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1. Growing up, what wrestling did you follow?

When a was growing up my uncle introduced me to the WWF Every weekend a would go stay with him and we would stay up all night and watch the wrestling together he would even give me his old school videos to take home and watch, the likes of Summer Slam 88/89, Royal Rumble 91/92 etc. those were the ones I remember the most, a watched them so much that every time I did I would leave a tally mark in the inside case lol.

2. Who were some of your favourites and were they your inspiration to get into the business?

I had different favourites for different eras to be honest like, old school favourites were The Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage and The Rockers, these guys stood out to me the most because there awesome ring attire, their over the top entrance music or the way they went to the ring and there ring presence. Back then I didn’t know anything about how these guys worked or anything about the business so was all about how they stood out and made me take notice of them. When I was growing up the WWF Attitude Era was starting to really take effect so after years of watching the old school stuff my uncle would tape for me I wanted a taste of this new era. The likes of Stone Cold Stevie Austin, HBK and even The Hardy Boyz these were the guys a would watch the most, they made my mind up to what a wanted to do with my life when a grew up. After watching Wrestle Mania X7 with the TLC match and The Rock vs Austin that was it for me, I wanted to be a

3. Talking of which, what year did you get in and where did your training take place and who with?

I started off at SWA: Area 52 at the start were a was trained by Peter Murphy aka Conscience and Adam Shame and after a year of training they gave me my shot in the annual Battlezone but after that I kind of got pushed out the door as I was seen as outside talent and didn’t live by the rules of new management tbh (NAK Reasons). So I called a good friend, Ross Watson and went to the PBW academy were he let me train at his school and he helped train me more and figure out which stuff suited me best. Ross saw a lot in me and gave me chances that others wouldn’t elsewhere, but even to this very day I’m still learning in
every match I have and I’m happy to take any advice off people who are willing to give me some to help me out.

4. Any memories of your first match?

As I mentioned previously, my first match was for SWA at there annual Battlezone which was held in the Matt Busby Centre, Bellshill 2006/07 I think, I can remember it like it was yesterday a part from the date lol, I was like number 21 or something in the rumble and when I slid into the ring which has now become my entrance to this very day with an added spin-a-roonie and then to my delight I led right into a Adam Shame BIG BOOT right to the face, then to hear Adam say “welcome to the buisness” after that Adam and Dragon Aisu (I think) took turns of chopping the shit out me and bumping me one after another until it was finally my time to leave, so they threw me over the top rope without even touching it and I must say, it was not fun, as the landing was tough as the floor was rock hard there at the Bellshill Centre and that folks, was my debut to the business lol but I came away from that night with bruises and feeling like I had just been in a fight but I knew I still wanted to do it and it was my dream.

5. You’re a wrestler based up in Scotland, the scene is great there at the moment with the likes of ICW, PBW, BCW and PWE on fire, tell the readers about some of the matches BT Gunn has had that are worth checking out.

Well to this very day my favourite match has to be ICW’ So’s Yer Maw in April 2012 for the ICW Heavyweight title against my long time friend and family member Wolfgang, check it out if you can.

That match meant a lot to us because we both grew up together loving wrestling and when we started this wrestling journey together we told each other one day we will step in the squared circle against each other and blow people away with what we can do and and wrestle for the biggest title in Scotland today and we finally got that chance. I loved the match and wouldn’t change a damn thing about it but I only wish we were given the main event slot and not to a guy who has retired like 16 times trying to steal everybody’s limelight one more time as per usual (I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still doing this one last match piss right now)

One thing a was really gutted about was when ICW had a slot on THAT channel we will not name for now, didn’t show myself vs Wolfgang and decided to pull the plug on the show for so many daft bullshit reasons, that’s another matter for another day though.

I have a few other matches that a really enjoyed but I’ll need to keep them short and sweet then, back in December 2009 former WWE superstar Paul London and last year 2013 for BCW (British Championship wrestling) I wrestled another Chris Masters, I was honoured to be in the ring with the likes of these guys after they have worked guys likes of HBK & Carlito (that’s for you Divers).

I learned so much from them and hoping more matches like those come my way in the future.

The final two matches that stick in my mind that mean a lot to me was at the end of last year when I worked NJPW and overall superstar Fergal Devitt inICW, it meant the world to me that Mark Dallas trusted me to put me in the ring with this guy who’s so talented and in high demand all over the World.

I thought we both went out there and gave it our all and by god it was a stiff hard hitting match with chops and double stomps but as daft as it sounds I would take that match everyday day of the week the man’s so talented.

