NWA Powerrr Episode #1 Results

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October 8th, 2019 debut on YouTube

From The GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia

Great looking studio wrestling. It give the viewer the look of the Georgia Championship Wrestling days with an updated look, vivid, bright colors and much better production values.

Jim Cornette & Joe Galli on commentary.

Dave Marquez interviews NWA World Champion Nick Aldis, with Kamille and they focus on Aldis’ Ten Pounds of Gold defense against Tim Storm, in tonight’s Main Event!

The Dawsons (Dave & Zane) vs Sal Rinauro & Billy Buck

Winners: Dawsons after Zane held Buck in a Tombstone, Dave charged in with a Body Splash to Billy’s back, followed by Zane falling into a slam and covering for the 3.

Dave Marquez interviews The Dawsons, tough guys who are on a mission to run rough shot over the NWA.

Austin Idol Universal Wrestling College commercial is shown.

Joe Galli brings in Eli Drake for a good, self-promotion promo.

Eli Drake vs Caleb Konley

Winner: Eli after getting his feet up to block Caleb’s Jump Turn Moonsault, Eli quickly followed with an Air Raid Crash and the pin.

Jocephus charges commentary and calls for Tim Storm to come out and face him, raging around ringside and holding the show hostage, until NWA National Champion “Cowboy” James Storm comes out to interrupt. Storm cuts a promo, until they brawl.

NWA World Tag Team Champions The Wild Card (Royce Issacs & Thomas Latimer) vs Danny White & Mims

Winners: Wild Card after Thom used a Pop Up Powerbomb on Danny, he rolled him back to Royce, who used Hush Money (Full Nelson popped into a German Suplex) and they both covered for the 3.

Dave Marquez interviews The Wild Card about their dominance over the Tag division, until Eddie Kingston interrupts! King cuts a great promo on Wild Card, until Thom gets in his face, which brings out Homicide, only for James Storm and Jocephus to come brawling through the curtain. They brawl around the studio and eventually into the ring.

NWA National Champion “The Cowboy” James Storm vs Jocephus

Winner: Storm knocked Jocephus to sleep with The Last Call and covered for the 3.

A lot of hype for Nick Aldis vs Tim Storm and the ramifications of the first NWA Powerrr Main Event.

NWA World Championship match: Nick Aldis© w/Kamille vs Tim Storm

If Storm loses, he will never be able to challenge Aldis for the Title again.

Winner and STILL Champion: Aldis after Storm dodged Nick, who laid out Kamille with a Lariat on the floor, Tim rolled him into the ring and hooked for a Suplex, only for Nick to use an Inside Cradle for the 3.