received on the night.

The following match had been announced just a couple of days prior to now be for Kotaro Suzuki’s Wrestle-1 Cruiser Division Championship.

Kotaro Suzuki vs Mark Haskins

This was the match I personally was most looking forward to and judging by the crowd reaction to both men, I wasn’t the only one. The match starts with a respectful handshake and some crisp chain wrestling before a double nip-up and a standoff to a good crowd reaction. Haskins hits a headlock takedown on Suzuki who tries to land on his feet but gets caught up in the ropes which could have been nasty. Suzuki rolls to the outside and Haskins hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Haskins hits Suzuki with some hard kicks. Suzuki gains control and Haskins is favouring his ribs (I missed the move which hurt the ribs). Suzuki wraps on a body scissors and Haskins gets to the ropes. Suzuki hits a beautiful second rope frog splash on Haskins for a 2 count. There’s a loud ‘Haskins’ chant from the crowd, willing him back into the match. The pair trade forearms and Haskins hits a leg lariat. Haskins locks on a sharpshooter and Suzuki crawls to the ropes. Haskins then locks on a stretch muffler, Suzuki again gets to the ropes. Suzuki rolls Haskins up for a 2 count before hitting a handspring back elbow and then a 619. Suzuki hits a springboard forearm for a close 2 count, followed by a gut buster with Haskins again favouring his ribs. An excellent series of attempted moves and reversals end with a Haskins roll-up for a very close 2 count. The crowd are hugely into this match. The pair then go for several pinfall attempts using various roll-ups before they trade headbutts, strikes and kicks. Suzuki goes for the roaring elbow but Haskins ducks and counters with a head kick. Haskins hits a firemans carry bomb. Suzuki attempts another handspring back elbow but Haskins catches him in an armbar and then transitions into a Fujiwara armbar. A suplex attempt by Haskins is countered into a Suzuki tombstone for a very close 2 count. Suzuki hits a double underhook powerbomb (a Dr Bomb) for the 3 count. The pair shake hands after the match.

Winner – Kotaro Suzuki

This was an excellent match, easily the match of the night. Mark Haskins must be one of the most under rated wrestlers on the UK scene and Suzuki more than held up his end of the bargain.

After the break, we were then treated to the match which would have drawn in a lot of the casual audience who remember the pair from WWE TV.

Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin

Carlito at first seems to be more over with this crowd than Benjamin which seems to surprise both but the Carlito chants soon make way to duelling Carlito/Benjamin chants. Carlito takes early control after an eye poke. He locks in a rear chin lock. Shelton breaks free and goes for an ankle lock, Carlito gets to the ropes. Carlito dives at Benjamin in the corner but misses, Shelton then hits his signature corner splash. Shelton hits a German suplex before Carlito makes a comeback with a neckbreaker. Carlito then hits a running knee lift/clothesline combo. He goes for the backstabber which Shelton catches and locks on the ankle lock. Carlito makes it to the ropes. The pair exchange strikes and Carlito hits a reverse springboard back elbow. Carlito picks up his apple only to walk into a superkick out of nowhere by Benjamin which sends the apple flying. Shelton picks the apple up, takes a large bite and attempts to spit it into Carlito’s face, who ducks and the ref gets a face full of it. Both men stare at the ref in surprise before Carlito hits a low blow and rolls Shelton up. The ref can’t see to make the count so Carlito tends to the ref only to turn around into Paydirt for the 3 count.

Winner – Shelton Benjamin

This was a typical WWE style mid-card match that we’ve seen on Raw & Smackdown many times. The crowd enjoyed it though.

Another announcement was then made for the July 9th event – Evan Bourne / Matt Sydal will be appearing.

It’s now main event time in the Swindon MECA with the 4FW Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Saime Sahin vs Tiger Ali w/ RJ Singh & Rishi Ghosh

As a quick aside, this wasn’t the first time a lot of fans had seen Saime this evening as eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted him peeking through the curtains at the entrance way watching several of the matches. His bright orange attire and white boots make him stand out slightly against the black curtain!

As The Three Kings enter, the fan from earlier gets in a heated shouting match with Singh and Ghosh and tries to strike one of them. Security nearly intervenes but Singh and Ghosh walk away before things get worse. The place goes wild as Saime enters. Despite his obvious limitations, Saime Sahin is hugely popular with this 4FW crowd, in large part due to his huge afro and fun loving demeanour.
The match starts with Ali attacking Saime from behind. Saime hits back with a few strikes, a monkey flip and a back body drop. Outside the ring, Ali sends Saime into the ringpost to a huge crack. Saime gets straight back up and returns the favour to Ali. Saime throws Ali into the crowd and they brawl around the area (mostly out of my vision). As they get back into the ring, Saime misses a discus clothesline and Tiger takes control. At this point, the fan from earlier again tries to hit Ghosh and security finally drag him away. Tiger Ali hits a springboard senton on Sahin and continues to beat him down before locking in a sleeper. The fan has just been allowed back to his seat, which makes him very lucky in my opinion. Saime fights back and catches a diving Ali with a spinning side slam. Saime hits a Cena-style shoulder block. The crowd is hugely behind Saime. Tiger dropkicks Saime into the ref who goes down. Sahin hits the discus clothesline but the ref isn’t there to count (second match in a row). Ghosh and Singh enter the ring and attack Saime who hits a double clothesline and send them both out of the ring. With the ref still down, Ali strikes Saime with his flag pole and hits a brainbuster just as the ref revives for a close 2 count. Ali locks in the camel clutch only for Saime to stand up out of it. Ali hits 3 rolling German suplexes for a 2 count. Ghosh tosses what looks like a cane to Ali but Saime catches it, strikes both Singh and Ghosh with it and hits a hard sitout powerbomb on Ali before his signature springboard second rope moonsault for the 3 count.

Winner – Saime Sahin

This was an entertaining match. Ali is also under rated and this was easily the best match I’ve seen Saime have.

This wasn’t the best 4FW event I’ve been to (January’s New Year Wrestleution was better with outstanding matches including Haskins vs Omega, Pentagon Jr vs Drago and Hikaru Shida vs Shanna – check this event out on demand!) but this would probably be second. It was a solid evening of entertainment and 4FW continues to grow.

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