Rev-Pro Global Wars UK 2016 – When Worlds Collide

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Night One of Global Wars takes place tomorrow, Thursday 10th November from the historic and world famous York Hall. The venue has a rich history of combat sports, from boxing, to of course professional wrestling. Opening its doors in 1929, it has become a regular host for Revolution Pro since their debut at the arena for When Thunder Strikes in June 2013. On that night the main event was the debut of Japan’s own Jushin Thunder Liger for the promotion, against the man who is known as Finn Balor, in an historic clash at the centre of UK pro wrestling. This week Jushin Thunder Liger shall make his return with many illustrious names from New Japan Pro Wrestling, as they compete against the stacked UK Revolution Pro roster.

For the second time, champion Zack Sabre Jr faces challenger Katsuyori Shibata for the RPW British Heavyweight Championship, in the main event of the first night of action. The first battle was a highly acclaimed clash that saw Zack Sabre Jr gain the victory once the dust settled. The Technical Wizard Vs The Wrestler. Penalty Kick Vs Penalty Kick. Look for neither man to pull any punches and deliver a Strong Style contest of the century, with gruesome kicks and explosive elbows. Will Shibata gain the victory and the converted RPW British World Championship when this match transpires again at York Hall, on Night One of Global Wars?

BUSHI vs Will Ospreay. Two megastars at the epicentre of Junior Heavyweight and Cruiserweigtht wrestling. Two men at the pinnacle of the promotions they represent. BUSHI has just come off a defeat for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, losing thetitle to Time Splitter KUSHIDA at Power Struggle. Bushi will be looking to regain momentum in this star studded match, after his loss of the prestigious championship. At the other side of the ring stands Will Ospreay, the RPW British Crusierweight Champion and a man that has had a marque year in 2016. The Arial Assassin will be looking to add Bushi to the legendary list of names he has defeated this year and send a strong message to challenges such as Pete Dunne and Marty Scurll, who are constantly lurking in his shadow. As these two phenomenon’s clash on November 10th, one shall look to be victorious, proving to be the ultimate Junior Cruiserweight in the world today.

In a Starr studded six (manly) man tag team match, the group of Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) and The Product David Starr, known collectively as “Moustant Mountain” faces Los Ingobernables De Japan (represented by Tetsuya Naito, EVIL and Sanada). Expect high paced action as these six men do battle in the illustrious ring.

Chris Hero will have a tough couple of nights ahead of him facing two illustrious NJPW competitors. On Night One Hero faces Tomohiro Ishii, a man who has reached high acclaim during his twenty-year career, earning Wrestling Observer Five Star Matches with Shibata, Honma and Okada. Boasting an arsenal of vicious strikes and grapples, he certainly parallels the hero that shall stare him down at the opposite end of the squared circle. Many matches on these two cards are guaranteed to be hard hitting, pull no punches encounters, but maybe none more so than this battle. Can the Knockout Artists cataclysmic elbows be enough to crumble the mighty Stone Pitbull, and prove one again that Chris Hero Aint Nothin To Fuck With?

Marty Scurll is no stranger to the high flying Lucha Libre style. Having a rivalry that has travelled down many roads, cities and promotions across the globe, in his legendary feud with Will Ospreay. The Villain also recently locked horns with Pentagon Jr (Dark) in the annual Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle of Los Angeles, coming out victorious in a competitive outing. Despite Scurll’s knowledge facing high flying grapplers, he has never faced anyone as credible as his opponent on Thursday 10th November. Marty Scurll faces the Legendary Jushin Thunder Liger in York Hall. With a career spanning over thirty years, Liger is one of the most influential sky soaring competitors in pro wrestling history. The immeasurably talented Villain has arguably never had a more credible threat, as he continues to encompass and dominate the Revolution Pro Wrestling roster with his treachery.

UK standout and extremely popular roster member Sha Samuels will have his toughest challenge to date going against Minna no Kokeshi, Tomaki Honma. Will Samuels continue to make waves in Revolution Pro Wrestling, or will his momentum be stopped by the international sensation Honma?

It goes without saying that 2016 has been a breakout year for the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne. No matter which ring he has stepped foot in, his ruthless antagonism, mutilating strikes and scathing interactions with fans have caused him to become a standout on the British scene. Dunne will face the most challenging two days of his career at Global Wars, as on Night One he faces the legendary Yuji Nagata, subsequently then only to step foot in the ring with the Tomohiro Ishii on Night Two. More than three years ago Dunne travelled to Japan as part of a tour with Michinoku Pro Wrestling, a time that Dunne has come to know as influential in his development in and out of the ring. While the talents of the Bruierweight knows no bounds, he must call on all the experience he gained at the Land of the Rising Sun to withstand the brutal onslaught he faces in Blue Justice and the Stone Pitbull.

Night Two emanates from Walthamstow Assembly Hall, a classic building made in 1941 by Philip Dalton Hepworth. Over the years it has been home to concerts worthy of it’s of its breathtaking and classical architecture, but on Friday 11th November it will be home to a clash of cultures and styles as New Japan Pro Wrestling’s legendary roster faces Revolution Pro Wrestling for the second consecutive night.

