Blk Jeez Interview

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For people who aren’t aware of you, how would you describe yourself?

At this point, if you do not know who I am, look me up on Google, Wikipedia and/or Twitter: @jeez215

Recently you faced Chris Dickinson at CZW Sixteen, what’s your view on his controversial match with Kimber Lee?

I didn’t see the entire match but I did see the video that everyone seems to have an opinion on and I didn’t have a problem with anything that took place in the video. They were looking to be controversial and to get people talking and it worked. If it were me in the situation, I would not have issued a statement after the backlash happened, I would’ve embraced all of the opinions, positive and negative, and taken it from there.

You competed in TNA, what did you think to your brief run there and what’s your opinion on TNA now?

I think that I proved that I belong and that I bring a positive approach to the product. I feel that TNA has a good roster of talent and hopefully things work out for them in the long run.

CZW has gone from a hardcore promotion to a more respected promotion that attracts quality talent, what keeps you at CZW?

CZW was the first place that gave me an opportunity to learn and grow as a performer so; I have a certain amount of loyalty to the company.

Are they any stories from behind the scenes at CZW that you can divulge?

I did a lot of that on my recent shoot interview that you can purchase from me for $20 through my PayPal, which is:

You’ve competed in the UK previously, is there anyone on the UK scene you’d like to face?

I don’t follow the scene in the UK, however in my couple of times in the UK; there were quite a few talented dudes out there that I did compete against. I’m pretty sure that matches with them would only be better now than they were back then.

Philly is known as the home of ECW, do you think CZW has filled that hole?

CZW has more than filled that hole. CZW has their own identity and at this point, I don’t feel that anyone should think ECW when they watch CZW.

Chikara has been home to a few matches for you, is that somewhere you’d like to compete again and is there anyone there that has impressed you?

Chikara was actually home to more than quite a few matches of mine. These days, I don’t follow the product but the guys that come to mind right away when I think Chikara are, Eddie Kingston, Hallowicked, Jigsaw (if he’s still there) and Icarus. At this time, I do not have any interest in competing for Chikara.

PWG features a lot of CZW talent, is that somewhere you’d like to compete?

Well, I’ve never competed in PWG but I’m pretty sure that if I did, I wouldn’t have any problem with connecting with the fan base. As far as PWG being somewhere that I would like to compete, if the situation worked for me and PWG, yes I would.

You’re known for not really holding back, is there anything you want to get out there?

Nope. If you choose to, follow me on Twitter: @jeez215

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