The Indy Project #4

Added by Ian Wadsworth

Welcome to The Indy Project with me Ian Wadsworth, where as a male human with a baby on the way I try and catch up on all the weekly goings on in the world of independent wrestling, this episode is named “Bloodlust”. As always, Spoilers ahead. Let’s get going-


Episode 2 of Ultima Lucha was this week and it was abit of a step down from last weeks. Catrina took on Ivelisse in a match that felt a little too short but both women worked really hard and put on a good match. Catrina is the most beautiful woman in all of wrestling right now, when she licked the blood from Ivelisse’s face and it was all over her mouth, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. (Is that weird?).

The main event was Marty the Moth vs Fenix, this had plenty of drama, but more blood was shed and with last week’s war and the women’s match in this show, the blood shed is starting to feel less and less impactful. It feels like every main match at Ultima Lucha is going to involve blood, with cage matches and ladder matches still to come. Sometimes less is more. Would the image of Stone Cold Steve Austin gushing blood as he passed out from the sharp shooter at Wrestlemania 13 be as iconic as it is if every match on that show had blood? The answer is no, no it wouldn’t.


On the subject of blood, this week I watched the VICE documentary about CZW’s Tournament of Death. I don’t usually watch TOD, but I watched this year’s event as soon as I saw that one of my favourites, Jimmy Havoc had won it. Like I said earlier about Lucha Underground, the impact gets taken away if you are watching deathmatch after deathmatch, and the blood shed is ridiculous, but I remained entertained for this year’s show as I rooted for Jimmy throughout.

So! The 2016 VICE Documentary is narrated by Damian Abraham (from the awesome punk rock band: Fucked Up) and he follows CZW owner DJ Hyde and we get to see everything that goes into the Tournament of Death, held in the middle of a field in Delaware. Abraham comes across educated and also as a fan, willing to be intertwined in the Fucked Up world of deathmatch wrestling. DJ Hyde and every wrestler we get to meet along the way come across great and it’s really cool to see them in a completely different light as you would expect.

“What’s the craziest weapon anyone has brought to a show?” ‘A gun…’

I wouldn’t just recommend this to any type of wrestling fan, hard-core or not. I would recommend this documentary to any non wrestling fan. Insane, trashy, extremely hard to watch and super interesting. Go and check it out HERE


On this blood heavy edition of The Indy Project, I just want to know what your opinion on blood in wrestling is?

My opinion on the subject is that at the right time and the right place, blood is the best visual in wrestling, it speaks louder than any words can. Deathmatch/hardcore wrestling on a constant basis isn’t for me, but I can’t deny that I see the appeal.

I always appreciate you giving up your time to read this and hope that you come back next week. If you want me to cover anything in a future column or have any questions/disagreements, hit me up on my Twitter or Instagram, both @wadji1. Or email me at