Both nights are overflowing with dream matches and out of this world contests, but arguably none more so than Katsuyori Shibata vs Chris Hero on Night Two. The Knockout Artist Chris Hero is no stranger to Japanese wrestling, having toured with Pro Wrestling NOAH as part of The Kings of Wrestling and as a singles competitor numerous times in his career. Hero has evolved and metamorphosed during his long and storied vocation, and his time spent in Japan was the key influence towards those changes. Additionally, Chris Hero is known to be an avid tape collector of any and all kinds of wrestling, with knowledge spanning the globe, no matter the moment in time, promotion or talent. You can bet that Chris Hero is just as (if not more) excited than we are at the prospect of this dream match. Shibata is a New Japan standout if ever there was one. Debuting in 1999, Shibata has become known worldwide for his vicious and piercing strikes. The Walthamstow Assembly Hall may crumble around the ring, as both warriors wage war in what is sure to be a memorable affair.

The Ariel Assassin Will Ospreay has transcended and transformed the idea of the modern high flying wrestling. With twists, turns and flips emerging from any area of the ring, he has truly revolutionised the idea of what a cruiserweight or light heavyweight is. It is without a doubt that he has taken the style to new heights, often leading spectators around him mesmerised. The Sword of Essex has faced many of his idols in the infancy of his young career. From Matt Sydal, Ricochet, to AJ Styles, all of which he has been one on one with in the Revolution Pro Ring. On November 11th he adds another name to that list against Shooting Star, Jushin Thunder Liger. Liger is the innovator of the style and moves that Ospreay, and countless others before him (including his idols), can be traced back to. This match is not only the clash of generations, but the clash of the greatest (high flyers) of their respective generations.

Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr’s lives have been intertwined since their careers began in the mid two-thousands. Whether as rivals, friends or partners, these two at the pinnacle of UK professional wrestling, and are destined to meet each other for the rest of their time in the square field of combat. As Leaders of the New School (LDRS) they have travelled up and down the long and winding roads of England together for nearly ten years, but arguably they have never faced a bigger challenge collectively than they have at Walthamstow Assembly Hall. LDRS do battle with Los Ingobernables De Japon, represented by the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, The Ungoverable Tetsuya Naito and Cold Skull Sanada. Los Inglobernables have become a cornerstone of NJPW since their formation in 2015, by virtue of this Naito reached the top of the mountain defeating Rainmaker Kazuchika Okada at Invasion Attack earlier this year. As these two teams emerge on Walthamstow Assembly Hall on Friday, only one can walk calling themselves the victors and the dominant faction.

Additionally, Yuji Nagata does battle on Night Two of this illustrious week of wrestling with Trent Seven, in arguably the highest profile match of Seven’s career. Can the man bearing the magnificent moustache be able to defeat Blue Justice?

It has been a long journey to Global Wars, and some competitors unfortunately obtained injuries during that process. One of those men to do so was Drew Galloway, who was originally pit against Tomaki Honma on Night Two of Global Wars. Although he won’t be competing, Revolution Pro has promised that Galloway will be present for the meet and greets, as well as getting time to speak his mind in the ring. What does Galloway have to say to the Revolution Pro fans and roster, and who will be Honm’a replacement opponent?

Last, but certainly not least, is a tag team match that is guaranteed to be action packed. As the remaining members of Los Ingobernables De Japon in EVIL and Bushi stand opposite Charlie Garrett and Joel Redman. Both teams will sure be looking not only for the win, but to make a statement to the rest of the RPW/NJPW rosters, in a match that guarantees fireworks.

British wrestling is currently in a renaissance period, booming independently and being the second biggest market for WWE. Independent wrestling has never died in the UK, but for years it found itself in the dark during the early to late 2000’s. Thanks to the correlation of improving schools, thriving promotions and by virtue astonishing home grown talent, the UK has truly become a flourishing market for independent wrestling in the past couple of years. Revolution Pro Wrestling is certainly one of the major companies responsible for that explosion and is a premier brand in the UK territory. With their working relationship with New Japan Pro wrestling creating perfect hybrid cards, like the two we witness this week in Global Wars, there are no signs of British pro wrestling or RPW losing steam any time soon. Global Wars Nights One and Two promise to be an encounter of epic promotions, as the UK’s elite challenge the legendary hard hitting names of New Japan Pro Wrestling. As we embark on shows that will be remembered for years to come in British wrestling lore.

The Full Cards for each night are as follows


RPW British Heavyweight Championship Match
Zack Sabre Jr © vs Katsuyori Shibata
Bushi vs Will Ospreay
David Starr and Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) vs Los Ingobernables De Japon (represented by Tetsuya Naito, EVIL and Sanada)
Chris Hero vs Tomohiro Ishii
Jushin Thunder Liger vs Marty Scurll
Yuji Nagata vs Pete Dunne
Tomaki Honma vs Sha Samuels


Katsuyori Shibata vs Chris Hero
Jushin Thunder Liger vs Will Ospreay
Los Ingobernables De Japon (represented by Tetsuya Naito and Sanada) vs Leaders of the New School (Zack Sabre Jr and Marty Scurll)
Yuji Nagata vs Trent Seven
Tomaki Honma vs ???
Los Ingobernables De Japon (represented by EVIL and Bushi) vs Charlie Garrett and Joel Redman

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