Interview With ‘Underdog’ Kieran McColm

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A quick announcement, we will here at The Indy Corner be working with One Fall Media in a bit of cross promotion, hopefully this will see us and them grow our respective followings.

Therefore on behalf of One Fall Media, I am happy to bring their recent interview with one of the youngest and brightest talents in Scottish wrestling today, Kieran McColm who has his biggest opportunity to date Friday 28th April when he faces WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate at Source Wrestling.

Scottish Underdog takes on WWE UK Champion
On Friday 28 April, 18 year old “Underdog” Kieran McColm, one of the youngest and brightest talents of the Source Wrestling School, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he takes on WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate in the Pierce Institute in Govan.

The Show, which will also feature WWE UK stars Wolfgang and “Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne, provides a format for the students and graduates of the school to showcase their abilities to a live audience against some of the top stars in the UK today.

Ahead of his showdown, Kieran discussed his training, the journey so far, and what the opportunity means to him.

When did you start training?

I started training in 2014 when I was 14 years old. In the beginning it was a lot of fun: I was trying out something that I never thought I would get the chance to do and every day was something new.

Coming in at such a young age I was very excited and my first thought was how I was going to look, what moves I was going to do, the things you always dream about growing up, but I quickly learned that we can’t all be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or The Rock. I had to develop my own character, which was a struggle, but slowly but surely I started getting there.

What are your main memories of when you began training?

Honestly, I was a little intimidated by the trainers. At the time our Head Coach was Big Damo (now known as WWE Superstar Killian Dain): he would always push us to our limits, and at times you would think ‘I can’t do this’. But at the same time, it was incredible to learn from someone with such a wide range of knowledge for the wrestling business.

It was because of him I began to notice where I needed to improve, what my strengths and weaknesses were, and my development has been night and day and I can’t thank him enough for that.

My other biggest influences have been Mikey Whiplash, who runs the school today, and is responsible for giving me this opportunity and helping me to grow as a performer, but also Nikki Storm (now WWE’s Nikki Cross), Glen Dubar and Jam O’Malley who all helped me get better in every way possible both in the ring and as friends. Without them I don’t think I would of had the motivation to keep going.

What does this match mean to you?

It’s an honour being able to step in the ring with Tyler. I’ve been wrestling now for four years, I’ve travelled all across Scotland and have recently performed in England and I’ve loved every step of the way. But to have a match with someone who was accomplished so much, in such a short space of time, become the first ever WWE UK Champion… he’s the man. Legit: he is the man.

I’m so grateful for this, to be chosen from everyone in the school is incredible and I won’t let them down. This is the biggest opportunity of my career and I’m taking full advantage of it.

What message do you have for the world ahead of the match?

Everyone thinks this is going to be a walk in the park for Tyler, but you know what? I’ve always been “the underdog”. People should expect the unexpected: he’s the biggest name in the UK right now and he’s making a huge name for himself in WWE and around the world, so imagine what it does for me if I can beat him? As they say “it’s not the size of the dog that’s in the fight. It’s about the size of the fight that’s in the dog”.

If I had to describe this match in one word it would be “Future”. One way or the other, Kieran McColm vs Tyler Bate is going to be the match people are going to walk away from saying “British wrestling is in safe hands”. Two young lions, showing what British wrestling is all about.

I would like to thank One Fall Media and Simon Cassidy for allowing us to use this interview. All of us would like to wish Kieran McColm and Source Wrestling the best of luck.

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