The Ballad Of Jimmy Jacobs

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Last night (27th March), the wrestling world watched Jimmy Jacobs wrestle for possibly the final time, and looking over the career of Jacobs only shows that Jimmy Jacobs is still one of the most underrated veterans of the independent wrestling scene.

Jacobs didn’t start off his career in a school, he took the longer road. Jacobs began with small work doing site work and commentary for PWW in Michigan but later decided he wanted to pursue career in wrestling. He began training under Joe “El Tejano” Ortega and later the current manager of Jay Lethal, Truth Martini.

He wrestled his first match at the age of fifteen in 1999. Jacobs first breakout was seen in IWA-Mid South where in September 2004, Jacobs defeated Delirious in a Ladder Match to win the IWA Mid South Light Heavyweight Championship which was at the time vacant. After losing it to Delirious in December, Jacobs set his sights on the top prize in IWA-MS and then on April 1st 2005, Jacobs won the IWA-MS Heavyweight Championship.

After an awkward leaving from IWA-MS in 2006, he began making a larger name in Ring Of Honor. He started the famous ROH storyline, “The Ballad Of Lacey” in 2006 where he teamed and feuded with the likes of Colt Cabana and BJ Whitmer. After the feuds ended, Jacobs slowly left ROH for a short time before launching the most famous storyline in ROH history, The Age Of The Fall.

Immediately following the Steen & Generico vs. The Briscoe Brothers Ladder War on ROH’s 161st show, Jacobs along with Necro Butcher and Tyler Black attacked The Bricoes and hung Jay Briscoe upside down and famously cut a promo announcing The Age Of The Fall as Jay’s blood dripped down onto Jacobs’ white attire.

For two years, The Age Of The Fall battled through ROH and even had stints in PWG before leaving ROH in
2009. For two year, Jacobs wasn’t seen in ROH until he returned for the SCUM storyline in 2011. SCUM (lead by Kevin Steen) wreaked havoc throughout ROH.

Jacobs’ career in ROH continued from The Ballad Of Lacey to The Decade and Jacobs didn’t look to have gotten any older in-ring.

At Supercard Of Honor XI, last night, Jacobs wrestled his final match in ROH. He fought tooth and nail with BJ Whitmer. After his match, Whitmer refused to shake hands with Jacobs and was joined by Colby Corino (son of Steve Corino) in attacking Jacobs until the story ended with the perfect end.

Lacey came out to save Jacobs as they fought them off. Jacobs and Lacey left the building to The Ballad Of Lacey song with chants of “Thank You Jacobs” echoed throughout the arena.

You should ask, what’s next for Jacobs? Well, Jimmy confirmed that he is leaving to join the WWE as a creative writer, a job that seems perfect for Jacobs. We must end this look back on Jacobs with these final three words – Thank You Jimmy.

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