The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA (Part 3)

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The world of CHIKARA is full of colorful characters, from ants to time traveling band majors. These marvelous men and wonderful women are divided into two camps: technicos (faces) and rudos (heels). Here are just a few of these characters and how they play into the story leading into “Aniversario: Never Compromise”…

Eddie Kingston: “The Last of a Dying Breed” and the current Grand Champion, Kingston was a part of the first class of Wrestle Factory graduates. In a promotion full of masked luchadors, Kingston is a gritty, no-nonsense veteran. Once a part of the Wildcards, Kingston has had few friends in his CHIKARA career, but has been faithful to the company in times of war against the BDK. He is the first ever Grand Champion, winning the belt at “High Noon” in November 2011 after defeating his mentor (and CHIKARA staple) Mike Quackenbush in the finals of the 12 Large Summit. His temper has gotten the best of him at times, frustrated as fan support began to wane leading into A:NC.

Icarus: “The Winged Ring Warrior” is another graduate of the first Wrestle Factory class. Starting his career as the masked Ichabod Slayne, Icarus has been a hated rudo for most of his CHIKARA career as part of the Kings of Wrestling and F.I.S.T. groups. Despite this, he is well known for standing with CHIKARA in times of need (such as the BDK invasion). He is a former Campeon de Parejas, and in a surprising twist has found the fans starting to get behind him in the weeks leading up to his shot at the Grand Championship at A:NC.

Wink Vavasseur: Originally brought in to keep tabs on the goings on of CHIKARA during the BDK invasion, Wink eventually replaced Dieter Von Steigerwalt as Director of Fun. Known for his lack of CHIKARA knowledge (or much of anything, for that matter), Wink’s main accomplishment was the formation of the 12 Large Summit, a round robin tournament to crown the first ever Grand Champion of CHIKARA. Working under the direction of his father Conrad, a bigwig of the Titor Conglomerate, Wink had brought in the Colony Xtreme Force and caused a bit of chaos with his CHIKARAbermetrics leading up to A:NC.

Archibald Peck: “Marchie Archie” debuted at “Maiden Flight of the Great Condor” in a match against Eddie Kingston, who quickly defeated him with a backfist. Peck claims to have traveled through time by way of this backfist, something I’d have to write an entire series of articles to devote real time toward. Disappeared after losing a “Loser Leaves Town” match at “Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur” before reappearing as the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger, and unmasking at “Under the Hood” after giving former valet Veronica her comeuppance. Disappeared again during his shot at the Grand Championship at “Tag World Grand Prix 2013,” after getting hit with another backfist from the champion Kingston.

Spectral Envoy: Hallowicked, Frightmare, and the “Great and Devious” Ultramantis Black. Their bond stems from the days of the Night Shift in early CHIKARA to the team of Incoherence, but their run as the Envoy led them to the King of Trios win in 2012. The weeks leading into A:NC saw the Envoy in a heated feud with the…

Colony Xtreme Force: Brought into CHIKARA by Wink, the trio of Missile Assault Ant, Arctic Rescue Ant, and Orbit Adventure Ant are an attempt to cash in on the popularity of CHIKARA mainstays The Colony. Once led by Soldier Ant (who then resigned his post and left the company), they were quickly given a replacement commander…DeviANT, a member of the anti-Colony trio known as The Swarm.

These of course are just a few of the many characters in the CHIKARAverse. I’ll be writing more in depth profiles on these and more after the conclusion of “The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA.” To make up for the tardiness of this article, I’ll have a second one ready by the end of the week focusing on the “Ashes” video series.

Stay tuned for the next exciting edition of The Fall and Rise of CHIKARA…same CHIKARA time, same CHIKARA channel!

 Alexander W. Kahrs

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