It’s A New Day

Added by Stuart Rodgers

With The Spotlight gone, The Indy Corner goes on. In one form or another The Indy Corner has been involved in podcasting for the past 7 years so theres no reason to think there will not be audio content from The Indy Corner.

So, moving forward, I will endevour to continue to bring you podcasts on a regular basis starting with this week where I am joined by my co-host Matt Dagnall.

There’s a lot going on in independent wrestling and we are approaching that time of year where the independents piggy back off the coat-tails of the WWE during their Wrestle Mania weekend. The shows around that time will be covered by Matt and myself over the coming weeks.

There are so many shows so we couldn’t cover it all but we spoke about EVOLVE, Fight Club: PRO/Destiny Wrestling, Rev-Pro and the HUGE NJPW/ROH show at Madison Square Garden

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