Why Female Wrestlers Deserve A Lot More Respect Than They Get

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

Picture Credit: The Dude Abides Photography on facebook

People have the preconceived notion that wrestling is a blood sport, a sport where grown men and women beat each other up for money and the amusement of others. Well some do anyway. There are some people that believe women shouldn’t wrestle, because, women are meek and mild creatures that should be shut away in the house cooking, cleaning and popping out babies. That’s what women are good for right? NO! Plus, women fight like little girls right? Again, no. Female wrestlers are extremely powerful, inspiring, phenomenal athletes than can perform just as well, if not better than the men. I strongly believe the females often don’t get the recognition they deserve. I also believe the indy scene is more empowering for women than the WWE.

Don’t get me wrong the WWE has the women’s revolution and have produced the first Women’s ‘Money In The Bank’, ‘Elimination Chamber’ and ‘Royal Rumble’. It’s a huge step, I do not dispute that fact, however, the females are still treated as objects in skimpy outfits, and do not compete again their male counterparts, instead the WWE chose an inter-gender tag team tournament where the men fight each other and vice versa for the women. Why? Are females fighting men not PG? It just doesn’t make sense to me and seems a little silly really.

In the indies you have women fighting men on a constant basis, and Over the Top Wrestling (OTT) even have a gender neutral title. It baffles me that the WWE haven’t taken notice of how strong and powerful women can be. The indies are full of women like this. Strong women empowering other women, constantly proving they can hold their own. Not to mention the amazing matches the women have had with each other without the men being involved (if you don’t include a male ref that is). Although the WWE is filled with amazing women, I feel the indies have that edge.

Young girls and women have so many strong females to look up to like Nixon Newell, Kay Lee Ray, Viper, Kasey Owens, Martina and Katey Harvey, and Debbie Keitel just to name a few. These strong women not only put on excellent matches between each other, but also give the men a run for their money. These women are strong and independent and don’t let anything stand in their way. Historically it was mainly men that wrestled, but these women are showing the world exactly why women aren’t these meek and mild, little flowers that need protecting. They are reclaiming what it means to fight light a girl, because, these women kick ass. Whether fighting other women or men they put in the same work every time. Whether you are the same height as them, or completely towering over them *cough cough* Chris Brookes vs Nixon Newell *cough cough*, they will hit you just as hard. They prove that fighting like a girl means hitting as hard as you can and training as hard as you can. These women inspire me every day with their hard work and dedication to the craft.

Individually and together they are iconic and changing the game.

Nixon the first female of Fight Club, the first female to really capture my attention within independent wrestling. No matter what got thrown at her, she would always give it her all. Just because she is a female didn’t stop her from taking the big hits from the lads or dishing them out. She is the female Kane and will chokeslam anyone she can get her hands on. And the last woman standing match she had with Bea Priestly in Defiant Wrestling (WCPW) proves that women can do anything. Nixon was clearly hurting due to the bad landing she took to the hip on the ring apron, but she continued the match and won. Determination and dedication to her craft is something that every up and coming wrestler should have.

The same with Kay Lee Ray, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a vicious woman in the ring (I mean that in the best possible way). The things she can do, and what she puts her body through is just incredible. She is one of the most dominant females and it’s clear to see why. She threw herself from a balcony and continued with the match, if that doesn’t scream hardcore then I don’t know what does. They say she puts the KLR in killer, and I’ve never heard anything that rings so true. If you haven’t seen the latest Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) Square Go, then I’d highly recommend you do. Kay Lee stood in the ring alone (for a while) with only men, and whipped belts around like nobody’s business. She held her own with zero trouble and proved why women deserve to be recognised.

Viper the first ever ICW women’s champion. A female power house that always brings down the house when she wrestles. Another dominant force that knocks down anyone who stands in her way. From the disgusting tweets I have seen she often gets criticised for her weight which is honestly disgusting. What’s admiring is that she doesn’t let it get to her, instead she opts to let her skills speak for itself.

Kasey Owens a woman that a lot of people underestimated. She took the negative comments and became a champion. People told her she couldn’t, and so she did. Proof that no matter what others may think of you, it only matters about what you think of yourself. Quite frankly it’s a sentiment everyone should live by in their lives.

Then there is Martina a woman I have so much love for and not just because I fancy her. A woman who knows how to have a lot of fun, drink hard and fight harder. She was determined to reclaim the OTT woman’s championship and spoiler alert she did. She has fought tooth and nail and continuously improves and prevails. Another woman that doesn’t let anything stand in her way. If you want something, go for it. That’s exactly what she did. She has an iconic and memorable gimmick, that some love and some hate. I love it. From the shows I have watched online I’ve heard fans yell out ‘slut’ and ‘Martina is a slag’ which disgusts me. Yes, her gimmick can sometimes be a little x-rated at times (or at least far to x-rated for the WWE) she doesn’t deserve to be called those things. Far from it. What I admire, is that she doesn’t let it stop her instead embraces her character and loves herself.

Katey Harvey the feminist icon, a woman who continued to wrestle despite having a broken shoulder. The fact that she didn’t even know that it was broken is astounding. It just proves how strong she is. Plus, she is another female with a vicious move set, again proving why women are just as tough as men. If not tougher, I mean how many men do you know that wrestled with a broken shoulder?

Debbie Keitel is the final female I’ll be discussing, and a wrestler than is relatively new to me. The phenomenal powerlifter than can well and truly hold her own. She is fearless and fantastic. If you want to check her out start off with OTT Contenders 6 where she teams with Angel Cruz and B Cool against the Sons of Ulaid (Rory Coyle & Bas Ban) and Raven. It’s no secret that both Rory and Bas are big lads. Debbie picked them both up and slammed them both down and didn’t run away from the fight. Although her and her team may have lost that match, Debbie really stood out. Showing everyone that women are freaking awesome and powerful.

These women will end up taking over the world. Now tell me again what it means to fight like a girl. Because these women show that it means punching you in the face and knocking you out.

Then you have all the other women that put their heart and soul into their work. Who continuously shine through, improve and dominate. Of course, I can’t name every woman, because, things would start to become extremely repetitive, and also because, I’m not familiar with every single female wrestler.

But either way, keep you eye on the women in the indies, because they are changing wrestling for the better. And soon women will get more of the respect they deserve.