ROH Champions vs All-Stars 2014 Results

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Nigel McGuinness came out to announce that Mark Briscoe would not be wrestling tonight due to poison ivy. Nigel said Mark got bored yesterday and went hunting, and caught poison ivy and was not cleared to wrestle. He was in the building, however. Replacing him is Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa was told that if he ever puts his hands on a non wrestler again, he’ll be banned for life.

1. BJ Whitmer defeated Will Ferrara via Exploder. Will kicked out of an initial exploder suplex, but fell to the second one. The story was BJ felt Will was beneath him, and gave him no credit. Will held his own, had some near falls, but eventually BJ was just better.

2. TaDarius Thomas defeated Owen Tavers with a spin kick to the face. The initial finish was a top rop Zig Zag type move, but referee Paul Turner stopped his count at 2 although there was no kickout.

3. Christopher Daniels defeated Cedric Alexander via Best Moonsault Ever. Best match on the show. Daniels and Cedric traded near falls that really got the crowd going crazy. After the match, Chris put over Cedric as the future of ROH.

4. Jimmy Jacobs defeated Kazarian with the Sliced Bread #2. Quality match, but it was tough going trying to follow the previous bout.

5. Matt Taven defeated Romantic Touch via top rope frog splash. Slow paced match, with Taven working rest holds to get the crowd against him. After the match, Taven went into the crowd to a heckling woman, threatened to pull his tights down, but said she was to ugly for him and went away.

6. Jay Briscoe won CHAMPIONS vs ALL STARS. Jay Lethal & Bobby Fish & Kyle OReilly & Jay Briscoe vs Adam Cole & Tommaso Ciampa & ACH & Roderick Strong

This was an elimination match.

– 1st: ACH hit a surprise pin on Jay Lethal within the first two minutes of the match to eliminate him quickly.

– 2nd: Tommaso Ciampa was eliminated by DQ in the old Eddie Guerrero heel comedy spot. Ref Paul Turner was turned away when Bobby Fish slid the tag title belt into the ring. Kyle O’Reilly picked it up, tossed it to Ciampa, and bumped. The ref turned around and saw Ciampa with the belt and disqualified him.

It was about a half hour into the match when Jay Briscoe finally got his hands on Adam Cole, which was built up all match. It didn’t last too long, though

– 3rd: Kyle O’Reilly was pinned by Roderick Strong after a backbreaker.

– 4th: Immediately following, Bobby Fish slid in and schoolboyed Strong to eliminate him.

– 5th: ACH pinned Bobby Fish after a 450 Splash set up by a Cole superkick.

Adam Cole kept trying to get ACH to cheat against Briscoe, but ACH wasn’t going for it. Eventually, Jay and ACH were fighting in the top rope trying to get into position for a superplex. Cole ran up from behind to bust it up, and in doing so, ACH fell and went through a ringside table. Refs were checking on him, so Cole grabbed a chair. Cole was set up to hit Jay when Mark Briscoe ran in. The Briscoes together took out Cole with a Doomsday Device.

– 6th: Jay Briscoe pinned Adam Cole to leave Jay vs ACH as the final two.

– 7th: Jay Briscoe pinned ACH after a Jay Driller at 49 minutes.

After the match, Truth Martini and Jay Lethal ran out and attacked Jay Briscoe but he was able to overcome and send them off.

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