The Weekend Of Reflection

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Welcome to my weekly column about my weekend in wrestling.

Every week I recap my weekend in the lovely business of professional wrestling. Whether I’m wrestling, commentating or just popping down to checkout a cool show.

This week’s graft (to steal David Graves signature word) involved a trip to West Lynn and a really unique experience in Leicester.

But before that….we have some….wait for it…

*generic drum roll*


PROGRESS Live At The Dome put on one hell of a show and I’m happy to say that our tag team match put all of our names on the map. M&M (Mills and Mayhew) showed the sold out crowd exactly what their capable of.

Dillion and I? Well so did we. Perfect way to kick start the week. Standing ovation.

Saturday was a good opportunity to cement my place as a regular for Falling Starr one of the UKs fastest growing promotions

I went one and one with Tom Falcon and damn! Does that West Lynn crowd love him!

In a battle between two proverbial goodies, Falcon came out on top after wicked Superman Punch after I got distracted by my new rival Nathan Shaw. In December we close out a story line built across the past 3 shows.

Tom Falcon is a very underrated talent, I definitely need to face him again.


This time I’m in tag team action as #NeverSayDie take on The Henchmen in Leicester for Wrestling Resurgence!

The Henchmen are quite big and to cut a long story short…they killed Dillon.

I bodyslamed one of them! So I can celebrate that….I guess? Regardless of the result it was a really fun match and a really unique experience in Leicester as we got a chance to perform infront of a different crowd. We participated in a Q and A session that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Especially hearing the struggles that veteran wrestler Jetta, Dave Mastiff and Mark Haskins faced. It struck a chord with me on an emotionally level and really showed me how lucky we have it. That day gave me further motivation to finish the year stronger than ever. Pretty sure the same goes for Millie McKenzie as she’s pretty cool.


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This week’s opponents:

Conner Mills and Maverick Mayhew

The Henchmen

Tom Falcon

Picture Credit: @baconchin/PROGRESS Wrestling