‘The Female Predator’ The Amazon Ayesha Ray Interview

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‘The Female Predator’-The Amazon Ayesha Ray has been trained by some of the best in the business and that is reflected in her style of wrestling. A veteran of the Japanese Joshi scene and has wrestled the Knights.

For those of us not familiar with you, could you describe yourself?

I am the East London Nightmare, the Amazonian Warrior, The Female Predator-The Amazon Ayesha Ray.

You started out you training with FWA star ASHE and then Justin Richards due to him taking over the school. You were also trained by Ricky and Saraya Knight. That’s quite the mix of trainers, how did you find training with all of them?

Don’t Forget Robbie Brookside and Darren Walsh, or you’ll be cutting out a big chunk of my life there. I’ve always been a believer in collecting knowledge from various sources. I feel that having so many different influences allows me to better all round, as wrestler and performer. So I’ve been extremely grateful mostly to Robbie and Darren for becoming like family. Brooksides school of wrestling have become my extended family and Justin Richard well… words can’t describe, he literally put his neck on the line for me, even for a top rope leg rope, I simply call him The Just-I-Trust.

In your pro debut, you faced Zak Knight (one half of the UK Hooligans) and Britani Knight (WWEs Paige), how did that go as far as debuts go?

That was simply a different place and a different time, Paige was the heart and soul of wrestling up there and I learnt how to have fun in the ring from her, I learnt so much, there was definitely a chasm left when she left. I say thank you for everything.

You’ve faced Saraya Knight on many occasions who is considered the queen of British wrestling, what was it like to lock up with someone of that stature?

We’re moulded by our experiences I guess and my experience with her differently changed me for the better!

Throughout your career you’ve faced some of the top talent the UK has to offer, is there anyone out there you’d like face?

I’ve always wanted to wrestle or just be in the ring with Klondyke Kate, always. I personally feel that there’s so much that women can learn from her, simply telling a story in the ring rather than how much can I do.

In 2013 you made your first trip to Japan to compete in Stardom, how was that experience and how did you cope with the Japanese style?

It was an experience I wouldn’t change for anything the world. I was able to meet some of heroes and learnt some much about the Joshi style. They’re definitely hard hitting but there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve collected more teachers and made some amazing friends, who I still see now. I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world; I was extremely grateful to Rossy, the Stardom roster, the Sendai girls and Wrestle-1 roster, for treating me so well.

Also whilst in Japan of the same year, you competed for Muta’s Wrestle-1. How did that come about and what was it like working for a Japanese legend?

Working with the Wrestle-1 roster and working with Muta was an honour, I was extremely grateful to be chosen to be a part of that tour and getting to wrestle Hiroyo Matsumoto was amazing, she is definitely one of my favourite opponents.

Last year you faced Nikki Storm who herself has competed in Japan, did you two swap notes?

Not really but we were able to gel a lot more after our experience in Japan when we wrestled, we were both able to incorporate the Joshi style in our match.

Your gimmick is the Female Predator Amazon, who came up with idea for that?

Honestly, it’s a name to a personality trait I already had; the attitude, the speech, the mannerisms and the power, it’s everything I wish I could do in really life but can’t….I’d either be committed or arrested.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

That would be telling, just wait and see, I’m one for surprises, I think they’re good for the soul.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, add or plug?

Twitter @amazonayesharay

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And coming very soon: Re-Bel Eyes Fitness

Thanks to Ayesha for taking time to take part in this interview.

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