When BEW & Stardom Unite

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Having only been founded 2 years ago, British Empire Wrestling are already considered one of the best companies to showcase the best in British Wrestling and we will be looking forward to what will be in my eyes their biggest ever show this Sunday, May 22nd, when they present the “International Grand Prix” which will be the 3rd day of the Stardom European Tour. This as ever will come to us from the Tooting Tram & Social Club, London and is going to feature some of the best female wrestlers working in the UK, Mexico, Spain and Japan. If you didn’t know already then Stardom is the biggest female wrestling company in Japan and regularly features wrestling talent from around the world to face off against their very best. The other companies to feature in this incredible 3 day weekend event will be; RCW (Revolution Championship Wrestling) from Spain, ABC Catch from France, WWS México from Mexico and Stardom from Japan.

Just to point out the collective amount of Championships that have been held/currently held by all that are appearing is outstanding and I’d be here for hours talking about How Nixon Newell won this and Alpha Female won that, just to name two.

Here is a quick look at the matches and my predictions for what could be the best show this year and we’re only in May.

Let’s start by looking at the 1st Round matches for the International Grand Prix Tournament and they will all be scheduled for 10 minute matches. We will see 8 very different women all representing the different companies to become the very first IGP winner. With so much amazing wrestling talent between them I’m not sure who to pick as each one of them has the winning stamp of approval but it will be a treat for the fans.

Kirsty Love (BEW) vs Stardom – High Speed Champion, Mayu Iwatani (Stardom)
Danielle Hunter (BEW) vs Stardom – Wonder of Stardom Champion, Santana Garrett (Stardom)
BEW – Women’s Champion, Nixon Newell (BEW) vs Alpha Female (Stardom)
Dragonita (RCW) vs Women Wrestling Stars Champion, Diosa Atenea (WWS)
Tournament winner: Alpha Female

Next we will see The Guardians of the Empire as Australia’s Toni Storm & New Zealand’s Dahlia Black will be taking on Io Shirai & Kairi Hojo who are your “Artist of Stardom Champions”. All four of these women can indeed, put their “money where their mouth is” when it comes to wrestling and if you haven’t seen any of them yet then go to YouTube and have a look.

Winners: Toni Storm & Dahlia Black

Kay Lee Ray will take on Io Shirai in what I consider a “Dream Match” as both of these women know their wrestling craft (Kay Lee Ray has travelled the world and has wrestled for some of the biggest companies out their and we’re very lucky to still have her) to perfection and could be the match of the show.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Lastly we’ll have an 8-Man Elimination Match between Team BEW (Kyle Ashmore, Don Pedro, Theodore Powers, Giani De La Valette) with Nina Samuels at ringside and The Buffet Club (Rob Cage, Gene Munny, Ray Linofloor & Lance Lawrence) where both teams have something to prove and a lot on the line as one mistake could potentially change the future of BEW.

The stipulation is as follows: if Team BEW win then The Buffet Club MUST disband for good, however, if they win then they get FULL control of BEW’s anniversary show “Coronation Of The Empire 2” in July.

Winners: The Buffet Club

Not only that, they will welcome, Lady Blossom who better known to us as Jeanie Clarke and is known for managing ‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams and is the former wife and valet of ‘The Rattlesnake’ himself, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. She will will be selling her “Through The Shattered Glass” book and signing it too for you on the day or if you already have a copy then bring it down for her to sign.

With everything to play for and Champions galore, this is an event that you must try and see as you may never get to see a line-up like this again in the UK.

As always check their social media pages for all the latest news from the upcoming event and I’ll bring you the results next week in my UK Weekly Round-Up found exclusively on TheIndyCorner.

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