Last but hopefully not least, was back in February 2011 at the Greenock town hall for the PBW Heavyweight championship against Lionheart who was classed as the best in country at the time, but before this match I had to go month after month chasing the number one contender slot, the match itself was awesome and I came out on top and became the new PBW champion which meant the world to me and from that day I went on to hold the belt for over a year with many many title defences.

So I would like to thank Ross Watson for having faith in me with the weight of a company on my shoulders it’s not a easy thing I tell you that.

6. On the subject of ICW, they have announced they are coming down to England to hold a show in London on May 4th, what are your thoughts on this, do you think they can get that ICW vibe they get up in Glasgow or Edinburgh?

The Fact that ICW is branching out and heading to London and also Newcastle now, it just shows you how far this company has come in 4/5 yrs it’s awesome. All the Roster and management are buzzing and after Insane Fight Club being aired on BBC 1 we are hoping this is the beginning of something beautiful. All the guys can’t thank Mark Dallas enough for giving us the stage to show people what we can do and it shows you what a lot of hard work and determination gets you, so watch this space we’re taking over !!!!

7. Sticking with ICW, a character that has blown up that was ‘born’ in ICW is Grado, please give us your thoughts on Grado and his rise to fame in ICW that has since get him bookings around the UK?

Not going to lie to you, I was one of many who was jealous of Grado’s rise to fame so quickly and if fellow workers say they weren’t then I’m saying that’s bullshit! But now after watching him do what he does best at shows the guy is so talented and will be something huge and a wish him all the best because he is a good guy. I first met Grado about 9 years ago at SWA but back then to me he was mad Chipmunk who wrestled as Grant Dunbar, sorry Grado had to be told. I’ve got the chance to work Grado one on one soon so I can’t wait to see what fun stuff we come up with.

8. ICW had a TV deal with MyTV awhile back but that went pearshaped with their constant editing I believe so ICW came off the channel, all people want over here in the UK is British wrestling to be back on TV, recently Mark Dallas (ICW Promoter) said it’s very close with ICW being in a good position to be the ones that get a deal, so do you think this will happen and ICW aside, what UK promotions do you think could put on a good product for TV?

With Insane Fight Club aired on BBC 1, I’m hoping just like everybody else on the roster that this is the big stepping stone to something great and will showcase the whole roster on their talent, it’s all exciting stuff right now and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. If there was any other company’s that I would love to see on TV with likes of ICW then a would love to PBW and BCW because these two company’s gave me my chance and put on awesome shows and sell out venues.

9. You are part of the New Age Kliq with Chris Renfrew & Dickie Divers, you’re causing havoc in ICW at the moment, what was the thought behind the NAK and if you were to recruit anyone in the Britsh scene you hand pick to join the group?

Chris Renfrew and Dickie Divers are my long time friends so we brought the group together because we have a problem with authority and as you have noticed we pretty much cause mayhem and do as we like – NAK4LIFE. As for the 4th Member it was suppose to be ‘Bucky Boy’ Stevie Boy who is a longtime friend of all of ours and like my little brother but he double crossed us at ‘Square Go’ and after we took him out at the next ICW show ‘Still Smokin’ we will have to have a long think to who we can even trust now, me myself want Wolfgang my cousin to open his eyes and join the the family but he will have to learn the hard way now.

10. And finally BT, ICW have brought in many imports over the last couple of the years like Fergal Devitt, Sabu, Rhyno and they have Brian Kendrick & Paul London coming in soon, tell us who out of the imports has impressed you the most and why and if you was able to face an import from the independent scene who would it be ?

Most People if not everybody will agree with me that Fergal Devitt has impressed everybody, the main reason is because he’s the best in the world, sorry CM Punk you no longer deserve that if you even did in the first place. He’s one of the best workers I’ve ever had the chance to step foot in the ring with and work and hope to again before he goes off to WWE which will happen. There’s a lot of guys I would love to see come over to work for ICW but one right now has to be Rob Van Dam, he’s doing the indies again and a would love to see Mark Dallas bring him over and give me the chance to work him, nae hint there bro lol.

OK BT, thanks for you time, the floor is now yours to have any final words and plug anything you wish to.

Well I would like to thank The Indy Corner for asking me to do this so people can find out a little bit about myself.

If you want to know more, check out the BT Gunn page on Facebook – http://tinyurl.com/BTGunnFacebook and there’s my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BootysWorld

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