Fight Club: PRO To Return In February

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Anyone that knows me, or listens to the podcast will know I am a massive fan of Wolverhampton based promotion Fight Club: PRO and I have been since I went to my first show back in mid-2011. Back then straight away I realised this wasn’t your average British promotion, a very unique feel set in The Planet nightclub in front of fans that shall we say, like a drink and like to show their feeling towards the wrestlers.

Later that year when FCP joined forces with CZW, wXw & BJW and presented Project Mayhem a new element to their product was introduced, the cage! This I thought at the time was to contained all the weapons etc that would be used in the series of matches featuring the above mentioned promotions but after Project Mayhem was done, I thought the next show would see the cage go but by the time I returned to The Planet in November of 2011 the cage was still in place. This now, for me made Fight Club: PRO stand out even more on the UK scene.

Over my time going to watch the guys there I have seen many tremendous matches featuring the likes of MK McKinnan, Clint Margera, Trent Seven, The Hunter Brothers guys who I like to call the Fight Club: PRO originals. On the shows they of course have featured other great UK talent like Dave Mastiff, Mark Haskins, Rockstar Spud, Dynamite Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews, Eddie Dennis, Damian Dunne, Wild Boar and on a couple of occasions Zack Sabre Jr. and FCP has seen a trio of guys break out into the UK scene and beyond these being Chris Brookes, Dan Moloney & Tyler Bate. Along with the UK based guys, many imports have graced the The Planet outside of the Project Mayhem shows, going back to my first show there, Davey Richards, the then ROH world champion was on the card and they have also had the likes of El Generico, Colt Cabana, Mike Quackenbush, Eddie Edwards (who is a former FCP champion), Samuray Del Sol, Johnny Gargano, Kevin Steen, Tommy End and if he can be classed as an import, Ireland’s Prince Devitt.

There is plenty of Fight Club: PRO footage available, hit them up on twitter @FightClubPro or search for them on facebook to try and obtain some of their DVD’s or head over to . Youtube also has some footage of the promotion and as you can see below, I have posted a video that features highlights from one of their shows.

So onto the matter at hand, on February 6th they return with a show titled ‘All The Best’ as it will see Mark Andrews wrestle for them for the last time before he heads of to the US to start his TNA career. As you can see by the poster above it will also feature other TNA stars, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards & Rockstar Spud. As of writing this there are no announced matches but, I can tell you for sure, if you make this show, even if it means you have to travel, you WILL NOT regret it.

In closing, I do not work for Fight Club: PRO they do not ask me to write things like this I do it because it’s something I believe in, Fight Club: PRO is a promotion that has consistantly provided the fans with great matches, great shows and an overall great time.

Hope to see you at a future show.

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