Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory Season 2 Episode 2 Results”

Added by Zack Monday

From The Electric Haze in Worcester, Massachusetts

Nick Gage’s Open Challenge: Nick FUCKING Gage vs “The Meat Man” John Silver

Winner: Gage after putting Silver through a Door, set up on 2 Chairs, with a Top Rope Piledriver, Gage followed with The Chokebreaker and pin.

Mike Verna & Rex Lawless vs Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson)

 Winners: Bear Country after using The Elevator Drop on Verna

DL Hurst vs “Cold Steel” Chuck O’Neil

Winner: Chuck after DL hurt his knee landing on his feet, after Chuck avoided his Moonsault, Chuck quickly wrapped him up in a Knee Bar, forcing DL to Tap Out.

Eight Person Gauntlet Style Elimination Tag match: Club Cam (Cam Zigami, Christian Casanova, Kenn Doane & Richard Holliday) vs “Retro” Anthony Greene, Josh Briggs & The Platinum Hunnies (Ava Everett & Angel Sinclair)

Winners: Club Cam

Order of Matchups:

  • Holliday over Sinclair after a Vertical Lift Twisting Neckbreaker
  • Holliday over Everett after a NASTY Gut Wrench Powerbomb
  • AG over Holliday with a Small Package
  • Doane over AG after sitting down in a pin and grabbing the ropes
  • Briggs over Doane after AG nailed Doane with a Superkick and Briggs followed with a Punch
  • Casanova over Briggs after Thomas Sharp returned and blasted Briggs with a Big Boot

Wheeler YUTA vs Ace Austin

Winner: YUTA with The YUTAgatame, forcing Austin to Tap Out.

Discovery Gauntlet match: Tony Deppen (1-0) vs “The Corn Belt Cowboy” Manders

Winner: Deppen after nailing Manders with his own Cow Bell, Deppen scored with a Superkick to the knee, followed with a Superkick to the head and then a Bicycle Knee. Deppen hit the ropes and unloaded with a Sliding Knee to the back of Manders’ head and pinned.

Great promo from Deppen, talking about his life being shitty and him taking it out on everyone.

Great promo from Puf, hyping up his match with Brandon Thurston, for next week and telling Thurston that if Puf wins, Jay Freddie gets his rematch!

Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) vs Team Pazuzu (“The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson & Pinkie Sanchez)

Winners: Pazuzu after Chris used a Superplex to drive Summers into the ring, Pinkie followed with a Moonsault and held on for the 3.

Club Cam comes out and Cam starts a promo, only for Dickinson to cut him off and cut a Pazuzu promo. Dickinson challenges Christian Casanova for a match on Saturday, at Sodom and Gamorrah.

“The War King” Eddie Kingston vs Timothy Thatcher

Winner: Thatcher after grinding down Kingstson with a Fujiwara Armbar, Thatcher used a Double Chickenwing Clutch to pick up the hard-fought victory.

After a show of respect, Thatcher leaves the ring and Kingston cuts a great promo, John Silver comes out and Kingston gives him a serious man to man talk.