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This weekend saw the big England vs Scotland TV taping for NGW, which was held at the Victoria Halls in Keighly. With all the hype behind Scottish wrestling at the moment it was very exciting as a performer to be a part of this event. Although the face value of the story was England vs Scotland, the subtle undertone was that they are two promotions doing really well with their product for their respective audiences and one of them wishes to make a statement. Audiences are far more evolved from the days of country vs country in my opinion and we were told not to entice ‘England’ chants. That said the crowd did warm to that theme and it played out very nicely without the talent cheapening their heat by starting such chants.

The taping saw me compete twice as well as take in ring photos with fans during the interval. Firstly I stepped in the ring for a first time encounter between myself and Scottish standout, Lionheart. It’s hard to believe the amount of times our paths have crossed we have never competed against each other. However this made me very enthusiastic about the event and getting the opportunity to compete against someone new who also is doing well with their career.

Truth be told, I really enjoy the Scottish lads. Kid Fite, is always a great guy to be around as is Davey Blaze. I can’t say enough about Joe Hendry and how highly I regard him and as previously stated; I was very much looking forward to competing against Lionheart.

The match itself was very enjoyable. A change of pace with some more traditional yet effective highlights, mixed with a range of more modern day displays of aggression and athleticism. The match saw interferences from both Scotland and England and just as Lionheart was about to tap to the cloverleaf; the match was rang in at a double DQ when both teams invaded the ring setting up for the big 8 man tag at the end of the night in which if any member of team England get pinned, I will lose my championship.

After a very lengthy photo opportunity in the ring with the fans, in which I think I managed to get with nearly 100 of the NGW fans, it was time for the second half. The eight man tag was very fun. Had plenty of moments to keep the live audience happy as well as adhering to the TV audience. I suffered a knee injury during the match which tied in well with the end which saw Matt Myers saving my championship due to me nursing my injury, setting up our title match on December 22nd at the Hull City Hall. The story telling between Myers and My self was set up perfectly at the end and really created a buzz going in to our next huge event. Very excited about that one!

After a short journey back to Hull, I enjoyed a Sunday of getting in the Christmas spirit… expect more references in the coming weeks!

To contact me for bookings (my 2016 is filling up. Tours planned to Germany, Italy, Denmark, India, South Africa as well my native UK ground) Fridays are at the moment the dates I am hoping to fill in. So give me a shout!

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